Falls Bridge Cemetery
Also Known As West Creek
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY
Read 6-11-1985 Virginia Schoradt
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located on County Route 11 on the farm of Tracy & William Balcom.
Cemetery surrounded by farm type fence which is in fairly good shape. 
Cemetery itself is unmowed and there are stones which are down and/or 
broken and no longer readable.
Condition: Fair. 

Previous reading in 1935 by D.A.R.  
Several stones are now missing.

Caleb Aspinwall   d. 18 Mar 1841   Age 50y7m
Capt. Amos Barton   d. 24 Mar 1874   Age 75y
Betsey Barton   d. 20 Sep 1882   Age 78y   Wife of Amos
Phebe Ann Barton   d. 4 Aug 1834   Age 14y   Dau of Amos & Betsey
Sally J. Barton   d. 28 Sep 1852   Age 19y   Dau of Amos & Betsey
Anna Barton   d. 23 Mar 1862   Age 76y   Wife of Robert
Rowland Barton   d. 11 Apr 1832   Age 4y   Son of William & Lois
Zebulon Barton   d. 3 Jul 1867   Age 39y
Peter Cooley   d. 6 Sep 1839   Age 69y
Mary F. Cooley   d. 29 Dec 1869   Age 85y   Wife of Peter
   (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Job Eldred   d. 2 Mar 1814   Age 70y
Mercy Eldred   d. 6 Jun 1823   Age 74y  Wife of Job
Phebe Eldred   d. 16 Dec 1817   Age 24y   Wife of Potter
Frendy Eldred   d. 11 Mar 1824   Age 19y   Dau of Daniel & Olive
Harvey Eldred   13 Aug 1799-24 Jan 1872
Hannah Eldred   8 Apr 1800-1 Sep 1873   Wife of Harvey
Hannah Eldred    d. 8 Feb 1832   Age 57y Wife of Deacon Nathan
Stukely Elsworth, Esq.   d. 31 Mar 1837   Age 67y
    (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Mariam Fitch, twin   d. 18 Jan 1811   Age 19d   Dau of William & Susan
Anngeline Fitch, twin   d. 18 Jan 1811   Age 19d  Dau of William & Susan
Abram Gardner   d. 11 Apr 1851   Age 29y
Benjamin Gardner   d. 27 Apr 1846   Age 36y
Polly Gardner   d. 29 Jun 1883   Age 70y  Wife of Benjamin
    (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Edgar Gardner   d. 22 Dec 1839   Age 2y5m9d   Son of Asa & Nancy
Hulda Gardner   d. 7 Dec 1831   Age 2y   Dau of Rufus & Lucinda
Franklin P. Gardner   d. 22 Mar 1861   Age 13y1m  Son of Aurelius F. & Phebe
Leroy Gardner   d. 29 Nov 1828   Ae 1y   Son of Rufus & Lucinda
Nancy Gardner   d. 2 Nov 1853   56y5m3d  Dau of George & Mary
Laura Gardner   d. 28 May 1860   Age 13y
Amy Gardner   28 Feb 1841-3 Sep 1842   Dau of Benjamin & Polly
William Gardner   d. 19 Apr 1851  Age 14y   Son of  Benjamin & Polly
George Gardner   d. 19 Apr 1851   Age 74y
Mary Gardner   d. 9 Jul 1842  Age 59y   Wife of George
Lucinda Gardner   d. 26 Aug 1846   Age 42y   Wife of Rufus
Warren Gardner   d. 27 May 1841   Age 3y   Son of ??
Amy Gardner   d. 2 Jan 1868   Age 74y  (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Nathaniel Gardner   d. 18 Apr 1858  Age 80y  (Stone not found in 1985)
Adaline Gilbert   d. 7 Jan 1856   Age 27y1m11d   Wife of Delos
Lielis Gilbert    d. 6 Apr 1864   Age 26y   2nd Wife of Delos
Delos Gilbert   3 Jul 1826-8 May 1887
    (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Georgie Gilbert   d. 18 May 1866   Age 2y   Son of Delos & Lielis
Morris Gilbert   d. 18 Apr 1860   Age 63y
Olive Gilbert   d. 2 Dec 1886   Age 84y   Wife of Morris
Lloyd Gilbert   d. 11 Dec 1845   Age 23y   Son of Morris & Olive
Milton D. Gilbert     No data    Son of Delos & Betsey
Sylvester Gilbert   d. 7 Mar 1842   Age 5 months   Son of Morris & Olive
William Gilbert    d. 28 Nov 1838   Son of Morris & Olive
Hannah Harrington   d. 18 Aug 1833   Age 63y   Wife of Job
Amy Harrington   d. 12 Jul 1858   Age 88y1m
Stanton Harrington   d. 16 Jun 1843   Age 19y   Son of Truman & Adra
Josephine Harrington   d. 14 Sep 1854   Age 1y2m27d
Stephen Herrington   d. Jan 1812   Age 71y
Patience Herrington   d. 22 Jan 1812   Age 68y   Wife of Stephen
James Herrington   d. 23 Nov 1813   Age 48y
Mrs. Mary Herrington   d. 22 Jun 18?? (looks like 23)  Age ??  Wife of James
Stephen Herrington   d. 16 ___ 1813   Age 19?y   Son of James & Mary
Waity Johnson   d. 29 Apr 1847   Age 75y   Wife of Thomas
    Daughter of Stephen & Patience HERRINGTON
Thomas Johnson   d. 10 Oct 1860   Age 93y
    (Stone not found in 1985 reading)
Schuyler Morell Mann   29 Apr 1831 Age 3y  Son of Ephraim M. & Eliza
Mary Marsh   d. 22 Jul 1844   Age 89y   Widow of Samuel
Eliza C. Martin   d. 30 Aug 1820   Age 23y   Wife of Rev. Edward W.
Antonette M. McDonald   d. 18 Apr 1858   Age 33y   Wife of John
James Meyers   d. 23 Aug 1828   Age 17y   Son of Henry & Amy
John Meyers   d. 31 Mar 1828   Age 58y
Patience Platt   d. 4 Jun 1851   Age 22y   Wifew of Garrett
Truman Root   d. 29 Nov 1879   Age 91y
Elvira Root   d. 10 Jul 1826   Age 34y   Wife of Truman
Rhoda B. Rous   d. 20 Oct 1842   Age 27y   Wife of Benjamin
_____ Sargent   d. 1 Apr 1883   Age 2m8d   Son of Marshall Sargeant & Mary A Pickens
Albertus M. Spencer   12 Oct 1820-13 Apr 1894
Mary Stanton   d. 5 Nov 1858   Age 87y   Wife of Thomas
Thomas S. Stanton   d. 6 Nov 1844   Age 79y
Mary L. Weeks   d. 4 Oct 1854   Age 2y3m24d  Dau of Peter & Laura
George Yates   d. 7 Aug 1824   Age 40y
Elizabeth Yates   d. 10 Jul 1858   Age 74y   Wife of George
Additional readings from Lealah M. Smith an earlier GAR list found in the State Library in Albany, NY

