Irish Hill Cemetery
Cooperstown, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Marion Brophy - December 2000 Historian, Town of Otsego

Irish Hill Cemetery is located on upper Main Street in Cooperstown, this section of the 
village is known as Irish Hill. It is a Catholic cemetery, very well maintained and easily
accessible. When I became Otsego Town Historian, I attempted to locate a record of those
buried in this cemetery, I was unable to do this, so I have compiled a list of the tombstones
existing in 1999. A few are illegible but many are in remarkably good condition. I believe
there is an earlier record and if I do locate it, I will make necessary additions to this. I
was allowed to make a copy of a chart listing the owners of the more than 300 plots. I found
that the names on the chart are usually the same as those buried in each plot, however,
sometimes they are completely different and often more than one family will share a plot. Since this is an alphabetical listing, I have indicated when individuals are buried with a
family having a different surname. When the members of one family are continued on a second
page, the surname appears on the second page enclosed in parenthesis; the maiden names of
wives are capitalized and daughter is abbreviated as dau.

Surnames beginning with the letters:

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   H-K    L-N  0-T     U-Z

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