Matteson Family Cemetery
Laurens, Otsego County, NY

County Rt 11, Mt. Vision

This cemetery is located about 50 yards off the road on the east side of the highway in a pasture on the Wilber Cleveland Farm. At one time, this cemetery had a stone wall around it. However, it was removed by Wilber Cleveland’s grandfather many years ago.On September 24, 1999, all markers were unearthed and reset. The marker of John Fowlston was found beneath about 6 inches of dirt and sod. It was broken in two. The original marker for Joshua A. Matteson was unreadable. The face had fallen off and crumbled into many pieces. On this date, Joshua’s old marker was removed and replaced. with a new marker, provided by the Veteran’s Administration.

Restoration of this cemetery was completed by Jerry E. Reed, Richard K. Rose, Homer Carr and Steve Card. Reed is the 4th Great Grandson and Rose is the 3rd Great Grandson of Deacon Joshua A. Matteson.

Joshua A. Matteson Cont Line Rev War Jan 8, 1757 – Jan 25, 1852

(Original inscription supposedly read: Deacon Joshua Matteson Died January 25, 1852 95 years and 17 days.).*

The listing of the other markers found in this cemetery are as follows:

In Memory of Susannah wife of Deacon Joshua Matteson died 1835 aged 74 years

Adoniran J. son of Nathaniel & Abigail Matteson*** died May 9, 1841 4 years 1 month 11 days

Mariah daughter of Nathanial & Abigail Matteson died Sept 10, 1826

John Fowlston died April 27, 1842 aged 32 years

(At least two additional graves were found in this cemetery. However, there were no readable markers available.
Some sources say that there is a male member of the Wright family also buried here. There is no information 
available to verify this fact.)

Additional Genealogical information:

* Joshua is the son of John and Martha Phillips Matteson of West Greenwich, Kent County Rhode Island

**Susannah is the daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Bissell Bates of Pownal Vermont

***Nathanial & Abigail Matteson moved to Wisconsin after 1855 and died there about 1890.
Brother Willard also moved west and died in the Dakotas about 1890.  This farm, where the cemetery is located,
was sold by Joshua A. Matteson to sons Nathanial and Willard on 18 September 1830 and they recorded the
deed in March 1855. Sometime after this date they moved west.

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