Charles M. Gilbert   d. 11 May 1885   Age 31y6m0d   Son of Delos W & Lillas
Jennie Gilbert   d. Mar 1860   Age 1y   Dau of Delos W & Lillas
Wilton D. Gilbert   d. 9 Jul 1859   Age 1y9m2d   Son of Delos W. & Betsey 
Addie M. Gilbert   d. 3 Apr 1878   Age 1y3m8d   Dau of Delos W. & Betsey
______ Gilbert   rest of stone illegible

Nathaniel Gardner   d. 10 Nov 1855   Age 32y   Son of Nathaniel & Nancy
Caroline Gardner   d. 25 Nov 1876   Age 43y   Dau of Asa & Nancy
James Harrington   d. 23 Nov 1813   Age 48y
Mary Harrington   d. 22 Jun 1823   Age 56y   Wife of James   (nee SPENCER)
Truman Harrington   d. 8 Jan 1839   Age 3 months   Son of Truman & Adra
Infant Son Harrington   Dates on stone not clear   Son of Truman & Adra
Stephen Harrington   d. 10 Feb 1830   Age 5y   Son of Solomon
Silvanus Harrington   d.  10 Jul 1830   Age 6y   Son of Solomon
James Aylesworth    No stone    "Said to be buried here"
   His wife Margaret HARRINGTON Aylesworth is buried at West Amboy, Oswego 
   Co, NY & were my ancestors--Lealah M. Smith, Bainbridge, NY
George Card   d. 19 Apr 1851   Age 74y
Mary Card   d. 9 Jul 1842   Age 59y   Wife of George 
Nathaniel Clark   d. 10 Jul 1825/28   Age 64y
Nancy Clark   d. 11 Jun 1820   Age 55y   Wife of Nathaniel   (nee AYLESWORTH)
Morris Gregory  No data
Thirza Harrington   d. 22 Feb 1843   Age 31y4m4d   Wife of Riley
   (Said to be buried here, died while on a visit to her relatives, no stone found)
Samuel Gardner   16 Apr 1822- ???
Mary Gardner   d. 14 Mar 1880   Age 58y   Wife of Samuel   (probably a JACOBS)
Oscar A. Gradner   d. 20 Oct 1844   Age 1y3m15d   Son of Samuel & Mary
Mary    dau ___________
Mary Gardner   d. 9 Jul 1842   Age 50y   Wife of George (said to be a dau of 
   Nathaniel & Nancy CLARK)
Mary Marsh   d. 22 Jul 1844   Age 89y0m19d   Widow of Samuel
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