Locust Grove Cemetery
Pittsfield, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by G William Beardslee - Fort Collins, Colorado

This cemetery is located approximately one mile east of County Road 18 on the original 
road (presently called the Parker Road) between New Berlin and Edmeston, it served as the
local cemetery for several early Pittsfield families including the Halls, Briggs, Matteson,
and Olneys. It is located on the north side of Parker Road, formerly the West Creek Road,
almost directly across from the Robert and Frances Chapin farm. Ceso, J.A. no dates present Hall, Statira, wife of Orimel d. 12-17-1854, ae. 40 yrs. Briggs, Joseph Esq. d. 3-29-1832, ae. 82 yrs. Briggs, Patience d. 10-10-1848, ae. 91 yrs. Briggs, Silas d. 5-3-1851, ae. 79 yrs, 4 mo., 18days. Briggs, Roby d. 12-15-1856, ae. 78 yrs. Briggs, Palina dau. d. 8-3-1827, ae. 5 yrs. (note: on later list age given as 12) Wilber, Stephen son of D.R. & Mary Ann d. Nov. 1854, ae. 1 yr. 3 mo. Wilber, Laura wife of Daniel d. 1-9-53, ae 40 yrs. 8 mo. 6 da. Gregory, Sarah wife of Silas (Isaac) d. 9-20-1856, ae. 63 yrs. Gregory, Tirzah, wife of Hamblin d. 3-27-1820, ae. 35 yrs. Gregory, Reuben son of Tirzah & Hamblin 19 yrs- shot 30 Sept. 1832 by George Denison, who like a demon in human shape cooly toke his life away. Spalding Mr. Ephraim d. 3-19-1813. ae. 42 yrs. Burnham Michael d. 12-1851 ae. 68 yrs. Burnham Hepzidah wife d. 6-30-1827 ae. 43 yrs. Green Olive dau. of Harry & Clara d. ? Perry, Benjamin d. 2-25-1814 ae. 52 yrs. Perry, Catharine his wife d. 7020-1823 ae. 60 yrs. Munn, Charlotte 9-18-1769---5-25-1827 Palmer Susannah, sister of Stephen Munn 10-10-1767---2-15-1837 Cady Polly dau. of Wm & Martha. d. 3-17-1832 ae. 24 yrs. Cady Betsy dau of Wm & Martha d. 3-7-32 ae. 28 yrs. Corham Mary A. d. 7-18-1848 ae 15 yrs dau of Geo & Betsy Corham Corham Olive d. 1-31-1850 ae 19 yrs. Matterson Abel d. 12-3-1861 ae. 79 y 6 mo 12 da. Matterson Charlotte 13-22-1860 ae 74 yrs Matterson Ephraim son d. 5-23-1847 ae. 35 yrs. Shipman, Mr. Harriet, wife of Wm. dl 11-22-1819- 20 yr. 7 mo. 2 da. on next farm: Hall, Mrs. Abiline, consort of Orimel, d 10-21-1818- 23 yr. Added to Locust Grove Cemetery: Olney, Thomas d. Apr 14, 1813-69 yr Olney, Olive, wife, d. June 14, 1832- 86 yr. Wilber, Stephen, son of Daniel & Marion, d. Aug 21-1852 Wilber, Laura, wife of Daniel, d Jan 29, 1853-40 yr 8 mo 6 da.
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