Otsdawa - Maple Grove Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Mrs. Zillah Van Cleft Bull Oneonta Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 1942
Contributed by Carol MacPherson - copy from Otego Historical Society
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located near forks of road between Otsdawa and Maple Grove - condition fair.  Near where 
East Branch of Otsdawa meets West Branch of Otsdawa. Hathaway, King d. Feb 15, 1856 73y Hathaway, Esther wif of King d. Aug 18, 1866 80y Smith, Treat d. Jun 18, 1866 86 Smith, Ethelinda wife of Treat d. Aug 19, 1845 60y Collar, Morris 1827 -1902 Collar, Helen Cook his wife 1826-1896 Gates, Ella P. Wheeler wife of Adelbert b. Aug 16, 1851 d. Nov 5, 1883 Wheeler, Isaac P. son of Isaac P & Hellen d. May 18, 1870 12y 3m Wheeler, Isaac P. d. Jun 14, 1860 39y 2m 15d Wheeler, Sinai d. Oct 20, 1860 75y Wheeler, Nathan d. Aug 19, 1861 78y Wheeler, John H. b. Mar 15, 1817 d. Oct 28, 1893 Wheeler, Wesley d. Nov 21, 1861 34y Wheeler, Lavinia wife of John H. and au of Treat Smith d. Mar 2, 1870 48y 1m 8d Wheeler, Robert son of Nathan and Hannah d. July 24, 1852 6y Ford, Julia wife of J.H. d. July 26, 1860 48y Ferman, Viancy Reynolds wife of Martin d. Jul 24, 1890 51y Judson, Oliver d. Jan 21, 1844 55y Jusdon, Rhoda wife of Oliver d. Oct 26, 1863 74y 9m 21d Young, James C. d. Apr 17, 1876 88y 11m 26d Young, Betsey wife of James d. Aug 19, 1875 79y 2m 21d Young, twin infants d. Dec 2, 1825 Young, infant d. Nov 20, 1820 Youngs, Joseph d. Dec 28, 1842 82y 6m 19d Youngs, Elizabeth wife of Joseph d. Nov 16, 1820 57y 28d ("The Mother of 16 children") Youngs, Mary 2nd wife of Joseph d. Oct 4, 1837 76y 11m 14d Smith, Mathilda wife of Ira and dau of Joseph and Elizabeth b. Apr 29, 1810 d. Jul 28 1861 "Being the 16th child." Buried on Youngs lot. Redington, Rebecca wife of James K. d. Aug 11, 1859 51y 2m Redington, Amanda wife of James K. d. Sep 21, 1845 45y 3m Redington, next stone down and badly broken probably James K. Taylor, Deborak, wife of John d. Mar 20, 1840 39y Young, John d. Feb 20 1823 39y Cummings, Elizabeth dau of J & Susannah d. May 2, 1861 52y Lent, Isaac d. Sept 1, 1830 45y Lent, Betsey wife of Isaac d. Jun 3, 1874 89y 23d Lent, Catherine wife of Lorenzo d. Oct 21, 1859 17y 11m 13d Lent, Abram d. Oct 31, 1866 21y 3m Spencer, William d. Apr 26, 1895 65y Spencer, Lewis son of William amd Mathilda d. Nov 15, 1862 5y Miller, John b. Nov 22, 1827 d. -----??? Miller, Mary wife of John b. Oct 18, 1827 d. Mar 25, 1904 Miller, Charlie A. son of J & M d. Apr 24, 1872 7y Miller, Leonard V. b. Jul 22, 1856 d. Jul 28, 1879
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BAILEY, Audrey C. Born May 13, 1937 died March 31. 2005 Daughter of Larry & Zelma
SAMPSON. Wife of Harold I. Bailey on October 17, 1956 (See obit under Obits) BEAMAN, Sarah E. 1837-1910 Wife of Wesley A. Beaman BURCHHARDT, Bernice Kay 1943-1943 BURCHHARDT, Marguerite R. (Russell) born April 25, 1918 died January 5, 2003 Wife of Otto Burchhardt. (see her obit under Obits) BURCHHARDT, Otto 1917-1998 Veteran known to be buried here. CHAMBERLAIN, George A. died April 5, 1879 83y CHAMBERLAIN, Gertrude died August 1, 1873 (or (1823) 73y3m10d Wife of George A. --by her son George-- CHAMBERLAIN, Olivia D. died Feb. 11, 1858 32y3m21d Daughter of George A. & Gertrude. CHAMBERLAIN, Hubert died October 21, 1867 in his 37th year CHAMBERLAIN, Phebe died October 11, 1865 in 31st year. Cook, P. 1833 no other date (May be more writing but can'y make it out) COOKE, Canning R. died April 16, 1855 25yrs. "Farewell bright soul" COOKE, Phineas died March 26, 1826 52 yrs. "Then sall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Eccl. 12:7 "A father kind and husband dear, from earth is made to disappear. He leaves a world with misery fraught, for one which Christ for all hath bought. Long time are death, affliction sore, with virtuous fortitude, he bore. And blessed the hour that call'd him forth, to praise the Lord of heaven and earth." DAVIS, Ambrose 1824-1905 DAVIS, Ursula 1825-1899 His wife (Believe Melinda and Eben buried nearby were their children) DAVIS, Eben N. 1862-1932 Brother of Melinda A. DAVIS, Melinda A. 1854-1933 Sister of Eben N. DECKER, Thomas 1838-1913 DECKER, Sarah SMITH b. 1847 (She lived in Harpersville, NY with Henry & Dot HOPKINS at time of her death---may be buried there) EMERSON, Lewis D. died May 7, 1879 73y4m9d EMERSON, Louisa