Gardnertown Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

Located on the property of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hohensee, of Gardnertown Road. 
Follow the old road (left side of the house lot) about 1/4 mile, then 
left up a hill a short distance. Site is enclosed by a lovely double 
stone wall with an iron gate.  This wall was built by Jared Gardner 
in 1858 (date is inscribed on a stone to the right of the gate).  
Trees have grown up on the cemetery grounds and some of the markers 
are down and broken.  Condition: Good

Abbe,           Jonathan   d. 22 Sep 1803   Age 70y  (Stone down)
Footstones found near his grave:
J.A., H.B., A.B., E.B., A.B., W.W.B.
Abbe,          Stephen, Esq.    d. 20 Jan 1832   Age 61y
                   Betsey    d. 7 Oct 1848   Age 76y   Wife of Stephen
Bowdish,      Mrs. Lydia    d. 1 Sep 1818   Age 38y   Wife of John
Eaton,          James    d. 1 Jun 1809   Age 48y
                   Phebe    d. 14 Aug 1826   Age 62y   Wife of James
Gardner,      Benjamin   d. 6 Dec 1830   Age 73y
                   Eliza Ann    d. 1 May 1831   Age 2y   Dau of John & Abigail
                   Grace   d. 28 Apr 1805   Age 43y   Wife of Benjamin
                   Susanna    d. 26 Sep 1829   Age 69y   Wife of Benjamin
                   Jared   d. 15 Sep 1862   Age 81y6m
                   Hannah    d. 26 Aug 1862   Age 76y3m   Wife of Jared
                   Harriet    d. 5 Feb 1841   Age 26y   Dau of John
Johnson,      John    d. 3 Nov 1825   Age 82y
                   Lydia    d. 19 May 1809   Age 59y   Wife of John
Kenyon,       Hannah    d. 4 Jan 1864   Age 84y8m
                   Sylvester   d. 4 Nov 1826   Age 2y9m   Son of Ira & Hannah
                   Ira    d. 10 Jul 1850   Age 79y (Recorded in 1958, but not 
                       found in 1985)
Mack,          Abner   d. 22 Jan 1799   Age 41y
                   Betsey   d. 17 Sep 1816   Age 23y   Wife of Ebenezer G.
                   Ebenezer  G.   d. 28 Jul 1871   Age 82y6m  (stone down)
                   Mary Ann    d. 1 May 1875   Age 86y   Wife of Ebenezer G.
                   Anna    d. 19 Apr 1842   Age 81y   (Recorded in 1958, all found 
                       in 1985 is footstone A.M.)
                   Elmira   d. 10 Jan 1840   Age 16y6m  (Recorded in 1958, not 
                       found in 1985)
Mevis,          Alvira   d. 23 Dec 1843   Ae 43y5m19d
Root,           Perry Green   d. 4 May 1830   Age 2y   Son of Truman & Ruth
                   Warner    d. 25 Apr 1830    Age  4 days

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