Town of Maryland Cemeteries

From Dorothy Parmerter
Town Historian

on South Hill, Schenevus, NY

Bliven, Benjamin d. 7/23/1850--age 44
William S. d. 10/5/1864--age 25
Green d. 1/20/1852--age 77
Polly d. 2/11/1849 (wife of Green)
William G. 1806-1881
Laura (Tilison) 1810-1888 (wife of Wm. G.)

William Servard 1/12/1887-5/15/1905
James Lawton 10/3/1859-3/10/1905
Sarah (Dean) 6/1/1861-3/4/1905 (wife of James Lawton Bliven)

Bliven, Antoinette d. 8/11/1848--age 7 (daug. of B.M. & E.)

Bliven, Charles R. d. 3/10/1840--age 19 (son of B.M. & E.)

Johnson - tall monument inscribed “Our Parents”

Olmstead, Matilda d. 6/29/1875--age 43 (wife of Anson)

Olmstead, Orlando D. d. 7/2/1885--age 10 (son of Anson & Matilda M.)


***Rebecca Stacknow has Hubbard Cem.* listed as Crumhorn Cem.*--this is in complete error--please remove and replace with the accurate Crumhorn Cem. listed below. Thanks, Dorothy Parmerter, Town of Maryland Historian.

Crumhorn Road Cemetery
updated by Town Historian 4/2006
Maryland, New York

On Crumhorn Road, northwest of Platt Hollow Road, lies a private resting place for the dead of long ago as an abandoned cemetery on the farm of Robert Eberling, Town of Maryland, Otsego County, copied August 25, 1966 by John Burnside. Evidence of other burials--flags--no stones.

Appleby, Nathaniel 1787-1876; Sergents, Emily (w of Stephen) and dau. of Nathaniel and Charlotte Appleby 1825-1849;

Pratt, Sally (w of Lewis) d. 6/16/1867--age 63;

Swift, Altheus 1774-1849;

Swift, Ruby (w of Stephen) d. 6/4/1850--age 28;

Swift, Melvin A. (son of ???) d. 7/18/1841--age 2;

Walle, James B. d. 8/24/1892--age 77--”Flag and GAR marker”;

Weston, Jonathan, d. 1/5/1837==age 60;

Woodcock, Lydia (w of Stephen) d. 3/26/1867--age 28.

updated by Dorothy Parmerter (Town Historian) 2005
a lot of the stones have no dates*

Covenhoven, Eugene d. 8/18/1850--age 5 son of Columbus C. & Sarah

Estes, Joseph E. no dates
w Eliza Ann d. 5/20/1889--age 22 Ann Eliza d. 9/7/1848--age 3

Estes, Eunice M. (w. of Ira H.) d. 8/2/1851--age 35
Gridley, Willis L. 1868-1923
Minnie E. (Williams) 1871-1915

Gurney, John D. d. 2/26/1856--age 60
Jane d. 1845
Abram d. 3/18/1876--age 76
Betsy (Haynes) d. 7/3/1859--age 60

Gurney, Benjamin d. 9/21/1869--age 77
w Meribah** d. 9/25/1869--age 75
David S.** 11/23/1816-4/26/1897
w Eunice E. (Platt)** 3/12/1820-7/9/1884
Isaac d. 4/9/1851--age 31
daugMartha (Isaac and Mahala d. 3/20/1851--age 3 (Tallmadge))
John S. d. 3/4/1859--age 32
Cook** d.11/14/1863--age 32
Hiram d. 12/26/1863--age 30
William H. d. 6/14/1902--age 74
w Elizabeth d. 9/25/1886--age 57
Gurney, Leon L. 1898-1936
Gurney, Patricia M., Dr. 1939-1996
Haight, Jessie no dates
w no dates

Ham, Edwin 1832-1862
w Catherine (Gurney) 1831-1914
daugClara E. d. 1/8/1861--age 2

