Eldred Potter Verry Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell 1999

Visited 17 June 1985
Located on Route 12 (Town Line Road between Laurens and New Lisbon NY).
Is on the old Weldon Farm, just below the Albert Timer farm.
The site is high on the hill, in back of and to the right of the house.
Cemetery itself has grown up to trees; many of the markers have fallen
over and/or are broken. Condition: Poor.

Eldred,  Moris   d. 25 Dec 1886   Age ?  Son of Nathan & Polly
            Leonard   d. 9 Oct 1835   Age 20y   Son of Nathan & Polly
            Charles   d. 18 Aug  ??   Stone down, unreadable
            Eunice   d. 31 Jul 1835   Age 72y   Wife of Charles
            Ruth   d. 4 Jan 1841   Age 43y   Dau of Charles & Eunice
            Charles   28 Mar 1807-15 Nov 1888
            Caroline  21 Aug 1813-31 Aug 1885  Wife of Charles (nee ASPINWALL)
            Thomas   d. 10 Jul 1864   Age 32y3/9m7d  Son of Chas. & Caroline
            Henry    d. 11 Mar 1854   Age 80y
            Polly     d. 7 Aug 1869   Age 88y2m21d   Wife of Henry
Potter,  John   d. 9 Sep 1823   Age 89y
            Eunice   d. 19 Mar 18?? (possibly 1817)  Wife of John
            Aaron    d. 29 Jul 1836   Age 43y1m15d   Killed by lightning
Verry,   William E.   d. 23 Sep 1849   Age 25y11m3d
            Eunice   d. 11 Dec 1868   Age ?y9m6d
At least four other stones lying face down and unreadable. 
Some markers are fieldstone with nothing readable.

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