Hartwick Seminary Cemetery
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Located on Route 28

This is NOT a complete listing
Henry Hart d. Nov 1936 James A. Rogers, born 3/27/1900, died 1/4/1956 husband of Elvira Osborn son of Emerson & Jenny Smith Rogers Edward F. Gilbert born 1906, died 1965 Karen A. Eckler, born 1957, died 7/27/1972 daughter of Frederick & Rena Crewell Eckler died in auto accident Charles C. Rummer, born 1888, died 10/11/1961 husband of Grace Wells who died in 1911 Don W. Rose, born 10/6/1890, died 12/7/1959 husband of Isabella Horan son of Byron & Anna Yates Rose Otsego Co. Sheriff Herbert L. Kimball, born 4/24/1881, died 5/23/1957 husband of Lelah Ames son of Rhinando & Rosetta Weed Kimball Manager of Fenimore Hotel in 1921 William Mahan, born 1856, died 5/14/1940 husband of Jane Winnie who died in 1938 son of Michael & Jane McDonald Mahan Pearl Benedict, died 2/19/1967 wife of Harold C. Benedict who died in 1949 daughter of William & Jane Winnie Mahan Fayette Mahan, born 1879, died 12/2/1969 husband of Fleda M. Reynolds who died in 1946 son of William & Jane Winnie Mahan Fleda May Mahan, born 5/25/1880 in Conn, died 5/24/1956 wife of Fayette Mahan daughter of Harry & Alice Parmalee Reynolds Mildred H. Mahan, born 4/12/1904, died 5/7/1984 wife of Vernon Jay Baldwin daughter of Fayette & Fleda Reynolds Mahan Vernon Jay Baldwin, born 12/28/1901, died 3/17/1994 husband of Mildred H. Mahan son of George R. & Effie M. Cook Baldwin family historian Rudolph “Rudy” Omerzu, born 1901 in Austria, died 12/26/1972 husband of (1) Pauline Quackenbush who died in 1967, (2) Evelyn Lemister son of Michael & Antonia Omerzu Walter Wheeler born 1902, died 9/1/1983 Edith L. Thayer, born 9/15/1887, died 3/29/1979 wife of Coy O. Thayer who died 4/12/1974 daughter of Isaac & Nancy Harris Chase Coy O. Thayer, born 1888, died 4/12/1974 husband of Edith L. Chase Lillian Thayer, born 1883, died 10/9/1960 wife of Paul M. Thayer daughter of Theodore & Eliza Cahoon Snedeker Miss Anna B. Lattin, born 1869, died 3/13/1942 daughter of William & Jane Todd Lattin Earl C. Miller, born 1894, died 2/19/1963 husband of Reba Fisher son of Clark A. & Hannah Britt Miller Pvt. Albert Peet buried 3/3/1921 with Military Honors Catherine A. Loeffler, born in Philadelphia, Penn 1904, died 10/17/1969 wife of John R. Loeffler daughter of Ferdinand & Augusta Endrich Mable Gray, born 1891, died 3/13/1966 wife of Claude Gray who died in 1935 Lula Thompson Weir, born 1895, died 8/8/1965 wife of Elial J. Weir who died in 1964 D. Reuben Weir, born 1928, died 9/19/1963 husband of Shirley Webster son of Elial & Lula Thompson Weir Lena Deyle, born 1878, died 1/5/1965 wife of Frank Deyle who died in 1942 daughter of Irving & Eliza Leonard Petrie Raymond F. Smith born 1906, died 7/23/1964 Jaquita Stiles, born 11/25/1929, died 10/26/1953 wife of William L. Stiles daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond Smith died in a fire Charles E. Warner, born 1945, died 10/24/1961 son of Herbert & Evelyn Parshall Warner Henry C. Swartout, born 7/25/1877, died 3/29/1948 husband of Ermendine Sheely son of Courtland & Julia Elmina Clinton Swartout Bertha Koletnik, born 5/13/1872 in Sompelberg, Germany, died 3/3/1959 wife of Valentine Koletnik who died in 1935 daughter of Michael & Pauline Sachs came to U.S. in 1901 Carl Schidzick, born 1857 in Germany, died 5/8/1942 husband of Henrietta Muritz who died 6/6/1941 married 4/27/1887 in Germany came to U.S. in 1888 William Stephenson, born 1886, died 1/24/1934 in Warren, Ohio husband of Myrtle Salisbury died in auto accident Lewis William Davidson, born 1855, died 5/17/1938 husband of Katherine Chase Davidson son of Robert & Melissa Sherman Davidson Katherine C. Davidson, born 6/30/1879, died 5/7/1960 wife of Lewis W. Davidson who died in 1938 daughter of Willard & Margaret Miller Chase Grace Davidson, born 1899, died 2/26/1939 wife of Harold Davidson daughter of Morris & Bridget O’Hara Putnam Arietta E. Mercer born 1909, died 8/26/1985 retired school teacher Edith M. Kinne, born 3/2/1886, died 5/24/1978 wife of Robert L. Kinne who died 4/27/1959 daughter of John & Mary Taffner Snyder Lydia R. Wickwire, born 1885, died 5/9/1977 wife of Sumner Wickwire who died in 1963 daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Cleveland Russell Raymond F. Peck, born 11/11/1901, died 11/18/1977 son of Frank & Florence Wyckoff Peck Henry F. Peck born 1873, died 4/25/1948 Scott C. Wood born 1912, died 3/16/1985 Vincent B. Green, died 7/21/1979 husband of Hilda Peck Wheeler son of Thomas & Anna Bennett Green WWI veteran Frances Jennings, born 