Hopkins Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Copied 28 Apr 1968 by Alma Slawson & Edith Gage
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Abandoned cemetery on farm Adjoining Fred Kiel Jr. Land rented by Fred Kiel, Jr. on the West Branch of Otsdawa Road, Twp. of Otego, Otsego Co, NY. Very poor condition. Evidence of other burials.
Hopkins Cemetery on the Fred Kiel Jr. Farm Robert Harris d. 4 Jul 1863 Age 42y Sally Harris No data w/o Robert (nee HOPKINS) Sarah Harris d. 28 Oct 1885 Age 34y11m d/o Robert & Sally Lydia E. HOPKINS d. 22 Nov 1880 Age 23y6m w/o Oscar M. (This on overturned obelisk-may be other inscriptions) John Hopkins 31 Oct 1789-27 Dec 1853 Polly Hopkins 19 Sep 1787-7 Apr 1878 w/o John Susan Hopkins 21 Jun 1819-25 Feb 1855 Eliza Hopkins 19 Feb 1812-8 Nov 1884 M.P. Hopkins 16 Sep 1823-3 Dec 1901 Sarah M. Hopkins 25 Sep 1833-16 Dec 1856 w/o M. P. Joseph S. Hopkins 1826-1861 Lucy A. Hopkins 1829-1897 w/o Joseph S. (nee HUGHSTON) (This obelisk overturned--may be other inscriptions) Dennis Clarke 25 Mar 1833-28 May 1890 Mary A. Clarke 3 Mar 1830-2 Sep 1906 w/o Dennis (nee HOPKINS) Henry Clarke d. 31 Dec 1851 Age 8m13d s/o Clark & Mary Ann Henry Sheldon d. 1 Mar 1845 Age 58y Mary Sheldon d. 14 Nov 1884 Age 79y10m w/o Henry Mary Ann Sheldon d. 10 Oct 1841 Age 15y1m d/o Henry & Mary Hannah Sheldon d. 1 Mar 1845 Age 58y A. Sheldon d. 15 ____ 1838 Age 44y Henry Sheldon d. 2 Jan 1835 Age 70y Joannah H. Sheldon d. 20 Mar 1849 Age 82y w/o Henry (nee PECKHAM) Isaac Spence d. 2 Apr 1895 Age 43y (This obelisk overturned--may be other insriptions) One large stone overturned--unable to move it. Henry W. Sheldon 4 Mar 1845-15 Feb 1870 Herman T. Sheldon d. 27 Mar 1868 Age 11m s/o Henry W. & Adeline Sally H. Watson 19 Sep 1817-10 Sep 1871 d/o Jeffrey & Annis Mabel C. Lent d. 17 Feb 1892 Age 10y d/o George & E.A. Harry 1895 "Son" No other information (This obelisk is overturned and may be other insriptions)
Differing information than what is on the previous listing, mostly found in DAR records at Huntington Library in Oneonta. Submitted by Carol MacPherson, typed by Annette Campbell
HARRIS, Sally (1821-30 March 1905 83y) Wife of Robert HOPKINS, John (C.) Hopkins HOPKINS, Polly (T.) born September 19, (1787) died April 7, 1878 83y(6m) wife of John HOPKINS, M. (N.) P. (HOPKINS), Henry CLARKE CLARKE, (J.) Dennis SHELDON, Henry (W.) (born March 1, 1845) (died Feb. 15, 1870) A dupicate in listing. SHELDON, Herman T. son of Henry W. & (Angeline) (SHELDON, Infant Son born January 8, 1846 Son of Henry & Mary)
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