Lippett Cemetery
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY
Summer of 1953 by Mrs. Lealah Smith and possibly Mrs. Glenn Aslinwall
Donated by Charles Aspinwall
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

On Hinman Hollow Road, east of Hartwick. Formerly part of the old Lippitt Farm. 

Andrew J. Begeal   d. 28 Apr 1878   Age 6y8m0d   s/o J. R. & M. M.
Jason Beckley   4 Sep 1767-5 Nov 1843
Clarissa Beckley   28 Mar 1770-24 Jul 1854   w/o Jason (nee DART)
Jason Beckley   2 Jan 1792-10 Aug 1869   s/o Jason & Clarissa
Pamelia Beckley 15 Aug 1797-13 Aug 1884 w/o Jason (nee SWARTHOUT)
Joseph Beckley   12 Jun 1822-1 Apr 1862   s/o Jason & Pamelia
Martha Beckley   15 Jul 1824-12 Dec 1840   d/o Jason & Pamelia
William Beckley   13 May 1836-4 Dec 1841   s/o Jason & Pamelia
Thomas N. Borst   19 Jun 1842-21 Sep 1906
Catharine M. Borst   9 Apr 1838-5 Dec 1916   w/o Thomas N. (nee HILTON)
Moses Bowen   d. 6 Jun 1830   Age 79y2m24d
Martha Bowen   d. 28 Apr 1821   Age 66y   w/o Moses
Ruby Ann Burlingham   d. 15 Aug 1819   Age 2y8m0d   d/o Hopkins &
    Charlotte HURD Burlingham
Rufus Case   d. 11 Feb 1850   Age 67y
Jerusha Chase  d. 3 Jan 1861   Age 84y4m28d  w/o Isaac  (nee BENNETT)
(Stone next to Jerusha--face chipped off-maybe Isaac)
Amy Ann Chase   d. 6 Feb 1868   Age 51y7m3d
Brewster Clark   d. 13 Mar 1835   Age 63y4m29d
Lucy Ann Clark   d. 21 Feb 1863   Age 86y4m29d  Prob. w/o Brewster
Abel Comstock, Dea.   d. 24 Jul 1814   Age 91y  Rev War Soldier
   (in Carter Genealogy is this: Dea. Abel Comstock b. 1721, d. 1814 at
     Cooperstown, NY. Married 17 Sep 1847 Judith PAINE of Kent, CT born
     1728, died 19 Dec 1803 Age 76y at Litchfield CT.  Abel served in Capt.
     Carter's Company - refer Comstock-Carter Gen.)
Salmon Comstock   d. 23 May 1845   Age 81y   s/o Dea. Abel & Judith
Abigail Comstock   d. 12 Dec 1842  Age 74y   w/o Salmon (nee GORHAM)
Polly Comstock   d. 1 Apr 1817   Age 22y   w/o Sheldon (nee LIPPITT)
    (d/o Abraham  & Sarah ARNOLD Lippitt)  w/o Sheldon Comstock, they
     were married 30 May 1816.  Sheldon married 2nd Sall B. ALLEN who
     died 12 Apr 1840. Sheldon married 3rd Betsey BLACK. He resided 
     at Hartwick; had 14 children & served in the WAR of 1812.
Sarah Culver   d. 30 May 1818   Age 30y  (Said to be a sister to Mrs. 
     Lydia Pemberton (Pembleton) )
Henry R. Howe   d. 13 Jan 1874   Age 53y4m13d
Juliette Howe   d. 6 May 1871  Age 35y  (also looked like 85y)
Charles Howe   d. 8 Jan 1843   Age 38y
Olive Howe   d. 23 May 1867   Age 58/9y   w/o Charles
Harvey Howe   d. 12 Mar 1844   Age 38y
Nehemiah Howe  d. 19 Nov 1842   Age 63y
Alice Howe   d.1 Nov 1869  Age 87y8m0d  w/o Nehemiah (nee RICHMOND)
Maryette Howe   d. 7 Mar 1832   Age 20y   d/o Nehemiah & Alice
Russell H. Judson   10 Sep 1836-5 Oct 1909
Hannah Judson   19 Nov 1833-14 Jan 1912   w/o Russell  (nee SHELDON)
Temperance Kenyon   d. 26 Jul 1842   Age 34y  w/o Brenton 
    (nee BECKLEY)   She was his 1st wife. Brenton was s/o Ira Kenyon.
