Pierstown Cemetery
Otsego, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Zillah VanCleft Bull for DAR 1938
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Elisha P. Gardner   d. 9 Apr 1880   Age 26y
Florence M. Gardner   d. 10 Sep 1879   Age 3m10d d/o Elisha P & Sarah A.
Elisha P. Gardner  7 Aug 1816-17 Sep 1875
Mary Jane Gardner  d. Oct 1864   Age 4y10m18d d/o Henry C. & Ellen S A
James McTarvish  d. 5 May 1866   Age 70y  "A Native of Scotland"
Jannet McTarvish  d. 5 May 1850   Age 82y   w/o James
Janette McEwen  d. 3 Nov 1887   Age 81y   w/o Thomas
Thomas McEwen  d. 12 May 1874   Age 80y
Marion Misson  d. 22 Dec 1850  AGe 5y2m10d  d/o William & Mary
Betsey Neil  d. 1 Jun 1864   Age 62y   w/o Elisha  (stone down in 1938)
    Former wife of Abel ADAMS
Elizabeth Newton   d. 28 Apr 1853   Age 60y   w/o Amasa (stone down)
Abel Newton   d. 15 Jul 1838   Age 73y
Alsa Newton   d. 10 Aug 1856   Age 54y
Alsa Newton   d. 22 Aug 1850   Age 81y   w/o Abel
James Whipple   d. 16 Oct 1862   Age 77y1m
(Stone face down)   Probably wife of James Whipple
Amanda McRorie   d. 2 Aug 1860   Age 25y   w/o David (stone down)
John McRorie   d. 28 Mar 1850   Age 84y8m
Elizabeth McRorie   d. 6 Nov 1848   Age 69y3m   w/o 
Jennet Patten  d. 10 Mar 1831   Age illegible w/o George "from Perthshire
    Scotland"  Stone down and badly broken
George Patten   d. 18 Feb 1831  Age 81y   "from Perthshire Scotland"
John Patten, 2nd.   d. 10 Oct 1840   Age 43y
Margaret Patten   d. 24 Apr 1880   Age 75y   wife and widow of John
    (nee DOLPHIN)   stone down
David Patten   d. 16 Jul 1839   Age 13y   s/o John & Margaret
Samuel Sherman   d. 25 May 1825   Age 17y
Mary Metcalf d. 17 Jun 1854   Age 73y   2nd  w/o Charles  (nee MILLS)
Mary Metcalf   30 Oct 1773 at Lebanan, NY---Jan 1814 at Otsego, NY
    w/o Charles    (nee FITCH)
Laura Metcalf    5 Dec 1796-Nov 1813 in Otsego  d/o Chas. & Mary
Anna Metcalf   13 Oct 1800-Mar 1814   d/o Chas. & Mary
Zebulon Metcalf   18 Dec 1803-22 Sep 1815 at Dewitt, Iowa  s/o Chas. & M.
Charles H. Metcalf   (stone down and badly broken)
Mary Ann Metcalf   21 Feb 1817-19 Sep 1851 at Vernon NY.  d/o Charles
   and second wife Mary Fitch.  "the above copy of memorandum was made 
   by N.P. Metcalf, youngest child of Charles & Mary at Westmoreland, NY 
   6 Sep 1833"  Stone down and badly broken.
Lydia Metcalf   d. 8 Oct 1815   Age 20y   d/o Tracy & Sally
Sarah Ann Metcalf   d. 5 Jan 1814   Age 11y  d/o Tracy & Sally
Tracy Metcalf   d. 9 Nov 1813   Age 47y
Sally Metcalf   d. 22 Mar 1843   Age 70y   w/o Tracy
Welthy D. Metcalf   d. 4 Jun 1843   Age 49y
Caroline Metcalf   d. 13 Feb 1846   Age 21y9m9d   d/o Andrew & Welthy
    (stone broken)
Marieta Williams   d. 15 Jul 1826   Age 22y   w/o Andrew
Uriah Luce, Esq.   d. 9 Dec 1841   Age 80y
Dille Luce   d. 22 Jun 1838   Age 70y   w/o Uriah, Esq.
Elmeda Sitts   d. 1 Jul 1860   Age 1y3m4d   d/o J. & Armanda
Elizabeth Sitts   d. 3 Jul 1868   Age 61y8m16d   (stone down)
Emily Pickens   d. 9 Oct 1851   Age 28y6d   d/o John & Peggy
John Pickens   d. 12 Mar 1854   Age 76y
Margaret Pickens   d. 29 Aug 1859   Age 77y   w/o John
Abigail Olmstead   d. 20 Nov 1867   Age 74y1m6d   w/o Huram
Huram Olmstead   d. 12 Apr 1882   Age 88y6m
Jacob Gates   d. 4 Sep 1847   Age 59y
Sabrina Wood   1793 in Richmond, MA---Nov 1859   Age 66y   d/o Gideon & 
Eunice Hyde   d. 11 Sep 1844   Age 45y
Susan Ackler   d. 20 Nov 1863   Age 40y21d   w/o James
Naomi Neals   d. 18 May 1854   Age 63y   w/o Elisha  
(stone broken & down)
Ada L. Welden   d. 21 Jun 1861   Age 3y   d/o Charles M. & Pernina
Mariet T. Merrick   d. 28 Aug 1839   Age 29y   w/o Stephen  
(down & broken)

Patton Information added August 2006
Gardner Patton -- b 1939
 son of Miner Patton b 1910
 son of Leonard Patton 1873
 son of John A. Patton 1851
 son of Merrick Royal Patton b 1822
 son of John Patton b 1779
 son of George Patton b. 1750

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