Platt Hollow Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY
Read by Mr. & Mrs Glenn Aspinwall & Lealah Smith for DAR Oneonta on 28 Jul 1953
Donated by Charles Aspinwall
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell
Additions and Corrections provided in June 2000 by Dorothy Parmerter, Historian for Town of Maryland

Jerusha Platt   d. 1 Mar 1842   Age 75y   w/o Daniel
Daniel Platt    d. 7 Mar 1846   Age 76y
Lydia Platt   d. 20 Dec 1877   age 84y4m16d   d/o Daniel & Jerusha      
wife of Gloud (T.) Burnside  
John W. Platt   d. 1 Oct 1827   Age 9m24d   s/o Daniel & Sally
Marcia Peebles   d. 25 May 1853   Age 19y11m6d   w/o Robert W.
Daughter of Daniel & Sally PLATT
Ianthe Rose   d. 3 Apr 1844   Age 48y10m24d   w/o Jesse
Stephen Rose   d. 27 Aug 1826   Age 1y4m15d   s/o Jesse & Ianthe
Ianthe Rose   d. 25 Mar 1834   Age 26 days   d/o Jesse & Ianthe
Lydia Smith   d. 11 May 1829   Age 21y1m8d   w/o Ashbell
Chloe Dibble   d. 3 Mar 1855   Age 80y1m5d   w/o Thomas
Thomas Dibble   d. 23 May 1867   Age 88y3m22d
Daniel Stevens   d. 12 Nov 1849   Age 22y2m10d   s/o Ethan & Polly
Mary A. Baird   d. 17 Sep 1873   Age 9y
Platt, Maria--d. Jan. 15, 1815--age 17 years
Stevens, Ethan--d. Mar. 20, 1853--age 67 years
Stevens, Edwin--d. Dec. 6. 1836--age 21 years  s/o Ethan & Polly
Brown, Amos--b. 1795-d. 6 Mar. 1847--age 52 yr
Brown, Andrew, d. 22 May 1853--s/o Amos & Eliza
Erwin, Walda E.* no dates
Brown, Cyrus Rev.--1764-1844
Brown, Cyrus--1801-1843
Platt, Hiram--1787-1850
Rose, Jonathan--1796-1844
Stevens, John--1825-1826
Pebble, Robert W.--1834-1853

updated 6/2005 by Dot Parmerter, Town Historian

Baird, Mary A. d. 9/17/1873--age 9

Brown, Amos 1795- 3/6/1847--age 52
son Andrew d. 5/22/1853--age 21 s/o Amos & Eliza

Brown, Cyrus, Rev. 1764-1844
Cyrus, Jr. 1801-1843

Burnside, Lydia (Platt) d. 12/20/1877--age 84 w/o Gloud

Dibble, Thomas d. 5/23/1867--age 88
w Chloe d. 3/3/1855--age 80

Erwin, Walda E. no dates 

Peebles, Robert W. 1834-1853
w Marcia (Platt) d. 5/25/1853--age 19

Platt, Daniel d. 3/7/1846--age 76
w Jerusha d. 3/1/1842--age 75
daugMaria d. 1/15/1815--age 17

Platt, Hiram 1787-1850

Platt, John W. d. 10/1/1827--age 9 mo s/o Daniel & Sally

Rose, Ianthe d. 4/3/1844--age 45 or 48 w/o Jesse
son Stephen d. 8/27/1826--age 1yr
daugIanthe d. 3/25/1834--age 26 days

Rose, Jonathan 1796-1844

Smith, Lydia d. 5/11/1829--age 21yr w/o Ashbell

Stevens, Ethan 1786- 3/20/1853--age 67yr (sons of Ethan & Polly)
son John 1825-1826 
son Daniel d. 11/12/1849--age 22yr 
son Edwin d. 12/6/1830--age 21yr 

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