Lakeview Cemetery
Richfield, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Judy Morgan

Located on Cemetery Rd.
This is NOT a complete listing
Delos Palmer, born 1843, died 1919 son of Nathan Palmer and Mary Ames Nathan Palmer, born 4/22/1838, died 6/27/1905 son of Nathan Palmer and Mary Ames Margaret Sternberg, born 7//30/1839, died 7/7/1925 wife of Nathan Palmer & daughter of James & Eve Sternberg Curtis Palmer, born 1857, died 7/1/1922 son of Nathan Palmer & Margaret Sternberg husband of Nettie Andrus Nettie Palmer, born 1863, died 6/12/1939 daughter of John & Mary Andrus wife of Curtis Palmer Alida Palmer, born 3/1860, died 5/19/1924 daughter of Seneca & Elizabeth Palmer Seneca Palmer, born 12/1/1821, died 10/8/1903 husband of Gertrude Elizabeth Rickard son of Squire Humphrey Palmer & Mary Wilbur Gertrude Elizabeth Rickard, born 5/1835, died 1908 wife of Seneca Palmer Jennie Palmer, born 1877, died 9/7/1963 wife of Willard C. Palmer daughter of Jacob & Ella Towne Vrooman Jeanette Wilkinson, born 5/5/1911, died 5/6/1977 wife of Jack Wilkinson daughter of Raymond & Lena Clute Ralph C. “Skippy” Wilkinson, born 1945, died 6/1/1961 son of Jack & Jeanette Clute Wilkinson Edward Dunscomb Ibbotson, born 7/25/1874, died 8/15/1958 son of Joseph & Mary Dunscomb Ibbotson Howard Lee Boss, born 6/6/1914, died 3/14/1957 son of Frank & Christina Wolfe Boss Idora Cushman Simmons, born 1867, died 11/21/1939 wife of William C. Simmons daughter of Joseph b. & Mary Jane Dingman Cushman Joseph B. Cushman 1835 - 1909 Mary J. Dingman, wife 1837 - 1903 Mary E. Comstock, born 1843, died 5/15/1924 daughter of Judge Jay Comstock George A. Delong, born 5/16/1841, died 10/7/1894 son of Charles & Mary Delong Louis Firman born 5/12/1879, died 4/2/1959 husband of Valma Getman Lyle G. Knapp, died 3/14/1965 husband of Jeane Robinson Maurice L. Lane, died 7/16/1972 son of Harry & Flora Llewellyn Lane wife of Frances Jones Gertrude A. Egerland died 10/25/1926 daughter of Charles C. & Charlotte Derthick Chamberlin wife of Herman A. Egerland William Watkins West, born 7/27/1887, died 5/14/1930 son of Ora West & Jennie Tilden husband of (1) Lelah Fox, (2) Geneva House Lee Sternberg, born 1856, died 5/12/1930 son of David & Abbie Tilden Sternberg Lillian May Brower Smith, born 1868, died 5/9/1930 wife of William Smith daughter of David Brown & Imogene Darrow Elizabeth Walker born 3/20/1894, died 6/18/1965 wife of Guy Walker daughter of Avery & Emily Patterson Barringer Norman Rutt born 10/10/1843, died 4/29/1926 son of Jacob & Polly Rutt husband of Julia Smith Wellington Osborn Getman, born 1/14/1865, died 5/1/1926 husband of Grace Lawler son of Delos & Hester Osborn Getman William Byrne Swift, born 1920, died 5/2/1926 son of Mr & Mrs Justin Swift Julia Williams, born 12/4/1883, died 5/9/1924 daughter of Mr & Mrs David Williams Richard Clapper born 1910, died 10/15/1971 (or 1972) Oscar W. Bond, born 6/4/1869, died 8/26/1971 son of Charles & Mary Catherine Bond Edith M. Ellwood, born 12/15/1891, died 8/1/1966 wife of William Ellwood daughter of Fred