Edson Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY

Read by Zillah Bull 1934. Submitted by Carol MacPherson Copy from the Otego Historical 
Society. Re-Typed by Annette Campbell Located below the First Christian Church of Otego near the home of Gordon & Deanna
Beers Utter. Money's held in Trust at the Wilber National Bank in Oneonta and used
for upkeep of this cemetery. BROWN, George died November 20, 1829 15y son of Thurston & Allis Brown. Allis is spelled Alice on stone of Frances L. BROWN, George W. died April 28, 1843 13m BROWN, Manville died April 6, 1832 3m son of Jonathan & Almira Brown BROWN, Sarah died April 28, 1838 5y daughter of J. W. & Almira Brown BROWN, Sally died July 3, 1828 34y wife of Jonathan W. Brown BROWN, Sarah M. died October 7, 1841 1y8m BUNNELL, Abel R. S. died November 9, 1841 18y11m7d CHURCH, Addison died April 23, 1882 34y son of Jefferson & Ann Church CHURCH, Wallace H. died December 31, 1841 6m son of Jefferson & Ann Church CHURCH, Louis died January 19, 1850 83y wife of James Church. (record in Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta Cemetery Records of Otsego County, Volume V, page 21 shows this as Louise. However, it is clearly Louis with no 3 on the cemetery marker.) CHURCH, Nancy died April 9, 1878 82y7m DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth died January 28, 1848 19y2m11d wife of George W. Davis EDSON, Benjamin died July 1, 1843 84y5m5d A soldier in the Revolution. EDSON. Anne, his wife died February 7, 1860 95y11m7d (In a small fenced area are these and three childrens markers with no inscriptions.) EDSON, Child / EDSON, Child / Nothing engraved on these small markers EDSON, Child/ EDSON, M. Austin 1846-1921 EDSON, Nancy MEAD his wife 1843-1912 EDSON, Freeman W. born August 17, 1804 died March 30, 1896 EDSON, Sarah SHELDON his wife born June 24 1808 died March 5, 1895 (These 4 graves in fenced area) EMERSON, Ensign T. died November 24, 1893 50y7m12d EMERSON, Mary L. died June 15, 1852 2y2m daughter of Ensign T. & Sophie Emerson "We miss thee at home". HAIGHT, Sarah E. died January 15, 1852 1y6m daughter of John & Sarah HAIGHT, John died August 27, 1854 76y HAIGHT, Sarah E. died October 15, 1862 80y HAIGHT, Sarah M. died April 2, 1845 27y daughter of John & Sarah HYATT, Delos died November 10, 1829 3y7m18d son of Thomas & Subrina HYATT, Dilwin L. died February 9, 1842 2y3m9d son of Thomas & Subrina HYATT, Euphemia G. died February 8, 1842 12y1m5d daughter of Thomas & Subrina HYATT, Ezra D. died August 16, 1821 1y11m son of Thomas & Subrina HYATT, Lamira A. died August 2, 1842 2y3m14d daughter of N. G. & Mary JUDSON, Anson died January 13, 1856 74y1m JUDSON, Ann died January 23, 1856 71y7m JUDSON, Anson died February 19, 1878 49y6m8d JUDSON, Nathaniel died December 28 1862 50y10m5d JUDSON, Edgar P. died November 15, 1869 25y4m son of Homer & Mary JUDSON, Adelbert H. died October 7, 1867 21y13d son of Homer & Mary JUDSON, Homer died July 28, 1846 39y Hus. of Mary JUDSON, Mary died March 13, 1888 76y wife of Homer JUDSON, Lura died September 12, 1843 25y5m REED, Ellen J. died October 2, 1860 daughter of William C. & Cordelia VanDEUSEN, Tobias died June 10, 1884 75y11m24d VanDEUSEN, Prissela his wife died March 31, 1885 74y18m1d WATSON, Emily died October 20, 1853 6y11m16d daughter of J. H. & C. WATSON, Francis died September 30, 1853 8y1m17d daughter of J. H. & C. WEAVER, John died April 1829 88y WILSEY, John H. died July 27, 1856 63y8m2d "An honest man, the noblest work of God" WILSEY, Mary Ann died September 1, 1868 71y11m8d wife of John H. "Faithful pilgrim loving Mother, Now has bid us all farewell. From her labors, prayers and suffering, Gone with Jesus Christ to dwell.//Deaths friendly summons I gradly meed, Since Jesus lights the way, Friends and children prepare to meet me, In realms of endless day. WILSEY, Miranda died September 1845 21y12d daughter of John & Mary Ann
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