Plainfield Hill Cemetery
Plainfield, Otsego County, NY
Copied 1927 By Mrs. T D Watkins, Utica, NY & Mrs Maude Moore Williams General Winfield Scott Chapter, NSDAR, West Winfield, NY

Located on Crumb Hill Rd.
Many Graves Removed

Armstrong, Little Ava d. Dec 12, 1866 2m 8d
Armstrong, Infant son d. Mar 6, 1863
	Children of David and Elizabeth Armstrong
Bardin, Seth d. Jan 28, 1848 ae 72 yrs
Bardin, Mary, wife of Seth Bardin d. Oct 16, 1842 60y5m7d
Bardin, Farnam W son of Seth and Mary Bardin d. Feb 17, 1827 27y6m
Bardin, Mathilda dau of Seth and Mary Bardin d. Nov 24, 1822 19yrs
Clark, Celia wife of Isaiah M Clarke d. Aug 6, 1851 ae 57y4m4d
Cole, Amanda wife of William Cole and dau of Jabish and Graty Dewey ae 23 (no date)
Cole, Clarinda wife of Abel H. Cole and dau of Jona & Elizabeth McFarland 
	d.Nov 11, 1845 ae 36yrs
Cole, Sarah, dau of Wm and sally d. Mar 6 183?
Cook, Richard d. Aug 13, 1833 in his 82nd year
Cook, Susannah wife of Richard d. May 23, 1836 ae 73 yrs
Cowdrey, Loren d. Apr 2, 1830 ae 34 yrs
Cowdrey, N d. Aug 10 (14?) 1820
Cowdrey, Sally dau of Loren and Sally d. Mar 24, 1826 ae 4 yrs
Dewey, David d. May 17, 1839 ae 94 yrs
Dewey, Edwin son of S E & B d. 1844 ae 8 yrs
Dewey, Jabez d. 1853 ae 70 yrs
Dewey, Lydia his wife d. Apr 6, 1844 62 yrs
Jones, Ellen dau of Evan T and Catherine d. Jan 22, 1863 ae 1y5m22d
Jones, Evan d. Jan 8, 1878 ae 80 yrs A native of Ceunant, Llangyniw
	Montgomeryshire, North 	Wales
Jones, Humphrey d. Dec 19, 1866 ae 38 yrs
Jones, Mary d. Oct 29, 1865 ae 30 yrs  (On same omnument as preceding)
Lake, Henry Jr. d. July 26, 1825 34y1m10d
Lake, Cyllinda wife of Henry Lakr Jr. and dau of Vose Palmer Esq d. Sep 5, 1821 28y
Lam, David d. Aug 4, 1882 76y5m
McFarland, Ann Eliza wife of Levi P McFarland and dau of Daniel and Eliza Joslyn 
	d. Aug 19, 1858 35y5m
McFarland, Betsey d. Jul 30, 1857 65yrs
McFarland, Elizabeth wife of Jonathan McFarland and dau of Vose & Selinda Palmer
	d. May 26, 1852 54y9m
C.M.M. d. 1835 ae 23 (Rough Field Stone)
Nelson, Moses d. Aug 11, 1845 80 yrs
Nelson, Dorothy widow of ---- d. Dec 1847 81y8m5d
Owens, William O d. 1878 68yrs
Palmer, Vose Esq d. Jul 27, 1826 62y11m7d
Palmer, Mrs. Cyllinda (spelling different than it appears above) wife of Vose Palmer Esq
	d. Nov 27, 1827 65y6m15d
Palmer, Charles Henry  son of Vose and Sally d. Feb 10, 1849 23y9m16d
Palmer (Top Broken off)  -----and Sally d. Mar 6, 1825 ae 4 mos
Palmer, Nathaniel C. son of Vose ----(probably top of foregoing)
Palmer, (Top gone) -----son of Vose and Sally d. Feb 26, 1822 ae 11m6d
Richards, Catherine dau of William and Margaret d. Apr 1, 1861 8m12d
Saxton, Julia d. Jan 8 1849 49yrs
Sprague, Jehiel d. Jul 26, 1882 77yrs
Sprague, Richard d. Sept 1829 62 yrs
Sprague, Elizabeth wife of Richard Sprague d. Dec 1842 74 yrs
Stephens, John d. Sept 1, 1822  ae 31 years
Stephens, Sally, his wife d. Jun 26, 1835 ae 42 yrs
Sweet, Cyrus d. Sept 25, 1865 ae 83y4m19d
Sweet, Betsey wife of Cyrus Sweet d. Jun 1, 1829 ae 36 yrs
Sweet, Marvin son of Cyrus and Betsey d. Nov 9, 1838 ae 22 yrs
Williams, David d. June 13, 1871 ae 27 yrs Nephew of Mrs. R C Richards
Williams, Jacob d. Jun 26, 1885 age 78
Williams, Jane wife of Jacob Williams d. Sept 8, 1876 ae 74 yrs
Williams, Ellen his wife d. 1881 ae 35 yrs
Williams, Mary their dau d. 1882 age 13 mos.

Elizabeth McFarland
Died Dec 6 1869 At 33 yrs 5 m's & 11 d's
To friends she loved before
No praying Lord could give
And yet how sweet to know She only died to live
Photos Courtesy of Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn
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