Hubbard, Carl D. (VET) 1880-1960
w Eva B. (Hopkins) 1901-1981 per obit*
son Carl, Jr. 1918-2002

Hubbard, Edwin E. 1836-1899
w Meribah (Gurney--daug of Isaac)1845-1908
son Gurnsey D. d. 4/28/1869--age 2
son Isaac d. 5/17/1869--age 2 mo.
Anna Eliza (sister of Edwin) 1831-1907

Hubbard, ?????** d.4/3/1862--age 29
Hutt, Axel 1858-1922
Kelly, Phoebe (w of Levi)** 1833-1901
son Cassius** d. 1/2/1879--age 20

Preston, Jurial d. 5/19/1852--age 41
son Solomon (mother-Keturah) d. 9/8/1851--age 4
daug Hannah M. d. 8/29/1847--age 1

Rider, John R. d. 7/16/1853--age 6
w Mary Ann (Todd) 4/12/1795-5/22/1886
Rifenburgh, Levi 1840-1921
w Hannah d. 3/7/1878--age 38

Scott, Charles H. 2/8/1827-
w Sarah E. (Van Vlack) 10/19/1835-
Watson C. 1870-8/27/1884

Thorn, Jessie no dates Samuel no dates
Dennis no dates
Benjamin 1798-1883
w Rebecca (Adams) 1799-1876

Van Vlack, Jessie no dates

Veder, John** 1853

Walker, Isaac H. (son of Martin & d. 5/15/1859--age 1 Amanda)
Whipple, Adam 1799-18??
Whipple, Ella May (daug of Leanderd. 9/19/1863--age 3 & Alice)

Wightman, Paul d. 3/1/1888--age 76
w Julia (small stone--no dates)
son William Henry d. 4/17/1841--age 3y
Oliver** d. 4/13/1867--age 56
w Nancy d. 5/1/1867--age 82
(many stones in this section unreadable or only initials)

Wilbur, James d. 2/11/1849--age 7
w Cynthia (Wickham) no dates
James, Jr. 8/29/1814-1/5/1864
w Mary E. 11/10/1821-
Mercy 1/2/1846-3/13/1866
Emily 3/21/1854-9/11/1878
Cynthia D. (Rider) w of Lewis**d. 6/2/1876--age 60

Williams, Samuel J. 10/5/1845-
w Orcelia (Bush) 7/13/1849-
Eugene 4/3/1876-5/10/1896

Wright, Daniel** d. 4/13/1848--age 53
w Elizabeth** d. 9/30/1878--age 77
Daniel H. d. 3/26/1844--age 22
w Melissa E.** d. 8/1/1847--age 23

Youmans, Albert A. (son & daug of d. 9/21/1861--age 2
Loretta J.T. & C.D.) d. 9/21/1861--age 11y

Youmans, George all have no dates*

Youmans, James L. d. 2/4/1870--age 46
w Catherine C. (Hart) d. 5/12/1884--age 55
son John H. d. 3/3/1871--age 12y
daug Ada D. d. 10/7/1906--age 52

Youmans, Levi 6/10/1792-10/8/1852
w Esther (Thorn) 8/8/1796-11/11/1885

Youmans, Roanna M. (w of Anthony)d. 2/15/1853--age 29

A lot typed from original listing--dates unknown; many small stones with initials only;

names with stars are from Mr. Pechtel’s list--he was the first town historian--some have stones and some do not.

