Presbyterian Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Submitted by Carol MacPherson Copy from the Otego Historical Society
Typed by Annette Campbell

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Broderick B. Austin    d. 8 Dec 1841   Age 82y

T. R. Austin           d. 25 Aug 1852   Age 74y (stone down in 3 pieces)

Frances H. Atwater     d. 18 Jan 1866   Age 23y 7m  daughter of Sylvester & Frances H.

Elias Arnold, Dea.     b. 22 Aug 1783 in Middle Hadden, CT  d. 20 Jun 1863  Age 79y10m

Fanny Arnold           b. 23 Nov 1785 Hamden, CT   d. 1 Jul 1866  age 80y 7m  wife of 
Elias Douglass Ford Arnold b. 12 Feb 1828 d. 29 Apr 1865 Council Bluffs, IA age 37y Amanda Louisa Arnold b. 23 Apr 1818 d. 19 Apr 1866 age 48y William Baker d. 7 May 1869 Age 62y2m2d Abagail Baldwin d. 15 Jan 1847 Age 73y In Memory of wife of Simon Baldwin Simon Baldwin d. 24 Jul 1836 Age 72y (stone patched) In Memory of *Abigail Jane Baldwin d. 22 Jul 1840 Age 5y3m daughter of Simon & Mary Baldwin Cyrus Bates d. 25 Mar 1840 Age 48y Mary Bates d. 9 Oct 1845 Age 10 days daughter of David & Amy Bates Bennett Beardslee d. 18 Dec 1844 Age 27y6m son of Bennett & Cynthia Martha Beardslee d. 23 Jan 1845 Age 52y (first) wife of Judson Beardslee Judson Beardslee d. 11 Mar 1870 Age 80y "Stay, Father, stay, my Mothers gone And you and I are left alone. I count it not as heavy task, To wait on these while life shall last" Nancy Ann Beardslee d. 30 Sep 1853 Age 38y1m17d Second wife of Judson (stone broken) Nathan Beardslee d. 7 Aug 1832 Age 9y son of Judson & Martha Beardslee Willis Beardslee d. 2 May 1870 Age 20y8m7d son of Judson & Martha Beardslee (Something must be wrong here as Willis was born 1850 and Martha died 1845) Looks like he was probably the son of Judson & Nancy Ann---AC Rancelia Beebe d. 30 Nov 1848 Age 5y4m28d daughter of Russel & Maria Beebe Cynthia Beers d. 7 Aug 1859 Age 65y6m17d wife of Hezekiah Hezekiah Beers d. 20 Sep 1858 Age 84y8m20d Emely A. Beers d. 9 March 1875 Age 16y daughter of Edward and Nancy Beers Anna Birdsall d. 17 Apr 1852 Age 83y wife of Timothy Bobbie Birdsall d. Age 2 years son of Ira & Jane Birdsall "Our little
Bobbie" Elizabeth Birdsall d. 20 Dec 1855 Age 57y1m27d wife of John John Birdsall d. 15 May 1860 Age 68y9m (stone broken off but still there) Francis M. Birdsall d. 23 Jul 1841 Age 8y0m9d son of John O & ______ Birdsall Timothy Birdsall (d. 3 Feb 1852 age 83y according to Mrs. Bull's records) Marker is tipped and date is underground David Blakeley d. 7 Mar 1860 (info from Bull's records of 1934) stone leaning
against stone of Chloe Houghton, only part of it there. Mary Blakeley d. 1 Oct ______ In Memory of Consort of John Blakeley, Esq.
(unreadable) John Blakeley Husband of Mary Blakeley (stone unreadable) Mary Blakeley d. 13 Aug 1847 Wife of David Blakeley (tree trunk grown around
this stone making it almost unreadable--some information from 1934 records) Abram Blakesley, Dea. d. 6 Apr 1854 Age 91y Sally Blakeslee d. 17 Jul 1866 Age 86y wife of Dea. Abram Blakesley Laura Blakesley d. 20 Nov 1867 Age 69y (wife of Obadiah) Obadiah Blakesley d. 9 Jul 1868 Age 80y Mr. Stephen Bradley d. 26 Feb 1830 age 72y (poetry unreadable) Calvin Bret d. 14 Aug 1849 Age 42y Harriet Briggs d. 4 Feb 1877 Age 73y wife of Rail Briggs (Marker broken) Godfrey Calder d. 29 Mar 1857 Age 82y8m14d Sally Calder d. 7 Jul 1867 Age 87y wife of Godfrey Caroline Castle d. 22 Oct 1856 Age 61y2m (wife of John R.) all of stone not
