Oneonta Plains Cemetery
Oneonta, Otsego County, NY

Misc. transcriptions of Oneonta Plains Cemetery.  This is not a complete listing, 
for more questions regarding this cemetery contactSandy Goodspeed, this historian
for this cemetery. Leona M. Ackley b. 6/28/1913 d. 8/31/2003 in Oneonta, NY Marjory S. Ackley b. 4/21/1917 d. 1/21/1999 in Oneonta, NY Carrie b. Aldrich b. 8/12/1912 d. 1/12/2001 in Delhi, NY Richard T. Alger b. 11/17/1908 d. 9/27/2005 Robert "Bob) P. All b. 2/12/1919 d. 8/16/2005 in S.C. Lillian Anderson b. 6/30/1921d. 11/8/1998 in Cooperstown, NY Mildred M. Anderson b. 8/10/1906 d. 10/3/1998 Dorothy Armstrong b. 8/16/1920 d. 7/10/2002 Gladys Cook Aspinwall b. 9/1/1904 d. Jan 12, 2001 in Tampa, Florida Georgiana Campbell Butler b. 8/14/1876 Westford, NY d. 6/25/1961 Oneonta, NY Marguerite Prouty Campbell b. 1903 in Grafton, Vermont d. 6/18/1963 Oneonta, NY Robert Campbell b. 8/30/1887 Westville, NY d. 4/9/1970 Oneonta, NY Elna Deighton b. 3/11/1925 d. 12/20/2004 in Raleigh, NC Jennie E. NORTHUP Holmes 1838 England (adopted by Emanuel & Sally Northup) 21 Apr 1873 Otsego Co, NY wife of Philander Holmes Helen E. Leach b. 1/24/1914 d. 8/29/2003 in Oneonta, NY Arthur W. Loudon b. 7/15/1882 d. 1/25/1970 in Cooperstown, NY Iva Lovina Ottaway Loudon (wife of Arthur W. Loudon) b. 11/17/1887 d. 9/5/1973 in Oneonta, NY Emanuel Northup 25 Sep 1807 W. Oneonta, NY 17 Jun 1870 Otego, NY [if interested, I have much on this family way back and farther ahead. Annette Campbell] Jennie E. NORTHUP Holmes 1838 England (adopted by Emanuel & Sally Northup) 21 Apr 1873 Otsego Co, NY wife of Philander Holmes Sally Betsey GORHAM Northup 30 Dec 1806 Danbury, CT 31 May 1873 Otego, NY (2nd wife of Emanuel, Married Dec. 1836) Daughter of William Gorham Carl Robert Ottaway Ruth F. Parish b. 11/3/1910 d. 1/29/2000 in Oneonta, NY Mary Jane Campbell Powers b. 8/18/1826 in Easton, PA d. 3/10/2000 Oneonta, NY Edward Richards b. 11/17/1921 d. /30/2003 in Cooperstown, NY Elsie B. Reynolds b. 9/7/1907 d. 1/31/2000 Grover William Saxton b. 10/28/1865 d. 1/3/1933 in Wilkes-Barre, Penn Patricia Slocum b. 5/4/1930 d. 11/27/2001 in Oneonta, NY Betty C. Smith b. 11/29/1934 d. 12/5/2006 in Norwich, NY Albert “Bert” Curtis Upright b. 4/6/1881 Shawangunk, NY d. 5/8/1961 in Walton, NY Edith Bell Baldwin Upright (wife of Albert Upright) b. 10/5/1881 Westford, NY d. 3/3/1953 in Ithaca, NY Eldor VanWoert 1855 Bef. 1900 h/o Alice Buell (daughter of Elizabeth Northup & Harry Lee Buell) Alice may also be buried in this cemetery. Elizabeth Northup, Buell, Gillet died Jul 1836 and is buried in West Oneonta Cemetery by Culver Gillet. Ellona VanWOERT George Dec 18, 1879-1909 (Daughter of Eldor & Alice Buell VanWoert) Sidney George Feb 1867-3 Oct 1921 (Husband of Ellona VanWoert) Alfred "Al" Winn b. 11/29/1932 d. 8/22/2000 in Oneonta, NY *Revolutionary War* Stoughton Alger
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