DGP (2005)


updated 6/2005 by Dot Parmerter, Town Historian

Baird, Mary A. d. 9/17/1873--age 9

Brown, Amos 1795- 3/6/1847--age 52
son Andrew d. 5/22/1853--age 21 s/o Amos & Eliza

Brown, Cyrus, Rev. 1764-1844
Cyrus, Jr. 1801-1843

Burnside, Lydia (Platt) d. 12/20/1877--age 84 w/o Gloud

Dibble, Thomas d. 5/23/1867--age 88
w Chloe d. 3/3/1855--age 80

Erwin, Walda E. no dates

Peebles, Robert W. 1834-1853
w Marcia (Platt) d. 5/25/1853--age 19

Platt, Daniel d. 3/7/1846--age 76
w Jerusha d. 3/1/1842--age 75
daugMaria d. 1/15/1815--age 17

Platt, Hiram 1787-1850

Platt, John W. d. 10/1/1827--age 9 mo s/o Daniel & Sally

Rose, Ianthe d. 4/3/1844--age 45 or 48 w/o Jesse
son Stephen d. 8/27/1826--age 1yr
daugIanthe d. 3/25/1834--age 26 days

Rose, Jonathan 1796-1844

Smith, Lydia d. 5/11/1829--age 21yr w/o Ashbell

Stevens, Ethan 1786- 3/20/1853--age 67yr (sons of Ethan & Polly)
son John 1825-1826
son Daniel d. 11/12/1849--age 22yr “”
son Edwin d. 12/6/1830--age 21yr “”

revised by Dorothy Parmerter (Town Historian) 2005

Bailey, Elisha J. (son of S.J. & C.C.) d. 8/29/1865--age 3y

Bidwell, Mary Ann d. 2/3/1832--age 25

Boardman, Anson (son of Levi & Elizabeth) d. 7/28/1825--age 12

Cady, Cathron A. (daug of Wm. & Abigail) d. 9/15/1854--age 3
Francis H. ( son “ “ ) (per stone)*d.
4/8/1837--age 4
George W. d. 7/8/1866--age 11

Cass, Lydia (w of Silas) d. 5/16/1808--age 42

Chamberlain, Adison (son of Cladius & Martha) d. 3/14/1851--age 28
Cynthia (daug. “ “ ) d.
1/4/1850--age 24

Chamberlain, Elisha (Rev.War) d. 8/29/1829--age 77

Chamberlain, Elisha d. 6/18/1865--age 71

Chamberlain, George H. 1854-1910
w Lucy E. (Wagar) no dates
w Eugena (Sikes) d. 12/18/1891--age 30
daug (name not readable) (Geo. & Jennie) 2/24/1889-9/27/1889

Chamberlain, Harvey d. 6/26/1883--age 72
w Emily (Edson) 4/11/1815-3/3/1896
(also S.C., H.C.,J.V. & A.W.)

Chamberlain, Heman d. 3/21/1869--age 86
w Tabitha d. 6/28/1828--age 45
w Drusilla d. 5/22/1857--age 58
daug Tabitha Jane 1929-12/12/1842--age 13
daug Sally (of Heman & Drusilla) d. 12/24/1857--age 22

Chamberlain, Hiram d. 11/15/1859--age 46
w Sally A. d. 10/9/1883-age 68

Chamberlain, Mary M. (sister of Hiram) 9/27/1836-4/21/1897

Chamberlain, Peleg d. 9/15/1857--age 76
w Cynthia (Edson) d. 4/26/1841--age 45
w Sylvinia (Babcock) d. 11/28/1862--age 79
son Milo d. 7/22/1831--age 2

Chase, Diantha (w of Samuel) d. 5/6/1822-age 19

Chase, Winfield G. (son of Erastus & Orpha R.) d. 4/8/1862--age 3 wks.

Crippen, Thaddeus d. 8/22/1818--age 57
& 2 infants by his side

Crouch, Thomas d. 1/20/1829--age 52

Emerson, Francis M. 3/5/1860-3/7/1903

Gove, Moses d. 3/17/1841--age 54
w Martha d. 9/16/1865--age 66

Gurney, Jesse 7/25/1804-4/11/1887
w Polly (Hotchkins) 9/5/1806-11/5/1885

Holbrook, Ziba 1790-1821
w Lurancy (Virgil) 1792-1853

Hoose, Nelson (Co.M 3rd NY) (VET) no dates

Parker, Nathaniel (son of Edward & Rachael) d. 9/1/1830--age 10 mo.

