Pool Brook Cemetery
Mary Brown Road
Laurens, NY
Submitted by Gary Hughes
Inventory taken 1978 and May 2004

Babcock, Polly w. of James Rathbun d. 4-22-1844  ae. 71y.
E.E.C. (handmade stone not readable 2004)
Fuller, Elizabeth w. John Fuller  d. 4-25-1836  ae. 66y.
Fuller, Esther, consort of James Rathbun Jr.  d. 9-20-1818  ae.27y. 5m. 10d.
Fuller, Jonathan d. 2-1-1884  ae.85y. 7m. 18d.
Fuller, Jonathan d. 4-5-1842  ae. 97y.
Fuller, Mercy consort of Capt. Jas, Rathbun Jr. d. 10-13-1847 ae. 61y. 3m.11d.
Fuller, Rhoda w. of Jonathan Fuller d. 7-30-1826  ae. 77y.
Fuller, Rhoda dau. of Jonathan & Rhoda Fuller d. 4-9-1842  ae 49y.
Fuller, Susan dau. of Jonathan & Rhoda Fuller d. 4-8-1842  ae. 59
Hodgkins, Jonas d. 8-29-1844  ae. 84 y.
Hodskins, Ann w. of  Jonas  d. 3-1-1869
Infant, dau. Edson & Harriet Priest  d. 10-21-1848
Pine, Erastus T.  d.9-2-1845
Priest, Calvin  d. 10-16-1872  ae. 67y. 4m.16d.
Priest, Charles M.  s. of Edson & Harriet Priest   d. 3-17-1838 ae.1y. 8m. 23d.
Priest, Edson d. 9-7-1862  ae. 42 y. 7m. 28 d.
Priest, Huldah w. of  Oliver Priest d. 1-5-1859 ae 82 y.
Priest, Mary Ida dau. Edson & Harriet Priest d. 10-16-1854 ae. 2y. 10m. 14d.
Priest, Oliver d. 10-3-1841  ae 75y.
Priest, Oliver d. 10-3-1841  ae 75y.(duplicate stones)
Rathbun, Capt. James Jr.  d. 3-31-1865  ae. 78y. 10 m. 11d.
Rathbun, Cyrus d. 6-10-1867 ae. 53 y.
Rathbun, James  d. 12-17-1843  ae. 89y. 7m. 11d.
Rathbun, Mary E. dau. of Stephen & Phebe Rathbun d. 5-13-1850  ae.3y. 6m.
Rathbun, Sarah dau. of G & S Rathbun d. 7-17-1876  ae 37y.
Rathbun, Susan G. w. of Cyrus F. Rathbun d. 9-1-1870 ae 61 y.
Washbon, Julia dau. of Wm & Julina Washbon ae. 13  (no visible stone 2004)
Washbon, Susan F. dau. of  Wm. G & Julina E. Washbon d. 11-13-1851 ae. 3y. 2m. 13d.

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