Hubbard Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY
Transcription by Dorothy Parmerter 2007
2nd Transcription - Copied by Zillah VanCleft Bull for DAR 1936
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located near town of Maryland.  Condition: Fine 

the r#s are the rows in which the stones are located.

Covenhoven, Eugene d. 8/18/1850--age 5 r2 
son of Columbus  C. & Sarah

Estes, Joseph E. no dates
w Eliza Ann d. 5/20/1889--age 22 r4
Ann Eliza d. 9/7/1848--age 3

Estes, Eunice M.  (w. of Ira H.) d. 8/2/1851--age 35 r4 
Gridley, Willis L. 1868-1923 
Minnie E. (Williams) 1871-1915

Gurney, John D. d. 2/26/1856--age 60 r1
Jane d. 1845
Abram d. 3/18/1876--age 76
Betsy (Haynes) d. 7/3/1859--age 60

Gurney, Benjamin d. 9/21/1869--age 77 r3
w Meribah** d. 9/25/1869--age 75
David S.** 11/23/1816-4/26/1897
w Eunice E.  (Platt)** 3/12/1820-7/9/1884
Isaac d. 4/9/1851--age 31
daug Martha d. 3/20/1851--age 3
(Isaac and Mahala (Talmadge))                      
John S. d. 3/4/1859--age 32
Cook** d.11/14/1863--age 32
Hiram d. 12/26/1863--age 30
William H. d. 6/14/1902--age 74 r9
w Elizabeth d. 9/25/1886--age 57 r9

Gurney, Leon L. 1898-1936 r3

Gurney, Patricia M., Dr. 1939-1996 r3

Haight, Jessie no dates
w no dates

Ham, Edwin 1832-1862 r1
w Catherine  (Gurney) 1831-1914
daug Clara E. d. 1/8/1861--age 2

Hubbard, Carl D.  (VET) 1880-1960 r6
w Eva B.  (Hopkins) 1901-1981 per obit*
son Carl, Jr. 1918-2002

Hubbard, Edwin E. 1836-1899 r6
w Meribah (Gurney--daug of Isaac) 1845-1908
son Gurnsey D. d. 4/28/1869--age 2 
son Isaac d. 5/17/1869--age 2 mo.
Anna Eliza (sister of Edwin) 1831-1907

Hubbard, ?????** d.4/3/1862--age 29 r1

Hutt, Axel 1858-1922 r1

Kelly, Phoebe  (w of Levi)** 1833-1901 r1
son Cassius** d. 1/2/1879--age 20

Preston, Jurial d. 5/19/1852--age 41 r2
son Solomon (mother-Keturah) d. 9/8/1851--age 4
daug Hannah M. d. 8/29/1847--age 1

Rider, John R. d. 7/16/1853--age 64 r7
w Mary Ann (Todd) 4/12/1795-5/22/1886

Rifenburgh, Levi 1840-1921 r4
w Hannah d. 3/7/1878--age 38

Scott, Charles H. 2/8/1827-
w Sarah E. (Van Vlack) 10/19/1835-
Watson  C. 1870-8/27/1884

Thorn, Jessie no dates r6
Samuel no dates
Dennis no dates
Benjamin 1798-1883
w Rebecca (Adams) 1799-1876

Van Vlack, Jessie no dates

Veder, John** 1853

Walker, Isaac H. d. 5/15/1859--age 1       
(son of Martin & Amanda) r4

Whipple, Adam 1799-18?? r5

Whipple, Ella May d. 9/19/1863--age 3    
(daug of Leander & Alice)
Wightman, Paul d. 3/1/1888--age 76 r2
w Julia (small stone--no dates)
son William Henry d. 4/17/1841--age 3y
Oliver** d. 4/13/1867--age 56
w Nancy d. 5/1/1867--age 82
      (many stones in this section unreadable or only initials)

Wilbur, James d. 2/11/1849--age 73 r7
w Cynthia (Wickham) no dates
James, Jr. 8/29/1814-1/5/1864
w Mary E. 11/10/1821-
Mercy 1/2/1846-3/13/1866
Emily 3/21/1854-9/11/1878
Cynthia D. (Rider) w of Lewis** d. 6/2/1876--age 60

Williams, Samuel J. 10/5/1845-
w Orcelia  (Bush) 7/13/1849-
Eugene 4/3/1876-5/10/1896

Wright, Daniel** d. 4/13/1848--age 53 r7
w Elizabeth** d. 9/30/1878--age 77
Daniel H. d. 3/26/1844--age 22
w Melissa E.** d. 8/1/1847--age 23

Youmans,  Albert A. d. 9/21/1861--age 2 r3
Loretta d. 9/21/1861--age 11y  
(son & daug of J.T. & C.D.) 

Youmans, George all have no dates*

Youmans, James L. d. 2/4/1870--age 46 r9
w Catherine C. (Hart) d. 5/12/1884--age 55
son John H. d. 3/3/1871--age 12y
daug Ada D. d. 10/7/1906--age 52

