Lynes Family Plot
Milford, Otsego County, NY

On road from Miford to Phoenix near Clintonville August 1956 Copied by Mrs. Lealah Smith Ag-wron-doug-was Chapter, D.A.R. Bainbridge, NY
Lynes, Hannah, widow of Anthony Lynes d. Oct 31, 1868 age 74 years Lynes, Anthony d. Aug 6, 1864 Lynes, Edwin R. b. Feb 15, 1832 d. Dec 13, 1898 Lynes, William H. b. Nov 23, 1840 d. Mar 18, 1899 Lynes, Fannie A. Hubbell wife of William H. b. April 21, 1842 d. July 15, 1884 Lynes, Lucy Wales, wife of William H. b. Nov 1, 1844 d. Mar 31, 1895 One large stone: James H. Lynes, In memory of James H. son of Anthony and Hannah Lynes d. Apr 5, 1832, in
the 2nd year of his age. Headstone In memory of ________(not readable) d. Aug 5, 1828 in the 91st year of his age. Ransom, Asa d. May 17, 1828 in thew 44th year of his age.
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