Small Cemetery near Kenneth Jewell Farm
Town of Milford, Otsego County, NY

Read by Mr. & Mrs Glenn Aspinwall & Mrs. Lealah Smith for DAR Oneonta, 
NY, 26 July 1953.  Thank you Charles Aspinwall for donating.  
Retyped by Annette Campbell.
Daniel Pratt  d. 7 Oct 1818   Age 36y
Elvina Wager   d. 5 Nov 1815   Age 44y   w/o John 
Mary E. Lake   d. 11 May 1877   Age 32y   w/o Henry
Amos Waters   d. 20 Nov 1858   Age 78y
Relief Waters   d. 6 May 1855   Age 74y
Lewis Waters   d. 3 May 1820   Age 27y
Abigail Jordan   d. 1 Dec 1848   Age 54y   w/o Capt. Ralph
   (Resident of Bloomfield, Ohio)
Eunice Waters   d. 2 Nov 1832   Age 27y3m7d   w/o Daniel
John Clark   d. 15 Jun 1837   Age 84y
Relief Clark   d. 17 Mar 1830   Age 77y   w/o John
Judah Waters, Capt.   d. 23 Feb 1838   Age 81y   Rev. War Soldier
   (Fought in Battle of Bunker Hill & White Plains--Flag on grave)
Olive Waters   d. 16 Aug 1850   Age 86y   w/o Capt. Judah

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