Pine Grove Cemetery
Milford, Otsego County, NY

Portlandville had become quite prosperous, a good business & 
supported three Churches but no Cemetery; consequently a
Company was organized & the present Pine Grove Cemetery was
established in 1861. (From : “ Early History of Milford &
Other Parts of Otsego County “ by Ezra Stevens) Pine Grove Cemetery, Portlandville, Town of Milford, Otsego
County, NY. This cemetery has no sign and is located on the
top of a hill off State Hwy. # 28 (near old schoolhouse).
Several hundred stones are scattered all over the hill on
uneven ground. Despite a few recent burials, much of it is
very overgrown, some stones face down, many are broken.
This is NOT a complete listing
These stones recorded October 2008 by Barb Anderson Sabatke: Van Etten, Eli d. May 2, 1900 age 82 yrs (Elias, son of Peter Van Etten) Louisa, wife of Eli Van Etten d. Aug 30 1879 age 59 yrs 19 days (she was a dau of Elisha Spafford) Together in an area defined with a stone border: Spafford, Ezra W. March 11, 1817 –May 9, 1897 (he was a son of Elisha Spafford) Winsor, Adeline his wife Aug. 23, 1822 – June 1899 (she was a dau of Harris Winsor) Winsor, Ceylon May 5, 1836 – July 8, 1894 (Adeline’s brother) Footstones only : WW and JW (Walton Winsor & James Winsor, Adeline’s unmarried brothers) Weaver, Hannah d.1866 (b. Rhode Island, she boarded with Ezra for many years) Winsor, Daniel 1843 - 1909 Wife Katherine Sexton 1848 – 1916 Below Transcription by Nancy McNichol: Jay Peter Dingman, son of Benjamin G. Dingman & Sarah Schufelt b. Nov 18, 1873, d. July 23, 1946 in Milford Benjamin G. Dingman, son of Jacob Dingman & Eunice Squires b. July 12, 1832, d. Oct 25, 1917 Sarah (Schufeldt) Dingman, wife of Benjamin Dingman b. Sept 12, 1850, d. March 4, 1918 Mrs Ezra W. Spafford died June 1899 Mrs Theresa Rice, daughter of T.M. Crandall died July 1895 in Chicago, Illinois Frank Siver, son of John Siver died May 15, 1895 in Milford Center leaves wife and 6 children George Siver, son of John Siver b. Jan 1862, d. 3/1920 husband of Minnie Owens John J. Townsend, son of Solomon & Charlotte Lester Townsend b. Aug 8, 1841, d. Feb 18, 1922 husband of Ursula Barlow Charlotte Adele Smith, daughter of Charles & Sarah Townsend Card b. Dec 24, 1851 in Wisconsin, d. Feb 2, 1940 wife of Henry Smith from Wisconsin oldest of 16 grandchildren of Solomon Townsend & Charlotte Lester this is the resting place of 3 generations of her family Mary Lent Townsend, daughter of Rev. Rudolph & Maria Lent b. Aug 29, 1838, d. Feb 3, 1934 wife of Robert M. Townsend Ford McLaury, son of Washington & Minnie Parker McLaury b. Nov 30, 1889, d. Oct 21, 1949 husband of Mildred Ingalls Mildred McLaury, daughter of Laverne & Jennie Clark Ingalls b. April 25, 1892 in Cooperstown, d. Sept 18, 1958 widow of Ford McLaury Lavern I. Ingalls, son of William & Cordelia Murdock Ingalls b. Dec 17, 1864 in Hartwick, d. Nov 19, 1937 husband of Jennie Clark Orville J. Adams died June 1915 in Milford aged 77 years Maude M. Connor, daughter of Francis & Maria Gurney Thorn b. Dec 24, 1871, died April 1962 in Herkimer wife of Blake Connor who died Nov 11, 1933 Theron F. Manning, son of Joseph & Helen Babcock Manning b. May 15, 1852 in Milford, d. Nov 1921 husband of Jennie Gurney W.N. Chase b. March 3, 1863, d. July 1918 husband of Florence Evans William Packer, son of Glenn L. & Violet H. Packer b. Feb 1, 1922 in Cooperstown, d. Nov 28, 1968 husband of Elizabeth Reynolds Christman died of accidental self-inflicted gunshot Albert E. Packer, son of James W. & Charlotte Hinman Packer b. Jan 17, 1867 in Milford, d. Dec 1, 1929 Jane Hinman Packer b. 1837, died Jan 1921 in Portlandville widow of David Packer Osborne Packer died 1936 in Ft Plain, NY Mrs Bart Packer, daughter of Lester Townsend died Jan 1892 Harry Wright b. Oct 29, 1885 in Portlandville, d. 1933 intentionally run over by a car (he was a pedestrian) William H. Rivenburgh b. 1845, d. March 1922 Civil War, Co H, 144th NY Vol, husband of Julia Pitcher Mary Peck, daughter of George & Anna Hopkins Allen b. June 9, 1871 in Davenport, d. April 26, 1967 wife of Fred Peck who died July 22, 1954 Frederick C. Burdick, son of Luther & Lydia Jane Davidson Burdick b. May 24, 1869, d. June 19, 1948 husband of (1) Myra Ward, (2) Carrie Richards Nelson Curry died Jan 28, 1891 in Portlandville Miss Minnesota W. Bishop died Feb 13, 1941 in Oneonta sister of Townsend Bishop Julia Nichols Wright b. March 2, 1854 in Laurens, d. Oct 23, 1919 in Portlandville wife of (1) Monroe Hinman, (2) Walter Wright Jennie May Wright, daughter of Daniel & Catherine Winsor b. Aug 14, 1868, d. June 25, 1940 wife of Charles Wright who died Dec 9, 1916 Ceylon Winsor brother of Mrs. Dr. Shafford b. 1825, d. July 1893 widow of Capt N. Mumford b. 1804, d. Jan 1898 Infant of Mr & Mrs Charles Rexford died March 1893 Orlando Westcott died March 1892 survived his wife by only a few days, buried beside his wife Mrs James Gage died July 1891 died of brain fever Thomas Peet b. 1854 in Laurens, d. June 1911 Southworth: Peter M. 1835-1909 Catherine Packer, His wife 1838-1914 Ithamar 1809-1882 Spohia ( )aryle His wife 1807-1881 Violette H. Packer Dec 27, 1891-June 18,1987 Glenn L. Packer April 25, 1889-July 10, 1962 Packer David B. Packer 1835-1888 Frances his wife 1840-1875 Jane B. his wife 1836-192? Cronkite Nelson Cronkite 1839-1927 Helen Packer his wife 1842-1919 Packer Clarrissa Y. Wife of David Packer Died March 14, 1864 (b.1805) Packer David Packer Died Feb. 19, 1874 (b.1804) Packer Rebecca M. Packer Wife of Wm .W. Reynolds Daughter of David & Clarissa Packer Died Mar ( ) 1862 b. abt 1828 Packer ?Armon B. Packer b. July 1839 Caroline Gillett His wife b. Nov 12, 1833 Died June 21, 1900 Packer William Packer b. Dec 15, 1805 d. Dec 15, 1894 Catharine Wife of William Packer Born July 6, 181? Died Dec. 15, 1898 Packer David B. Packer Born July 11, 1775 Died July 20, 18?? Rebekkah Wife of David B. Packer Born June 4(?) 1777(?) Died Sept. 2, 1867(?) William Packer, Jr. Born Feb. ?8, 18?? Died Jan 14, ???? Charles W. Packer 1844-1924

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