died September 12, 1849 45y11m24d (Believed to be wife of Lewis D.) EVANS, Roderick E. 1885-1957 HATHAWAY, AMERILLUS died March 4, 1853 60y7m HATHAWAY, Lorenzo died 1853 29y11m25d HATHAWAY, Betsey Ann died January 5, 1838 in her 18th year Daughter of Cephas & Amerillus Hathaway "Thus let my memory be with you friend, Thus ever think of me. Kindly and gently but as of one, from whom is well to be fled and gone". HATHAWAY, Cephas died September 9, 1856 78y9m Wife, Amerillus (Four lines of poetry unreadable) HATHAWAY, Edmond died January 1, 1936 Age 83 HATHAWAY, Parizade V. SMITH died October 13, 1889 Age 50 HATHAWAY, Edy M. died September 16, 1839 20th yr Daughter of Heman & Olive Hathaway. HATHAWAY, Olive died May 8, 1949 53y12d HATHAWAY, Mrs. Jerusha died December 10, 1835 27 yrs HATHAWAY, Infant Buried with Jerusha in same coffin "O kneel upon this hallowed sod, A smile a tear to give.A smile to think she is blest, a tear for those that live". HATHAWAY, Theresa died August 22, 1847 14 yrs Daughter of Lysander & Jerusha Hathaway HENTHORN, Robert L. born July 12, 1921 died August 16, 1982 WW11 US Vet HOLBROOK, Evaline DECKER born February 10 1878 died April 30 1935 Wife of Virgil married May 11, 1895. HOLBROOK, Lida SISSON 1902-1986 HOLBROOK, John Glen 1885-1953 Her husband HOLBROOK, Lucious Brown 1883-1955 HOLBROOK, Nina SISSON 1896-November 7, 1983 Wife of Lucious HOLBROOK, Robert Lucious July 25, 1912-November 8, 2001 His first wife: Alta SPRINGETT; His second wife, Naomi Wanda SIMMONS; His 3rd wife Anne Marie LIVINGSTON July 9, 1944-August 28, 2001. Burials in Otsdawa Cemetery HOLBROOK, Thomas Dennis 1874-1907 HOLBROOK, Mason Leroy August 2, 1923-May 10, 1976 US Army WW11 HOLBROOK, Virgil Leroy born June 9, 1869 died July 24, 1943 HOLBROOK, Eva DECKER born May 11, 1895 (See Obit ) HOPKINS, Baby 1913-1913 (Note says this is Thomas DECKER's grand child.) HOPKINS, Beatrice HOLBROOK April 17, 1905-February 9, 1952 HOPKINS, Foster Virgil, Jr. 1956-1958 3 yrs (died in fire with brother Thomas.) HOPKINS, Thomas Everett 1957-1958 17m (Died in fire with brother Foster HUGHSTON, Viola died January 1, 1870 26y1m3d Wife of Adelbert Hughston HULBERT, Harriet L. 1837 11y10m daughter of Augustus & Betsey HYATT, Harrison E. died February 6, 1858 5m21d HYATT, George E. died February 27, 1850 Both children of George & Catherine Hyatt JANSON, Elias 1893-1963 LUTHER, Harriett R. HOLBROOK 1815-1899 Second wife LUTHER, Samuel B. died May 1, 1888 85y3m13d LUTHER, Sarah died March 21, 1867 65y10m17d Wife of Samuel B. PEDERSON, Rasmus Elmose, Father 1870-1953 (Grandfather of Peter Ottzen, Jr. PHILLIPS, Maria Louisa died November 8, 1831 3m26d POST, Amanda W. died June 11, 1844 55yrs Wife of Stephen Post RICHARDSON, George L. born December 28, 1871 died February 5, 1938 RICHARDSON, Viola A. HOLBROOK born September 8, 1878 died June 30, 1934 Wife of George L RICHARDSON, Thomas Jefferson 1835-1902 RUSSELL, Bernice Mary 1921-1922 RUSSELL, Frederick E. 1878-1951 RUSSELL, Susan A. HOLBROOK, 1888-1957 Wife of Frederick Russell SAMPSON, Betty Louise born July 14, 1938 died May 29, 1991 Age 52 Her first husband ____ McAdams; Her second husband Maynard Sampson SAMPSON, Maynard 1927-October 3, 1995 age 67 SAMPSON, Jean P. 1928-1975 1st wife of Maynard Sampson SAMPSON, Rupert born January 1, 1908 died June 16, 1993 SAMPSON, Christine born June 20, 1916 (still living) SIMONDS, Baby Girl 1971-1971 Twin to Etta Mae SIMONDS, Etta Mae 1971-1971 Twin to Baby Girl SIMONDS, Irene C. July 17, 1941-February 20, 2003 age 61y wife of Lynwood Simonds (still living) Parents of the twins girls. SIMONDS, Howard born May 26, 1884 died December 22, 1958 Died in a fire SMITH, Amanda MUDGE 1823-1893 SMITH, John 1816-1898 SMITH, Samuel died November 4, 1848 33yrs STILWELL, Gail Patricia born August 31, 1944 died August 31, 1944 vonBROCK, Caleb 1876-1966 vonBROCK, Katheran M. 1877-1968 vonBROCK, William H. 1900-1945 husband of Sylvia E. COOKE vonBROCK, Sylvia E. COOKE 1906-1951 wife of William VanBROCK, June D. 1934-April 2, 1987 age 52y WELLMAN, Harold 1915-1962 WELLMAN, Maud 1880- ???? Mother of Harold - **SEE NOTE BELOW** YOUNG, John J. 1927-1974 Footnote: Potter Funeral Home, a marker with names; Baby of Charles & Euphamie HOLBROOK BABY of Oliver and Maude DAVIS No dates of birth or death given. Maud Wellman was the wife of DeForest Wellman who is buried in the
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