Harrington Family Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

Located on the Gilbert Lake State Park grounds. On Route 12, going from Laurens, 
NY to New Lisbon, NY, fo past the Park's main entrance, take an access road on 
the right which leads to a stone quarry. The site is on the left, up a hill. 
The site itself is barely visible---the entire area has been planted to trees. 
Only two broken markers remain; only one has writing. Indentations in the ground 
suggest there were at least two adult graves and possibly three children's graves.  
Condition: Virtually destroyed
In 1981, there was enough left of this marker so that Mrs. Pauline Harrington was 
able to obtain a gravestone rubbing. What she copied is this:
           Mathew Harrington    died  April 1851   Aged 62y
All that can be seen in 1985 is the following:
          H_________,  Mathew    d. Apr    _8__   Aged 62 yrs
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