Gifford and Peet Family Cemetery
Oneonta, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Mrs. Zillah Van Cleft Bull, Oneonta Chapter NSDAR 1935
Contributed by George Drennon - Oct 2001

Located on cross road near Oneonta Reservoir. Completely hid by grove of pines

Gifford, Henry b. Jan 18, 1796 d. Dec 13, 1885
Gifford, Clarissa (Robinson) wife of Henry died Apr 19, 1836 age 37 yrs 1 mo 28 days
Gifford, Eunice (Peet, McClellan) 2d wife of Henry Dec 17, 1882 age 87 yrs6 mos 12 days
Gifford, Sylvester, son of Henry and Clarissa Apr 24, 1829 4mo 3days.
Gifford, John died Nov 28, 1884 age 84 yrs 8mo 20days
Gifford, Betsy wife of John died June 16,1857 age 50 yrs 11mo 3days
Gifford, Elihu died July 6,1839 born Jan 7, 1772
Gifford, Obadiah died Apr 11, 1848 age 50 yrs 11days
Gifford, Lucy wife of Obadiah died Apr 27,1847 43 yrs 2mo 16days
Gifford, George field stone no dates
Gifford, David 2 yrs old
Gifford, Sabra (Buckston) wife of Elihu died Feb 18, 1848 age 76 yrs 6mo 18days

Peet, Isaac died Jan 26,1871 age 82 yrs 3mo 17days
Peet, Ruth wife of Isaac died Nov 28, 1857 aged 60 yrs 10mo 26days
Peet, Henry b. 1820 d. 1881
Shove, Laura sister of Ruth Peet died Mar 31, 1877 age 82 yrs 3mo 17days

Notes from the will of Henry Gifford directs that the burying ground on his farm as now found
be reserved from sale in the disposal of my real estate.

His will was probated on 11 Feb 1886. 

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