readable but information came from Mrs. Bull's records Sarah A. Castle d. 15 Aug 1873 Age 41y Mary E. Chamberlin d. 8 Aug 1845 Age 18 months James A. Chamberlin d. 26 Feb 1849 Above 2 children are children of Randolph & Martha
Chamberlin Not shown on Bull records Amy Cook d. 6 Oct 1839 Age 39y Wife of Robert Cook Leroy S. Corey b. 1835 d. 1905 Janett M. Corey b. 1839 wife of Leroy S. Corey no death date cut on stone Aaron Corey d. 16 Aug 184_ son of Leroy & Janett Corey Poetry unreadable Elmer B. Corey d. 6 Mar 1866 Age 27 son of Leroy & Janett M. Corey Benjamin Corey b. 8 Oct 1803 d. 20 Apr 1882 believe Mrs. Bull's birthdate
of 1862 is wrong ---is stated on card. Catherine Corey b. 1800 d. 17 Feb 1882 wife of Benjamin George E. Corey Stone unreadable--not sure if this is right. No record of this name on Bull
records of 1934, however there are other Coreys in this row and probably all related. Cannot
understand why only 2 Corey's included in Mrs. Bull's records. Burtin Crandell Rest of stone unreadable Samuel Dart Co K (no other information on stone) (Civil War soldier) Anna Day d. 10 Feb 1875 Age 64y9m25d Robert Day d. 27 Nov 1862 Age 80y Anna Day d. 21 Nov 1857 Age 83y27d wife of Robert Lorinda Day d. 6 Mar 1840 Age 21y Emely Day d. 30 Jun 1843 Age 35y Harriet Day d. 12 Jan 1823 Age 16y10m Mary H. Day d. 3 Nov 1829 Age 24y Abigail E. Day d. 3 Dec 1858 Age 41y9m (This is a four sided stone with 2 names on each side, except Abigial alone on one side) (Anna, Emely and Abigail have individual markers) Samantha F. Daniels d. 26 Sep 1849 Age 34y poetry unreadable Sidney Dean Rest of stone unreadable Anna Fairman d. 23 May 1833 in the 80th year of her age In Memory of Consort of Richard Fairman Esq. Richard Fairman Esq. d. 3 Dec 1833 Age 83y In Memory of Hannah Rathbun Fisk b. 10 Nov 1810 d. 18 Aug 1890 wife of Rufus Fisk Rufus Fisk b. 24 Oct 1815 d. 18 Nov 1889 Mrs. Tammason Foster d. 31 Jul 1827 Age 32y21d Wife of Robert Foster "She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace A crown of glory shall she deliver unto thee". (There are 2 stones side by side with the same information. Poetry only on one) FREDERICK (only information readable, don't know if it is a first or last name) Jeremiah French d. 7 Mar 1831 Age 61y In Memory of Patience French d. 5 Oct 1837 Age 35y10m In Memory of daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth French "She rose that morn her friends do say Her God and Savior to obey Before she reached the appointed place God took her home to sing his praise". Charles R. Greene d. 24 Nov 1856 Age 18y Patty Green d. 5 Oct 1839 Wife of William Green Age 19y (not sure if year is 390, 49 or 59) Delia Getter d. 2 Mar 1852 Age 33y4m11d (1976 reading) d. 21 May 1852 (1934 reading "Died but not forgotten" Jennel Ham d. 15 Feb 1829 Age 28y ______ Herr d. J_____ __ 1839 Age __y2m7d daughter of ________ Abraham Horning d. 6 Jan 1847 Age 55y (poetry unreadable) Chloe Houghton d. 23 Feb 1846 Age 58y3m20d wife of David W. Houghton David W. Houghton d. 18 