Luke Lattin   d. 7 Feb 1831   Age 87y  s/o Thomas & Abigail LAKE Lattin
    ( He married Betsey BLACKMAN)
William Thomas Lattin   d. 11 Jun 1825  Age 59y3m0d s/o Thom. & Abigail
Abiah Lattin   d. 20 May 1825   Age 58y9m0d   w/o Wm. Thomas
   (nee HURD)
Mary Lattin    6 Oct 1758-25 Dec 1842   Age 85y  d/o Thom. & Abigail
   (She never married)
John Lake Lattin   d. 1 Sep 1857   Age 61y  s/o William William T. & Abiah
Irena Lattin   d. 4 Nov 1873  Age 67y   w/o John Lake Lattin
 ( Born 18 Nov 1807 to Salmon COMSTOCK & Abigail GORHAM. Salmon-5
             was son of Dea. Abel-4, Daniel-3, Christopher-2, William-1)
William Thomas Lattin   d. 5 Apr 1835   Age 5m3d  s/o John L. & Irena
Abigail Ann Lattin   d. 21 Mar 1835   Age 1y4m17d   d/o John L. & Irena
Anson Lattin   d. 5 Mar 1842   Age 5y  s/o John L. & Irena
Albert Lattin   d. 25 Mar 1848   Age 7y
   (John & Irena also had a daughter Mary Ann Lattin who married Harvey K. 
     BOWDISH & the family line of the late Mrs. Irene BOWDISH TAYLOR
     of Cooperstown, NY. She gave me much data on these Lattins - Lealea
     E. Smith)
Joseph Lippitt   d. 9 Jan 1862   Age 91y0m5d
Rose Lippitt   d. 24 May 1852/3   Age 80y  w/o Joseph (d/o John WELLS
    & Sarah HOLDEN
Charles Lippitt   d. 13 Sep 1852   Age 1y2m27d   s/o Joseph & Cynthia
Aaron Luther Lippitt   d. 28 Aug 1868   Age 83y3m10d
Anna Luther   d. 31 Oct 1854   Age 66y11m0d
Polly Parker   d. 20 Aug 1818   Age 17y   w/o Thadeus F.
Jabez Pemberton (Pembleton)   d. 10 Sep 1841   Age 77y *See notes below* 
Lydia Pemberton (Pembleton)   d. 12 Mar 1827   Age 66y   w/o Jabez 
(Said to be a sister to Mrs. Sarah Culver) Jabez Pemberton (Pembleton) d. 25 Apr 1826 Age 27y Sarah Pemberton (Pembleton) d. 20 Apr 1826 Age 26y w/o Jabez Lucy Pemberton (Pembleton) d. 26 Apr 1879 Age 81y10m0d Polly Salisbury d. 20 Nov 1875 Age 42y2m0d w/o Nelson (nee HUMMELL) (maiden name given by Mrs. Lida Salisbury of Hartwick, NY) Albert G. Warner d. 1 Mar 1883 Age 53y7m12d John Wells d. 22 Dec 1795 Age 78y Sarah Wells d. 24 Aug 1816 Age 81y w/o John (She was born 11 Jun 1735 and was a HOLDEN) John & Sarah were parents to Rose Wells, w/o Joseph Lippitt Catherine Kenyon d. 13 Mar 1895 Age 89y9m9d d/o Joseph LIPPETT and Rose Wells. Born at Hartwick, buried at Hartwick or Mt. Vision. Town of Laurens Records. **According to a Pembleton researcher, the name Pemberton above should be Pembleton** Position for Pembleton stones should read right to left: Jabez Pembleton, died Sept 10th 1841 77 years 8 months. Lucy Pembleton, died Apr 26 1878 age 81 yrs 10 months. Lydia wife of Jabez Pembleton died March 12 1826 In her 66th yr of her age. Sarah wife of Jabez Pembleton died apr 20th 1826 Jabish Pembleton died Apr 25 1826 Sarah Culver died May 20th 1818 in the 27th yr of her age sister of Lydia Pembleton
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