Milford Center Cemetery
Milford, Otsego County, NY

Milford Center Cemetery is located in Milford off Wilson Rd.  
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Send information to the County Coordinator. Jacob W. Dingman, son of Jacob & Eunice Squires Dingman b. 1821, d. 4/26/1893 in Milford Eliza Dingman, wife of Jacob W. Dingman b. 1835 Jacob Dingman, father of Jacob W. Dingman b. 7/6/1800, d. 11/26/1878 in Milford Eunice Squires, wife of Jacob Dingman b. 3/6/1806, d. 11/13/1880 in Milford Emily C. Dingman Quackenbush, daughter of Jacob & Eunice wife of Jacob Isaac Quackenbush b. 4/21/1831, d. 10/1/1896 Jacob Isaac Quackenbush, husband of Emily Dingman b. 1825 Harriet Quackenbush, daughter of Emily & Jacob b. 1858 William Dingman, son of Jacob & Eunice b. 8/5/1837, d. 9/10/1896 - served in Civil War Deforest Wellman b. 4/19/1884 d. 11/14/1923 of diabetes (No Marker) Maud wife of Deforest buried in the Otsdawa Cemetery, Otego, NY Below Information comes from website: David L. Beams died 12/1928 Wesley Thorn, born, 11/27/1876, died 2/1/1944 husband of Minnie Baker married 7/26/1904 in Lake George, NY son of Harry & Martha Waldron Thorn
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