Priver, Thomas 1787-1839

Rose, Electa (daug of Elon & Arvilla) d. 7/4/1834--age 1

Rose, Nathaniel d. 7/19/1846--age 76
w Lovina d. 12/17/1853--age 81
Nathan d. 9/2/1866--age 69
w Deborah (Morehouse) d. 5/4/1881--age 81

Seward, Eunice Jane (w of Porter) d. 5/2/1820--age 24
son John d. 9/27/1818--age 2y

Shutts, Lewis d. 7/3/1830--age 25
(also H.S., C.S., & S.S.)

Somerville, Joseph 11/17/1840-7/10/1910
w Isabella D. (Whitney) 11/15/1846-9/24/1899
William J. 4/17/1872-9/30/1883
Margaret 8/4/1883-12/18/1909

Spencer, Deacon Joel (Rev.War) d. 2/25/1806--age 87
w Sarah Haskell (Rose) (was also his consort) d. 4/20/1805--age 57
(this stone erected by Nathaniel, Eli, Elihu, Roxanna,
Betsey and Sally Rose, HER CHILDREN)**

Vandeboe, Jasper d. 2/2/1852--age 68
w Margaret d. 10/28/1843--age 57

Vandeboe, John L. d. 12/30/1865--age 41
w Electa d. 5/16/1865--age 33

Vandenbugh, Sally (Gardner) w of Wilhelmer d. 2/21/1818--age 32
& one of her children

Walling, Albert d. 12/1/1839--age 32

Warner, Joel d. 10/12/1872--age 27

Warner, Samuel H. 3/2/1808-5/2/1872
w Mary Ann (Tallmadge) 6/30/1810-6/7/1888

Wheeler, Welthy (w of Ichabod K., Esq,) d. 7/1/1820--age 43

Whitney, Amaziah (Rev. War) 1760-3/6/1842
w Sally d. 12/21/1852--age 22
daug Polly 6/22/1806-1835

Whitney, Amaziah 7/22/1813-8/7/1853
w Margaret S. T. (daug. of James & Eliz.
Whitney, James A. 1839-1907
Marjorie 1878-1902
Amaziah 1880-1908

Whitney, Edna Annie (w of James & Amaziah) (daug
of 3/11/1854-11/20/1895
John & Nancy McD. Copeley)

Whitney, Margaret (daug of Abner & Matilda) d. 8/18/1861--age 9
Matilda ( “ “ “ “ “ ) d.
9/25/1856--age 1

Woodcock, Delos H. (Veteran)** 1840-1910
w Catherine J. (Hunt) 1847-1911

Woodcock, George (Vet) d. 7/29/1899--age 80

Woodcock, Gilbert (Veteran)** 11/29/1816-6/27/1902
w Charlotte 11/22/1822-not marked
daug Amanda d. 4/19/1862--age 3 mo.

Woodcock, Samuel J. 1872-1948
w Minnie B. (Roe) 1878-1941
Benny O. 1902-1903
Clifford 1903-1903
Stewart V. 1908-1908

Spencer Burying Ground
(also known as Burnside) Rt. 7, Potato Creek Dip
revised 2005 by Dorothy Parmerter (Town Historian)

Bostwick, Orrin, 1808-1899
w Hester, 1803-1899

Bostwick, Stativaa, w. of David B. Bostwick, d. 7/12/1881--age 31
or 34 (NAME could be Statira)

Boyd, Filida Ruth, daug of L.R. & Libbie, 1898-1899

Burnside, Amos, d. 9/16/1859--age 37
w Thankful Jane, d. 7/23/1850--age 19
Burnside, Amy Mills, son of Amos & Mary, d. 10/16/1862--age 2

Burnside, Clara, daug of J.W. & M.C. 5/11/1876-8/17/1876

Burnside, Evert S., 6/1/1809-11/5/1879
w Catherine D., 12/6/1815-8/6/1911 d/o Nathan Spencer
son Horace L. 1844-1920
Ella (Newcomb) 1875-1968