W. & Emma Ward House Martha Petrie, born 1916, died 7/30/1966 wife of Harry Petrie daughter of Charles & Ethel Weldman Winchell Gertrude H. Vaughn, born 3/13/1878, died 9/3/1961 wife of Edwin Vaughn daughter of George & Sarah Ann Holley Miss Jennie Sheridan, born 12/27/1863, died 8/20/1951 daughter of Bernard & Millie Osterhoudt Sheridan Miss Mary Humphrey Sponburg, born 2/23/1887, died 8/16/1951 daughter of Isaac & Caroline Sponburg Mrs Fayette Storing, born 5/3/1859, died 12/9/1934 daughter of Joseph & Lydia Ballard Petrie Miss Louise Tunnicliff, born 3/1/1878, died 2/3/1934 daughter of George & Clara Hosford Tunnicliff George White Tunnicliff, born 1839, died 2/25/1926 husband of (1) Lina Johnson, (2) Clara Anna Hosford son of Aurelius Tunnicliff & Anne Tunnicliff Oliver N. Alexander, born 7/4/1876, died 2/6/1934 husband of Fannie Lynch son of Ephraim & Charlotte Round Alexander Adele Andino, born 1901, died 10/21/1930 daughter of Manuel & Mina Burrows Andino Helen Leonard Wilder, born 1830, died 10/22/1900 wife of (1) C.B. Hayden & (2) Curtis B. Wilder Mabel M. Mason, born 11/7/1873, died 7/23/1929 wife of Hugh Freeman daughter of Norman J. & Lucy Miller Mason William Fay, died 9/12/1928 son of James & Catherine Hopkinson Fay Corinne Thomas, born 1859, died 1/4/1928 wife of Andrew Thomas daughter of Delos & Mary Tunnicliff Orendorff Edward L. Somers, born 7/9/1854, died 12/26/1929 husband of (1) Jennie Hershey, (2) Sarah Smith Florence Lloyd Quaif, born 11/7/1861, died 2/17/1926 wife of Norman Quaif daughter of Peter & Margaret Brazee Lloyd Josephine Downey, born 11/7/1860, died 7/71926 wife of Patrick Flint daughter of Joseph & Mary Jane Flint Jenette Furmin, born 11/5/1841, died 6/29/1926 wife of Walter Furmin daughter of James & Phyleatheata McCredy Bullion Ella A. Vrooman, born 12/12/1850, died 11/20/1924 wife of Jacob Vrooman daughter of Rufus & Rebecca Towne Guy Kinne, born 1/8/1840, died 6/17/1921 husband of Maria Jane St John son of William & Lucy Marshall Kinne Etta Bullion, born 2/11/1852, died 1/27/1922 wife of Charles Bullion daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Mann Robinson Angenette Black, born 9/1876, died 6/18/1921 wife of John Black daughter of William Ward & Sarah Weeks Don Barrus, died 3/1921 son of Menzo Barrus & Mary Louise Freeman Victim of auto accident Dwight Luce, born 11/14/1851, died 9/6/1919 husband of Anna E. Seeber son of S.A. & Lina Walker Luce August Kinne, born 8/25/1869, died 9/10/1919 husband of Eloise Lewis Guywits son of Guy & Maria St John Kinne Mary Eugenia Hinds, died 8/3/1919 (or 1920) daughter of Eugene & Mary Buchanan Hinds John Sponable born 1835, died 8/1/1919 Richard Morris Roberts, born 1895, died 4/24/1966 husband of Grace English Roberts Mrs George D. Berner, born 1884, died 4/24/1884 daughter of Edward & Eva Wheeler Ackerman Arthur Hyde Elwood, born 5/1/1847, died 1/21/1934 husband of Hattie A. Losee son of Augustus R. Elwood & Olive Beardsley Hyde secretary of the Richfield Springs Cemetery Association
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