Hammond Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Visited by Carmilla Ritchey on November 3 1978. Typed by Annette Campbell.
Submitted by Carol MacPherson, Copy from the Otego Historical Society
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Visited by Carmilla Ritchey on 3 November 1978
Located on Route 7 toward Oneonta, between Beilby Road and Mill Creek Road, on the farm 
owned by G. L. Boddie (1978).Very small cemetery taken over by berry bushes and thorns.
Mrs. Boddie has plans to clean up this cemetery. Neighbors reported 17 stones were here
at one time. However, there is no old record to support this. (The stones may still be
there under sod and just need to be brought up and reset by a group willing to spend some
time on it.--AC)

BLACKSLEE, Nathaniel died August 15, 1825 66y BLAKSLEE, Phebe Sacred to the memory of consort of Capt. James. H. E. Only information on stone H. F. 1852 On stone near Murry stone MURRY, Jeremiah E. died December 28, 1845 in the 28th year of his life. NORTHUP, Jeremiah died September 6, 1831 41y (Family member of the typist.) STEVENS, Abiathar died April 25, 1845 in his 48th year. 10 more stones unaccounted for--AC
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