Pope Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Submitted by Carol MacPherson Copy from the Otego Historical Society
Originally recorded in Huntington in DAR Cem. Records
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located on East Branch of the Otsdawa 3.1 miles from junction of East and West Branch 
Roads (Reeves Corner). It is in the field across from Harold Yagers home. Surrounded by stone wall, not too bad condition. Mostly level with even rows, only a few
down. Some berry bushes, lots of golden rod and some myrtle ground covering. Really not
too bad to go through. Apparently there are 2 family cemeteries near Harold Yager's home
as the Terry Cemetery seems to be very near to this location. ARMSTRONG, John died 20 March 1853 96yrs. Can't read anything but name--information from Gage's records in Huntington. BRIGGS, Fanny died July 10, 1814 31y10m5d BROADWELL, Tina died May 12, 1882 23y wife opf Almon Broadwell BROWN, Evauh died November 13, 1874 79 yrs Wife of John BROWN, John died December 1, 1883 2y2m9d stone leaning against wall. two lines of poetry, can't read. BROWV, Mary A. died July 20, 1863 5y 11m BROWN, Willie D. died May 28, 1872 7y13d Children of William & Mary Bible on top of stone "Oh how we miss them" She has gone, she left us sleeping, yet we hope to meet again, dearest little Angel Mary, In a world that's free from pain BUNDY, George W. died April 11, 1854 26y4m BUNDY, Herbert P. died September 25, 1895 36y BUNDY, Estella M. MARTIN, his wife (co dates shown for her) BUNDY, Hiram L. died March 27, 1852 41y CHITTENDEN, Gilbert H. died October 24 1874 28y9m22d CHITTENDEN, Rhoda M. died March 21, 1864 15y9m25d daughter of James L. & S. M. CRITTENDEN, Mary Hodge died June 13, 1930 79y5m5d CHITTENDEN, James L. born December 14, 1823 died September 11, 1881 CHITTENDEN, Serephina STAFFORD born April 15, 1827 His wife. died No date shown COLLAR, Sally Jane died February 7, 1866 34 yrs Wife of Morris Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Morris is buried in Wheeler Cemetery records show. COUSE, Alice A. died January 12, 1862 10y5m8d daughter of Christian & Belinda Couse COUSE, Belinda died May 12, 1855 60y6m Wife of Christian COUSE, Christian died August 15, 1858 73y6m17d h/o Belinda COUSE, Mary E. died February 3, 1862 2y2m18d d/o Christian and Belinda DECKER, Julia A. BROWN 1831-1919 wife of Frank Decker GRAVES, Betsey died April 13, 1878 87y5m HAIT, Charlotte A. died June 1, 1872 40y HATHEWAY, Charles S. born October 22, 1864 died February 5, 1883 HATHEWAY, Henry J. died age 2 y 1m 20d Son of Cyrus & Sarah--Edith Gage's records HATHEWAY, Cyrus born November 29, 1822 died April 29, 1899 HATHEWAY, Sarah M. POPE, his wife born February 28, 1826 died March 12, 1906 HUBBARD, Elvira E. died January 25, 1845 31 yrs Daughter of Elisha & Prudence BUNDY On ly the name shows, rest underground Dates & parents names from Edith Gage's records in Huntington Library in Oneonta. HYATT, Charles S died April 16, 1872 69y8m HYATT, Roxy A. HURLBURT, his wife died May 8, 1896 88yrs HYATT, Zillah died April 4, 1842 9th year d/o Charles S. & Roxy A. HYATT, Isaac G. died March 28, 1881 68y HYATT, Jesse died January 20, 1851 55/66y 7m16d Four lines of Poetry but can't read them. HYATT, Polly wife of Jesse died November 17, 1857 74y HYATT, John died May 8, 1886 72y1m9d Gone Home to Rest HYATT, Rhoda MUDGE, his wife died January 27, 1906 85y11m27d HYATT, Joseph died December 29, 1883 57y HYATT, Mary E. His wife died August 8, 1870 52y HYATT, Judith died February, (, 1841 81st year of her age HYATT, Mandama died June 17, 1844 17mos. d/o Isaac G, & Sarah Ann HYATT, Sarah A. wife of Isaac G. died November 27, 1876 