Middlefield Cemetery
Middlefield, Otsego County, NY

Across from Church Conditions were terrible in 1936 and in 1999 most stones now unreadable
Butler, John son of John d. July 1, 1838 63 years Butler, Jane wife of John d. June 7, 1825 47y 27 d Manzer, Hannah wife of John d. Mar 25, 1835 35y 6m 5d Manzer, Sarah M dau of John d. Jan 6, 18__ (stone down and broken) Manzer, Albert son of Silas and Mary d. Sept 25, 1834 1y 2m 10d Finch, Hannah wife of Solomon d. June 19, 1822 79y (stone down) North, Altana consort of James d. Mar 1, 1850 25 years Munroe, Daniel d. Jan 25, 1852 83y 2m 22d Rice, John G. d. Sept 1833 51y 6m 17d Rice, Daniel, son Randal and Dinah born at Norwich, R.I. June 4, 1756 died at Middlefield Dec 28, 1814 (stone down) 58y 6m 2d Bishop, Benjamin d. Aug 4, 1825 24y (stone down) Clark, James E son of William and Adelia d. Aug 17, 1848 1y 3m 14d Winchel, Elvira wife of William d. Aug 17, 1845 83y 4m 6d Winchel, William d. Oct 9, 1839 77y Green, Rachel Ann wife of William N d. April 15, 1853 21y Kelley, Mary Jane wife of Samuel H. MD d. Jan 30, 1856 23y Watson, Mary dau Nathan and Ann d. May 13, 1843 17y (stone down) Bailey, Millicent, consort of Harrison d. Mar 21, 1840 (stone down) Murry, Mary E. dau Alexander and Pamelia d. Oct 11, 1841 9 months Bailey, Sylvester son of Timothy D. d. Sept 1, 1835 1y 5m 3d Murry, Rhoda wife of Alexander d. Jan 5, 1834 21 years Boyce, Hannah wife of John d. Sept 15, 1816 41y 7m 23d Deyo, Bethemy dau of Josiah and Hannah d. May 26, 1813 5y 1m 12d (stone down) Deyo, Christian B. Jun 15, 1732 d. Nov 21, 1807 (oldest marker) Compiled from records of Mrs. Lealah Smith, Ag-wron-doug-was Chapter, D.A.R. Bainbridge and Mrs. Zillah Van Cleft Bull - Oneonta Chapter N.S.D.A.R 1936
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