Youmans, Levi 6/10/1792-10/8/1852 r5
w Esther (Thorn) 8/8/1796-11/11/1885

Youmans, Roanna M.   (w of Anthony) d. 2/15/1853--age 29

A lot typed from original listing--dates unknown;  many small stones with initials only;
names with stars are from Mr. Pechtelís list--he was the first town historian--some have stones and some do not.
Below is the Transcription Done by Zillah VanCleft Bull
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell
Edwin Ham 1832-1862 Catherine Ham 1831-1914 w/o Edwin (nee GURNEY) Clara E. Ham 1858-1861 d/o Edwin & Catherine-- listed on parents stone as 1858-1861; her own stone reads d. 8 Jan. 1861--age 2 John D. Gurney d. 26 Feb 1856 Age 60y6m1d Abram D. Gurney d. 12 Mar 1876 Age 76y6m12d Betsey Gurney d. 3 Jul 1859 Age 60y6d Stone Broken w/o Abram (nee Haynes) Jane Gurney d. 1845 Ao age given Cassius Kelly d. 2 Sep 1879 Age 20y6m11d s/o Levi M. & Phebe Phoebe Kelly 1833-1901 Jurial Preston d. 19 May 1852 Age 41 Solomon Preston d. 8 Sep 1851 Age 4y s/o Jurial & Keturah Hannah C. Preston d. 29 Aug 1847 Age 1y4m d/o Jurial & Keturah Eugene Covenhoven d. 18 Aug 1850 Age 5y5m3d s/o C.C. & Sarah Paul Wightman d. 1 Mar 1888 Age 76y2m William Henry Wightman d. 17 Apr 1841 Age 3y s/o Paul & Julia Oliver Wightman d. 13 Apr 1837 Age 56y10m2d Nancy Wightman d. 1 May 1867 Age 82y w/o Oliver Roanna M. Youmans d. 15 Feb 1853 Age 29y11m23d w/o Anthony Daughter of Leonard & Deborah BAKER B. E. Youmans No data E. Youmans No data Cook Gurney d. 14 Nov 1863 Age 32y11m22d John F. Gurney d. 4 Mar 1859 Age 32y11m4d Isaac Gurney d. 9 Apr 1851 Age 31y7m3d Martha Gurney d. 20 Mar 1851 Age 3y5m24d d/o of Isaac and Mahala Hiram Gurney d. 26 Dec 1868 Age 30y8m21d Benjamin Gurney d. 21 Sep 1869 Age 77y5m24d Meribah Gurney d. 25 Sep 1869 Age 75y1m27d w/o Benjamin Eunice E. Gurney(nee Platt) 12 Mar 1820-9 Jul 1884 w/o David Levi V. Rifenburgh 1840-1921 Hannah Rifenburgh d. 7 Mar 1878 Age 38y1d w/o Levi V. Isaac H. Walker d. 15 Mar 1859 Age 1y5m s/o P. Martin & Amanda Joseph E. Estes No data Eliza Ann Estes d. 20 May 1889 Age 22y5m20d Ann Eliza Estes d. 7 Sep 1848 Age 3y d/o Ira H. & Eunice M. Eunice Estes d. 2 Aug 1854 Age 35y7m15d w/o Ira H. Loretta Youmans d. 21 Sep 1861 Age 11y5m2d d/o J.T. & C.D. Youmans, Albert A. s/o J.T. & C.D. d. 9/21/1861--age 2y Levi Youmans 10 Jun 1792-8 Oct 1852 Esther Youmans 8 Aug 1796-11 Nov 1885 w/o Levi (nee THORN) Benjamin Thorn 1798-1883 Rebecca Thorn 1799-1876 w/o Benjamin (nee ADAMS) Ella May Whipple d. 19 Sep 1863 Age 3y d/o Leander & Alice Jessie Thorn fieldstone - no dates Samuel Thorn fieldstone - no dates Dennis Thorn fieldstone - no dates Jessie Haight No data Wife of Jessie Haight No data James Wilbur d. 11 Feb 1849 Age 73y11m24d James Wilbur, Jr. 29 Aug 1814-5 Jan 1864 Mary E. Wilbur 10 Nov 1821- Mercy Wilbur 24 Jan 1846-13 Mar 1866 Emily Wilbur 21 Mar 1854-11 Sep 1878 Jesse VanVlack No dates Charles H. Scott 8 Feb 1827- Sarah E. Scott 19 Oct 1835- w/o Charles E. (nee VanVLACK) George Youmans No data Helen Youmans No data Frank Youmans No data Amy Youmans No data Chester Youmans No data Probably all children-AC Watson C. Scott 25 Apr 1870-27 Aug 1884 Daniel H. Wright d. 26 Mar 1844 Age 22y8m9d Melissa E. Wright d. 1 Aug 1847 Age 23y7m27d Elizabeth Wright d. 30 Sep 1878 Age 77y5m26d w/o Daniel Daniel Wright d. 13 Apr 1848 Age 53y10m4d John R. Rider d. 16 Jul 1853 Age 64y5d Mary Ann Rider 12 Apr 1795-22 May 1886 w/o John (nee TODD) (stone is wrong) Cynthia D. Wilbur d. 2 Jun 1876 Age 60y3m2d w/o Lewis William H. Gurney d. 14 Jun 1902 Age 74y Elizabeth Gurney d. 25 Sep 1866 Age 57y9m21d w/o William James L. Youmans d. 4 Feb 1870 Age 49y Catharine C. Youmans d. 12 May 1884 Age 55y w/o James (nee HUNT) Ada Youmans d. 7 Oct 1906 Age 52y d/o J.L. & C John Youmans d. 3 Mar 1871 Age 12y s/o J.L. & C Willis L. Gridley 1868-1923 Minnie E. Gridley 1871-1915 w/o Willis (nee WILLIAMS) Eugene Williams 3 Apr 1876-10 May 1896 Samuel J. Williams 1845- Orcelia Williams 18 Jul 1849- w/o Samuel J. (nee BUSH) Edwin E. Hubbard 1836-1899 Meribah Hubbard 1845-1908 w/o Edwin (nee GURNEY) Anna Eliza Hubbard 1831-1907 sister of Edwin Gurnsey Hubbard d. Apr 28 1869 Age 2y s/o Edwin & Meribah Isaac J. Hubbard d. 17 Mar 1869 Age 2m3d s/o Edwin & Meribah
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