HYATT, Samuel died October 14, 1831 72y JENNINGS, Bernard P. 1865-1929 (word "little" under name) JENNINGS, Estella M. 1860-1934 (word "little" under name) KNOT, Ransom J. died December 24, 1833 21 years two lines of poetry, but unreadable LIVINGSTON, William died November 11, 1919 77y LIVINGSTON, Sally M. HYATT, his wife died October 30, 1895 47y LIVINGSTON, Willie died May 2, 1871 1m11d LIVINGSTON, Luella died March 20, 1873 9m MARTIN, Infant Son died 1865 s/o William & Caroline MARTIN, Catharine died March 12, 1869 78y2m16d d/o Frederick & Cornelia MARTIN, Cornelia wife of Frederick died April 4, 1855 86y Four lines of poetry--unreadable MARTIN, Frederick died April 15, 1836 74y MARTIN, E. (shoould be Jacob E, but only says E.) died September 3, 1897 70y5m10d MARTIN, Mary L. WHITNEY his wife died February 7, 1892 59y MARTIN, Flora died February 2, 1892 19y MARTIN, Maria POPE wife of Jacob E. died August 26, 1858 29y MARTIN, Estella died Aug 6, 1858 4y d/o Jacob E. & Maria Four lines of poetry on stone MARTIN, Henry J. died September 16, 1849 1y8m21d s/o George L. & Harriet L. MARTIN, Isaiah died November 20, 1835 Friends nor physicians could not save My mortal body from the grave Nor can the grave confine thee here When Christ my all bids me appear MARTIN, William died September 22, 1899 65y7m MARTIN, Caroline POPE No dates showing MARTINDALE, Allen died September 29, 1867 50y4m11d MARTINDALE, Iantha COUSE died March 18, 1897 74y9m16d wife of Allen MARTINDALE, Christian born July 23, 1847 died February 27, 1870 MARTINDALE, Mary G. died July 25, 1842 11d MARTINDALE, Laura A. died November 20, 1854 4m15d MARTINDALE, Allie died October 28, 1877 9y1m20d d/o Willard & Hannah MARTINDALE, Floyd T. died April 1, 1883 1y6m22d s/o Willard & Hannah MARTINDALE, Willard D. 1844-1909 MARTINDALE, Hannah DOLIVER, his wife 1848=1909 MILKS, Emily died July 18, 1853 23y1m1d d/o Job & Sally MILKS, Maria died April 1, 1853 32y MUDGE, Mahala died March 10, 1874 82y4m d/o Samuel & Mercy MUDGE, Mercy died May 6, 1845 73y wife of Samuel MUDGE, Olive died April 28, 1883 82y3m MUDGE, Rufus died July 28, 1876 79y1m MUDGE, Sally died November 4, 1873 72y8m wife of Rufus NEFF, Mrs. Mary died April 2, 1829 in her 43rd year wife of Silas POPE, Caroline died December 14, 1868 wife of Daniel "Jesus loves the pure and holy" POPE, Daniel died January 18, 1871 76y5m21d "There is rest in Heaven " POPE, Maria died August 26, 1858 29y POPE, Henry J. died January 17, 1845 12y "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord" SCOTT, Flora A. died February 27, 1884 19y27d wife of Cassius Scott For lines of poetry, unreadable SMITH, Jane died March 22, 1849 5y5m d/o John J. & Amanda M. SMITH, Lottie died July 9, 1876 4m25d d/o Charles R. & A. Adelia Smith STAFFORD, Maria died October 11, 1859 73y wife of Joseph St. JOHN, Catharine died April 9, 1849 24y9m wife of David M. St. John St. JOHN, Susan Ann died March 7, 1848 2y2m10d d/o David M. & Catharine St. JOHN, James L. died March 11, 1848 7y5d s/o David M. & Catharine St. JOHN, Phineas died May 16, 1861 Husband of Sally St. JOHN, Sally died December 28, 1863 wife of Phineas TERPENING, Eliza HYATT died January 6, 1893 68y1m25d wife of Jacob "Our Mother" TERPENING, Jacob died October 11, 1885 79y5m21d Husband of Eliza TERPENING, Peter died October 1, 1850 72y TERPENING, Christina died November 27, 1870 88y WILSEY, Mary Anne St.JOHN died October 3, 1897 74y19d wife of Orville Daughter of Phineas & Sally St. JOHN "Asleep in Jesus" UNKNOWN, Sarah (Stone against the wall, mostly unreadable, but think is the name Sarah WILSEY, Orville died April 18, 1904 82y24d "Rest is Sweet"
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