Old Methodist and Baptist Burial Ground
Worcester, Otsego County, NY

Site of abandoned burial ground Loose gravestones found variously on site, in church cellar or on neighboring properties Second Baptist Church, 58-60 Main Street, hamlet of Worcester Town of Worcester, Otsego County, New York Sources: 1) Sidney R. Chase 2) Records of Local Historian W. Fern Ferguson 3) Town of Worcester Cemetery Survey, 1963
BARNUM, Anna, wife of D.H. Barnum; later, wife of Seneca Hartwell BURRETT, Harriet d. June 15, 1832 ae. 8y William d. June 15, 1832 ae. 5y (children of Hiram and Sally Burrett) HARTWELL, Samuel d. June 8, 1847 ae. 87y Anna, wife of Samuel and former wife of D.H. Barnum d. Dec. 12, 1844 ae. 86y NORTHRUP, Edmund d. Mar. 20, 1853 ae. 54y-7m-20d Maria, wife d. Jan. 19, 1861 ae. 60y-29d TIFFANY, Peter O. d. Feb. 6, 1850 ae. 28y-9m-7d Samuel B., brother d. Apr. 25, 1852 ae. 28y-7m-4d (sons of Horace and Lydia Tiffany)
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