1897, died 3/21/1974 wife of Charles E. Jennings who died in 1959 daughter of Benjamin & Jennie Colgrove Trask Miss Eva M. Trask, born 7/14/1898, died 11/22/1967 daughter of Benjamin & Jennie Colgrove Trask Gilbert Armstrong, born 1914, died 6/16/1973 husband of Gladys Wright Earl M. Armstrong, born 1894, died 11/25/1964 husband of Etta Wright accidentally shot himself while hunting Eugene Prato, born 1921, died 11/15/1971 husband of Marguerite Houck son of Rudolph & Nellie Persico Prato Robert L. Houck, born 1898, died 3/27/1966 husband of Helen Brunke Robert Slater, born 1910, died 4/3/1960 husband of Eleanor Molcan son of William & Ethel Dodge Slater Fred Key, born 7/31/1912, died 10/18/1959 husband of Mable Sullivan son of George & Florence Capewell Key Lina Kinne, born 5/12/1873, died 3/12/1950 husband of Jessie E. Ostrander son of Hiram E. & Juliana Lull Kinne Flora Whitbeck, born 8/2/1872, died 5/30/1946 wife of Charles Whitbeck daughter of Richard & Sarah Temple Holcomb George W. Henn, born 10/9/1866, died 5/26/1944 husband of Mrs Mary Chaddon Butler son of John & Lucille Glockfeller Henn Lettie Perkins, born 5/19/1877, died 2/8/1944 wife of Philip Sheridan Perkins daughter of Simeon & Elizabeth Hunt Houghton Harry C. Thayer, born 1886, died 4/19/1971 husband of Maude Snedeker Gerald T. Smith, born 1922, died 1971 husband of Barbara Morey Elfriede A. Black, born 1914 in Germany, died 1/5/1971 wife of Arnold J. Black daughter of Bernard & Maria Howeg Schultz came to U.S. in 1947 Eva L. Byce, died 7/7/1903 in N.C. daughter of Mr & Mrs William Byce Luella F. Cougar, born 1917, died 10/1/1973 wife of Harry Cougar daughter of Joseph & Mary Marriott Menton Matthew L. Burnet, born 1897 in London, England, died 5/29/1969 husband of (1) Gladys Boyd who died in 1930, (2) Carrie E. Dunsburg came to U.S. as a young boy Cora Sperry, born 1883, died 5/14/1969 wife of Loren Sperry who died in 1940 daughter of James & Ella Fowler Chase Alfred W. Englemann, born 1905 in Germany, died 1/23/1968 husband of Paula Grosser became naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1926 Judson A. Grantier, born 1897, died 10/15/1966 husband of Stella Camp Earl E. Cobb, born 1926, died 8/2/1964 husband of Elizabeth Rosecrans son of Joseph & Elsa Baker Cobb Nina Turner, born 1916, died 8/10/1963 wife of Robert Turner daughter of Henry & Rachel Kelsey Hobbs Oscar Decker, born 1889, died 12/3/1962 husband of Emagine Parish Martha Gorton, born 9/4/1877, died 10/5/1960 wife of George Gorton who died 9/30/1954 daughter of Daniel & Mary Barber Hand Merton E. Ellsworth, born 4/11/1879, died 3/1/1960 husband of Gertrude Grover who died 1/15/1957 son of Hiram & Mary Porter Ellsworth Frederick L. Windsor, born 12/10/1869, died 1/8/1960 husband of Henrietta Hiller son of Henry & Eliza Teachout Windsor Hazel C. Smith, born 7/14/1898, died 6/11/1959 wife of Truman L. Smith daughter of James & Fannie Murdock Tuller Walter A. Jarvis, died 6/9/1956 killed in auto accident in Tucson, Arizona Cornelius Van De Car, born 1/2/1891, died 3/6/1955 son of Cornelius & Mary Beckwith Van De Car veteran of WWI Frances P. Roberts, born 3/10/1884, died 7/20/1954 wife of (1) William Graham who died in 1926, (2) Reuben Roberts daughter of Leander & Amanda Grant Martha V. Smith, born 6/28/1859, died 4/9/1954 wife of George Smith who died 3/1921 daughter of Walter & Elizabeth Bowdish Luther Mabel Cougear, born 1/5/1884, died 1/24/1954 wife of South M. Cougear who died 1/15/1954 daughter of Thomas & Kathereyn Cravien Warner foster parents were Frank & Fannie Nearing Ceylon Meade, born 4/25/1883, died 3/20/1953 husband of Jessie Hunt who died in 1932 son of George & Ida Root Meade caretaker of Hartwick Seminary Cemetery died accidentally Ethel Mae Badger, born 8/9/1888, died 1/18/1952 wife of (1) Mr Slater, (2) Mr Badger daughter of Clement & Flora Wight Dodge Abraham Lincoln Walrath, born 10/20/1867, died 9/22/1951 husband of Clara Swift son of John & Sarah Ochanpaugh Walrath Lulu Butler Simonsen, born 1871, died 6/11/1942 wife of Albert Simonsen Maurice E. Auger, born 3/30/1868, died 4/12/1944 husband of Mary Ellen Ward who died 11/17/1931 son of Charles & Ellen Chase Auger Martha Lull Howard, born 1857, died 5/7/1940 wife of Thomas Howard daughter of Philo & Mary Wilcox Lull Charles Adams, born 1861, died 3/23/1939 husband of Ida Davidson who died in 1932 son of Joshua & Charlotte Bradley Adams died from severe burns in a house fire Genevieve H. Conroy, born 6/24/1884, died 9/20/1974 wife of James P. Conroy who died 2/1943 daughter of Fred & Flora House
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