Hilltop Cemetery
Richfield, Otsego County, NY
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

About one mile south from the top of Pray Hill, near the village of Monticello or Richfield.
Ames              Thomas   14 Oct 1799-22 Nov 1833
Ames              Abner    d. 2 Oct 1827   Age 63y
Benedict          Rev. Ira   15 Feb 1803-18 Dec 1844   Ordained 26 Jan 1842
Bloodgood         John    d. 10 Jul 1841   Age 77y10m26d
Brown             John    d. 13 Jan 1856   Age 80y
Carver            Captain Joseph   d. 8 Jun 1815   Age 46y
Cary              Mr. Joseph    d. 18 Aug 1818   Age 78y
Catlin            Nathan    d. 22 Nov 1829   Age 50y
Eaton             Calvin     d. 25 Mar 1864   Age 74y7m20d
Edmunds           John B.   d. 31 Jan 1845
Edmunds           Salmon     d. 1818    Age 22y
Eddy              Willard   21 Jan 1760-15 Apr 1856
Eddy              Mathewson    d. 24 Oct 1842   Age 57y5m
Fitch             Col. Lemuel    d. 27 May 1826   Age 69y
Fitch             Bathsheba    d. 1824   Age 64y   Wife of Lemuel
Furman            Samuel   d. 28 Sep 1838   Age 63y
Furman            Louisa    d. 23 Aug 1823   Age 38y
Green             Wardwell   d. 30 Mar 1842   Age 84y
Griffin           Martin   d. 25 Jul 1830   Age 76y
Griffin           Oliver     d. 25  Jul 1848   Age 56y3m19d
Hawks             Nathan   d. 10 Oct 1810   Age 69y
Loomis            Captain Thaddeus    d. 16 Jun 1839   Age 79y
Loomis            Thankful    No dates
Loomis            Deacon Daniel   d. 18 Sep 1790   Age 54y
Loomis            Mrs. Alice    d. 11 Jul 1807   Age 72y
Meacham           Jeremiah   d. 6 Jul 1850   Age 77y10m26d
Meacham           Parthena    d. 29 Nov 1815   Age 32y   Wife of Jeremiah
    (near the Samuel Furman stone)
Meacham           Eliza Helen   d. 17 Feb 1832   Daughter of Jeremiah & Abigail
Porter            Deacon Joel     d. 11 Mar 1827   Age 77y
Richards          Daniel   d. 22 May 1848   Age 81y
Star              Lois MARKS    d. 25 Nov 1854   Age 83y   Wife of Col. Roswell
   (Maiden name not real legible)
Stover            James     d. 1816   Age 15y
Stryker           Peter    d. 14 Sep 1845   Age 68y7m  
   Children of Peter & Jane CLAUS Stryker
Stryker           John    d. 1816   Age 15y
Stryker           Betsey   d. 14 Mar 1835   Age 29y
Stryker           Catherine   d. 11 Jun 1835   Age 24y
Stryker           Isaac    d. 1 Jan 1838   Age 22y
Taft              David    d. 9 JAn 1845   Age 74y5m  
Thornton          Stephen   d. 20 Feb 1871   Age 86y10m20d
Town              Rufus    d. 8 Jun 1845   Age 74y
Tuckerman         George   24 Sep 1794-2 Jul 1870
Copied by Mrs. M.M. Hatch, South Columbia, NY. Through the courtesy of Mrs. Hatch.  
(Mrs. Thomas D.) Corinne Wheeler Watkins, N. S. D.A.R. #7999 and (Mrs. Charles E.)
Elizabeth A.M. Merritt, N.S.D.A.R. #178296, Members of the Genealogical Research
Committee of Oneida Chapter, DAR are permitted to copy these records. Some of the
original records have passed out of existence since the copies were made by Mrs. Hatch.
Utica, NY Nov 1926
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