Morris Family Cemetery
Morris, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Zillah VanCleft Bull for DAR 1938

Between Morris & Gilbertsville, Otsego Co, NY
Located on Morris Estate, between Morris & Gilbertsville, beside All Saint's Chapel.

Jacob Morris, Gen.   d. 10 Jan 1844   Age 88y13d  
    An officer of the Revolution, Aidecamp to Major General Charles Lee
    Marked by S.A.R.
Mary Morris   d. 3 Jan 1827   Age 68y1m12d   w/o Jacob
William Augustus Morris   d. 11 Jan 1820   Age 24y
Catherine Cox Prentis   d. 28 Jun 1818   Age 24y  
James Elliot Morris   d. 19 Apr 1802   Age 1y8m17d   s/o Jacob & Mary
Censa Morris   d. 2 Jul 1791   Age 18w1d
John Cox Morris, Hon.   d. 2 Feb 1849   Age 68y
Jacob W. Morris   d. 10 Aug 1855   Age 63y
Elizabeth Hartman   22 Nov 1818-18 Feb 1904   w/o Henry F.  (nee KERN)
Catherine Morris   d. 20 Oct 1835   Age 80y   w/o Lewis Lee 
    Native of England, Mother of Hannah, (nee WINTER)
Lewis Lee Morris   27 Jul 1778-24 Aug 1853   Age 75y
Elizabeth Ann Morris   d. 8 Feb 1811   Age 26y   w/o Lewis Lee
Ernest August Hartman   24 Jan 1852-23 Feb 1898
Elizabeth Hartman   11 Aug 1890-2 Mar 1899   d/o Ernest A & Laura
Laura Hartman   d. 23 Sep 1937   w/o Ernest A.  (nee MORRIS)
James Rutherfurd Morris   28 Dec 1827-23 May 1903
Ellen Elizabeth Morris  28 Dec 1831-8 Apr 1898 w/o James Rutherfurd
    Daughter of Henry HOWE
Christine Kean Griffin   d. 12 Feb 1873   Age 11m21d   d/o J.R. & E.E.
Richard Valentine Morris   d. 17 Sep 1840   Age 17y
Frances Mary UPTON Masters   1821-1898   w/o Justus Smith Masters 
      of Hamilton  N.Y.   d/o Richard MORRIS
Justus Smith Masters   1846-1898   s/o Justus S & Mary F.
Frances Blanche Parsons   1848-1922   w/o William A.
    Daughter of Justus S. &  Frances Upton Morris MASTERS
Lewis Rutherfurd Morris   d. 9 Dec 1936  No Age given   s/o James
    Rutherfurd Morris & Ellen Elizabeth HOWE Morris
Lot Gathaway   d. 11 Oct 1870   Age 66y
Deon Gathaway   d. 25 Jan 1822   Age 76y   (nee JACKSON)
Mary Louise Tuckey   1838-1917
Adelaide M. A. Morris   21 Apr 1821-7 Jul 1889   Eldest daughter of
    Richard &  Frances Mary Upton Morris
David J. Morris   d. 22 Feb 1835   Age 16y2m28d   s/o Richard & Frances M.
Richard Morris   18 Sep 1782 Phila.PA--2 Feb 1865 Upton Park, NY
    Third son of Gen. Jacob Morris
Frances Mary Morris   18 Oct 1794-2 May 1872  w/o Richard, Born in NY City
    daughter of Capt. Francis UPTON of the British Navy.
Bessie Smith Morris   d. 16 Sep 1889   Age 9m   d/o J.W & Nellie
Charles V. Morris   10 Apr 1826-4 Feb 1917
Mary Jane Morris   27 Sep 1838-4 Dec 1917   w/o Charles V.  (nee ROSE)
D. D. MacDonald   1837-1894
Daniel Washburn   20 Sep 1822-25 Dec 1897  Graduate of Union College
    1844, Admitted to NY Bar 1848, Ordained Priest at Phila. PA 1851
     Married Sarah S. Carpenter 1853.
Sarah S. Washburn   1835-1895   w/o Daniel Washburn, Rev. M.A.
     Rector of Trinity Church & St. John's, Phila & Central PA, & Christ's
     Church, W. Burlington, NY.   (nee CARPENTER)  Pottsville PA
George Herbert Washburn   d. 28 Oct 1883   Age 7y   s/o Daniel & Sarah S. 
     of Phila. PA
Robert Hunter Morris   4 Jun 1850-22 Feb 1913   s/o W. A. & J.E.
William Augustus Morris   d. 8 Jun 1894   Age 75y   s/o Lewis Lee & Hannah
Jane Elizabeth Morris   d. 26 Feb 1875   Age 47y   w/o William Augustus
John Cox Morris   d. 27 Apr 1884   Age 44y   s/o Jacob & S.S.
William F. Breffle   d. 18 Feb 1882   Age 81y
Laury Breffle   d. 20 May 1892   Age 87y   w/o William
Harmon M. Hopkins   1839-1914
Amy Hopkins   1838-1898   w/o Harmon M.  (nee BREFFLE)

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