The Maples Cemetery,
Town of Hartwick, Otsego Co, NY

Contributed by and Copyright December 1999 by Ted Steinhorst

This cemetery is located in the town of Hartwick, Otsego Co., New York at 
the corners of Schweitzer and Maples Roads, on a hill about 1.6 miles 
East-Southeast from the center of town. (Approximately -75.02209° 42.65098; 
or if I calculated correctly, 75° 01" 19.5’E  42° 39" 03.5’N).
I have been told that across the street (to the north) is 
a foundation where the Maples home once stood.  

These inscriptions were copied on October 10, 1999.  I’ve tried to include 
condition of the stones as well as the inscriptions.  I did not, however, 
proofread all these for correctness, so some caution is advised.  Since a 
Revolutionary War Vet is buried here, this info may also be available 
through the DAR.

Alger In memory of Alfred Alger, son of William Alger, who died May the 3rd 
AD 1813 in the 2nd year of his life.

Robinson Alisail, consort of Jesse Robinson, departed this life March 12, 
1800, aged in the 32nd year of his life.

Whaley Lois wife of Theofleas Whaley died Feb 16, 1854 ae 64 yrs.

Maples Calvin Maples died Jan 15, 1848 aged 44 yrs 5 mos and 19 days.  [this 
had a long epitaph that I did not copy]

Leffingwell On June 1, 1777 was born Lois Leffingwell and was married to David 
Maples Feb 15, 1801 and died Jan 27, 1847  Aged 69 yrs, 7 mos and 27 days.  ‘Who 
did not show honest labors and toil, but was ever persevering, saving, 
prudent, economical and a patron of industry’

Maples In memory of Mr David Maples who died Dec 25, 1834 Aged 79 yrs, 10 
mos and 9 days.

Maples In memory of Hiram Maples son of David and Lois Maples who departed 
this life May the 4th 1817 in the16th year of his age.

Darius son of ...  [remainder of marble head stone is rotted away.  Stone 
is situated between stone for Hiram Maples and bronze stone for Murdock]
MurdockÝ Andrew Murdock died Jan 1, 1833 in his 30th year.

SillÝ Mary Ann Sill daughter of David and Lois Maples Former wife of Andrew 
Murdock died June 15, 1810 in her 62nd year.

Murdock, Dwight died July 15, 1844 in his 14th year.

Murdock, Andrew Deloss died May 6, 1858 in his 25th year Sons of Andrew and 
Mary Ann Murdock.
All in the above group were found on Murdock headstone

Mary Ann Sill  Daughter of David and Lois (Marble stone broken, but situated 
between Murdock bronze stone and Andrew Murdock headstone)

Murdock In Memory of Andrew Murdock who died Jan 1st, 1833 in the 30th year 
of his life.
Murdock Andrew Delos son of Andrew and Mary Murdock died May 6th, 1858 Aged 24 
years and 10 mos.

Smith Lucinda, daughter of James and Paulina Smith died Nov 21, 1833 in the 
18th year of her age.

Smith Patience wife of James Smith died May 17, 1853 age 73 yrs, 4 mos and 26 

Smith Hawkins Smith died Nov 7, 1853 ae 43 yrs, 7 mos and 12 days.

Hall Ann wife of Thomas Hall died Feb 12, 1808 ae 70 yrs.
[This stone was broken, and contains no more info]

Hall Thomas Hall, died July 16, 1808  ae 71 yrs.

Hall -----s Hall, Jr., d, 23 ae [this stone was partially embedded in a 
maple tree which obscured the info.  Age might have been 43, not 23]

Ashcraft In memory of Sarah, wife of Joseph Ashcraft who died Dec 17th, 1836 
in the 66th year of her age.

Browne Emeline wife of Martin Browne died Sept 5, 1837 in hte 27th year of 
her age.

Brownell In memory of Myra, consort of Martin Brownell who died June 30th, 
1829 in the 27th year of her age.  ‘The name of the virtuous shall live’ 
[Note:  This stone was eroded and pock-marked.]

Burlingham In memory of Margaret, wife of Hopkins Burlingham who died Oct. 
15, 1823 aged 65 yrs.

Burlingham In memory of Hopkins Burlingham who died Aug 31, 1833  aged 74 
yrs   Also:  Hopkins Burlingham   Rhode Island    Pvt Co C  Lippet’s Reg’t   
Rev War    Aug 10, 1759 - Aug 31, 1833.

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