Burnside, Everet, d. 5/26/1834--age 61 s/o of Evert
w Catharine, d. 7/5/1860--age 82 (nee Sigsbee)
son Samuel, d. 5/12/1827--age 12

Burnside, Mary Calista w of John W., 6/25/1851-5/18/1876 &
daug. of W.R. & M.A. Chauncey

Chauncey, Russell R., 12/9/1775-6/16/1859
w Mabel Porter, 9/26/1779-5/9/1864
son John A., 6/10/1804-3/27/1831
son William R., 11/20/1816-1/7/1886
Alfred, 2/2/1849-2/16/1864 s/o Wm. & Mary
Arthur, 10/29/1857-7/12/1865 s/o Wm. & Mary
Luther, 9/17/11837-1/21/1864 s/o Wm. & Mary
Cynthia, 9/12/1858-3/6/1860 d/o Wm. & Mary

Cross, Justus H., 1825-1896
w Alida Winne, 1830-1908
Eliab, d. 12/15/1859--age 61

Davis, John, 1822-1906
w Fidelia (Olds), 1826-1906
Gardner, Harry O., 1884-1961
w Blanche, 1895-1966
Horace, 1917-1934

Haynes, Eliza, d. 7/1876--age 8

Ireland, Peter, 3/26/1948-1/12/1968

Meyer, Emil, 3/26/1897-1/12/1963

Mills, Benoni, d. 7/26/1863--age 70
w Fanny, d. 2/19/1872--age 75
son James, d. 10/10/1836--age 18
daug Adelia C., d. 10/22/1846--age 7
“ Rhoda P., d. 10/20/1819--age 4
“ Sarah D., d. 10/5/1832--9 mo.

Olds, Roswell, d. 1879--age 66

Peterson, Almond D., 1837-1909
w Anna B., 1839-1912

Spencer, A. Lincoln, 1865-1926
w Louise (Ash), 1865-1916
Anna, 1896-1903
Louise, 1892-1894

Spencer, Amos D., 11/22/1822-11/16/1895
w Mary E. (Barnes), 11/15/1829-5/3/1908

Spencer, Amos, d. 7/13/1843--age 85
w Dorcas, d. 5/29/1843--age 83

Spencer, Fennie, (son of Amos & Elvira), d. 6/2/1868--age 6 mo.
Janie B., d. 1/7/1869--age 6y

Spencer, Horace D., 6/29/1807-7/13/1887
w Margaret, 4/15/1812-11/11/1871 (nee Burnside)
son H. Greeley 6/17/1851-1928
son Carleton O., 1844- 6/22/1851--age 11
son Edgar, 1838-10/6/1860

Spencer, Ithamar, d. 4/1/1825--age 92
w Rebecca, d. 8/2/1826--age 86

Spencer, Jesse, d. 3/21/1832--age 63

Spencer, John U., 5/14/1837-10/6/1892

Spencer, Joseph, 4/27/1839-7/6/1898
w Rachel E. (Veeder), 6/20/1843-2/15/1903
daug Georgie V. 3/11/1880-8/19/1884

Spencer, Simeon, d. 8/1/1808--age 28
Nathan, d. 2/13/1865--age 72
w Catharine (w of Simeon & Nathan), d. 1/31/1860--age 76
Nathan, d. 6/30/1860--age 76
Carol, d. 2/11/1820

Spencer, Philip d, 11/30/1805--age 29
Philip D., 5/28/1830-7/8/1883

Spencer, Uriah, 5/29/1798-10/10/1873
w Esther (Worden), 8/3/1798-5/15/1867
George M., 2/10/1836-10/19/1878
Israel, 5/1/1832-1898
daug Mary d. 1824 ?????
son ???? d. 9/10/1825 ?????

