Jones Farm Cemetery
Transcribed by Harry E. Bolton
Re-Typed by Judy Morgan
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Inscriptions from all the readable headstones in the little remanent (sp?) of the cemetery 
in the barnyard of the present J. Paul Jones farm which is 1/8 miles up the Cooperstown
road from Hartwick, N.Y. and then 0.4 mile on the road which forks to the left in Otsego
County, N.Y. In Memory of Marshall, son of Sarah Pierce, who died Oct 30, 1809 age 1 yr 24 days In Memory of Mary Ann Pearce dau. of George & Sarah Pearce who died July 25 1803 age
13 mo 23 days In memory of Mercy dau. of George & Sarah Pierce who died Dec 27 1814 in the 19th year
of her age In Memory of Elizabeth dau. of (stone in two and names are not readable) Pierce who
died May 11 1819 in the 15th year of her age In Memory of Sarah wife of George Pierce who died March 7 1843 (stone broken in
three pieces, but readable except for one figure) age 3 yrs 10 mo 3 days (age
typed as written) In Memory of George Pierce who died March 3 1843 age 74 yrs 10 mo 9 days Susan wife of David Cooke died May 1 1848 age 58 years Willie Cook April 13 1861 Sept 22 1861 (Too pure for earth) Renselaer son of Rufus & Mercy Hawkins died June 12 1825 age 18 years Mercy wife of Rufus Hawkins died July 29 1830 age 71 years (There are several entirely cleaved and entirely obliterated brown stone stubs
extending at a sharp angle from the ground -- maybe five or six stubs, and one slanting.)
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