Stever, Abby, (w. of Charles), d.11/10/1867--age 24

Thompson, Soffy, (w. of John), d. 9/10/1815--age 71

Vandenberg, Cornelius, d. 11/24/1819--age 70
Veeder, Myndert R., 8/2/1828-1/7/1887
w Elizabeth, 10/21/1816-3/1/1903
Winnie J., 10/18/1860-9/3/1876

Webster, James R., d. 5/21/1880--age 32
w Angie (Cross), d. 8/2/1898--age 48

Wilson, William, d. 10/19/1888--age 73

Worden, George, d. 2/16/1839--age 32
w ??????, d. 10/15/1827--age 49

Wright, E.H., 1850-1895
Helen S., 1855-1935

Zindle, Stevie Allen, d. 6/16/1988

Chauncey??,Willie H. 2/20/1860 (can’t read last name)
Frankie L. 9/29/1868 (can’t read last name)

those with stars by their names have been taken from Mr. Pechtel’s list, the first Town Historian.

Sperry Hollow/Lamphere Cemetery is in the Town of Maryland, Otsego County, on Sperry Hollow Road, left off of Elk Creek Road, west of corner of Sperry Hollow road and Norton road. After turning onto the road, you go to the first house on the left. Pull in driveway, facing barn. To the left is a path approximately 6 ft. wide that is mowed by the Town. Follow the path back into a small wooded area.

Sperry Hollow Cemetery

done by Dorothy Parmerter, Town Historian 2000

Lamphere, Levi A. d. 9/20/1840--age 10y (son of Arnold & Asenath)

Metcalf, Mary A. (Sperry) d. 12/24/1877--age 72 (w of Hezekiah)

Sperry, Ansel d. 1/4/1831--age 51
w Olive d. 11/10/1854--age 72
daug Betsy d. 2/10/.1825--age 22y
daug Naomi born 1828--died age 22

Sperry, Fanny d. 2/13/1831--age 7mo. (daug of Nathan & Dimmis)
Infant d. 1y or 1mo (daug of Nathan & Dimmis)

Sperry, Marvin A. d. 4/16/1852--age 3y (son of Marvin & Sally (VanDeboe)

SPERRY, Daniel no dates
w Mary Prindel no dates

Infant twin daughters of Nathan Sperry and Dimmis Andrews Sperry, either born or died July 22/23, 1831 Aged 20 days and 21 days.

Other burials, stones illegible.

established 1993 (Hubbard Rd.)
next to Hubbard Cemetery
by D. Parmerter (Town Historian-2005))

Dante, Sheldon J. 1920-1996 B 29 bomber engraved on stone
w Leah (Wightman) 1924- mar. 5/19/1946

Wightman, Charles W. 12/15/1920-12/20/1992
w Mary (Sega) 8/1/1925- mar. 6/17/1945

Wightman, W. Wayne 12/18/1913-
w Mary C. (Flebut) 8/23/1920- mar. 4/3/1931

Cemetery is on South Hill, Rte. 41 to Dragoo Road. About 1/2 mile in turn right up a logging trail, then it winds up the hill, bends to the left. You come to a wide open field on the left; across the field is a small path leading off to the right; about 100 yards in is the sone fenced cemetery.

Otsego County
by Dorothy Parmerter, Town Historian 2005

DURHAM, J.A. Mrs. d. 10/27/1890 73y-4m-12d

LAVALLIE, Cook d. 6/20/1839--age 78

LAVALLIE, Deborah d. 2/1835--age 76 w/Cook

McNalla, Ellen d. 12/6/1840

MERRILL, Sarah Ann d. 4/17/1841 27y-3m-4d Wife of Levi Merril

Palmater, Elizabeth d. 4/26/185? wife of James)

PALMATIER, Henry H. d. 11/05/1852 69y

VanZANDT, Esther d.12/18/1859--age 77 w/ Joseph

VanZANDT, Joseph 06/12/1845 68y

WAGAR, Esther F. d. 4/05/1854 50y Wife of E.M. Wagar

WAGAR, Martha M. d. 8/17/???? 10y