Nov 1857 Age 73y8m15d John Hubbell d. 2 July 1840 in the 70th year of his age In Memory of Ransom Hunt d. 18 Sep 1849 Age 81y Sabry Hunt d. 3 May 1848 Age 80y (wife of Ransom Hunt) _____ Hurlbut d. 9 ___ 1840 Age 3? son of Amos and Hannah Hurlbut (no record of this in Bull's records) Amos R. Hurlbut d. 2 Aug 1878 Age 62y Hannah M. Hurlbut d. 4 Apr 1853 Age 38y2m1d wife of Amos Hurlbut Poetry on stone unreadable Jesse Hurlbut d. 1 Dec 1853 Age 83y8m10d Sarah Hurlbut d. 2 Dec 1853 Age 82y7m21d wife of Jesse Hurlbut (4 line Poem unreadable) Elizabeth Hyatt d. 11 Jan 1861 age 70y wife of Samuel Hyatt Samuel Hyatt d. 6 Aug 1847 Age 62y Frances Jay d. 1 Jun 1838 Age 28y daughter of William and He__tly Jay William Jay d. 9 Jun 1872 Age 11y5m son of William & _____ Jay Edward P. Jorden d. 23 Dec 1853 Age 9y son of Garrod W. & Betsey Jorden Garrod W. Jorden d. 8 Apr 1878 Age 77y (stone patched, partly gone) Daniel Knapp d. 21 Apr 1836 Age 83y Hannah Knapp d. 15 Dec 1838 Age 82y wife of Daniel Edward Knapp d. 5 Sep 1835 Age 10y son of Daniel & Elizabeth Knapp Johnathan Knapp d. 20 Jul 1830 Age 65y (information derived from Bull's records) Phebe Knapp d. 16 Apr 1852 Age 81y wife of Johnathan Lemuel O. Knapp d. 16 Dec 1869 no age given son of Osborn L. & Content Knapp Laura Ann Loomis d. 18 Dep 1858 no age given daughter of William & Selina Loomis Selina Loomis d. 11 Nov 1889 Age 83y7m wife of William Loomis William Loomis d. 27 Aug 1853 Age 77y8m9d James F. Martin b. 9 June 1839 d. 20 May 1891 John H. Martin d. 12 Sep 1851 Age 26y "Who accidentally shot himself" two markers Samuel Martin d. 11 Oct 1864 Age 72y22d (9 lines of poetry unreadable and then: CHILDREN Pause and see as you pass by As you are now, so once was I As I am now, so you must be Prepare for death and follow me. Sarah Martin d. 8 May 1860 Age 66y4m3d wife of Samuel This stone is patched Also a slab on ground behind this one Almon Merwin d. 12 Dec 1823 28th yr. of life Anna Miller d. 17 Dec 1857 Age 84y wife of William G. C. F. Miller Co G. 152nd NY Inf (rest unreadable Selina Miller b. 24 Nov 1813 d. 30 Nov 1893 Charles Mills d. 16 Jun 1861 Age 38y4m Clarissa A. Morse d. 15 Mar 1850 Age 86y3m26d wife of Rev. John Morse John Morse, Rev. d. 3 Jan 1844 Age 80y9m Elizabeth Morse No dates on stone daughter of Rev. John & Clarissa Morse Demas Northrup d. 1 Nov 1862 Age 47y George Northrup d. 2 Oct 1871 Age 87y Wealthy Northrup d. 20 Dec 1841 Age 56y wife of George Levi B. Packard Stone leaning against that of Hezekiah Beers. No information recorded by Mrs. Bull for Levi, just information for Levi's wife. Maria Packard d. 11 Sep 1833 Age 32y consort of Wyman P. Packard (All info except
Maria from Mrs. Bull's records of 1934. Unreadable in 1976) Abigail Pope d. 1 Jan 1831 Age 18y Caroline Rathbone wife of William rest unreadable in 1976. Not recorded in Bull's records Hiram G. Rathbone d. 15 May 1876 Age 1y 5m son of William & Caroline (all but Hiram G.
unreadable in 1976. Other info from 1934 Bull records) Rufus F. Rathbone d. 9 Feb 1877 Age 20y3m18d son of William & Caroline Rathbone William Rathbone b. 20 Jun 1798 d. 28 May 1867 Agnes Rathbun d. 21 Sep 1848 age 16y wife of William Rathbun Levi Redfield d. 15 Sep 1838 Age 93y Drum Major, Ely's CT Reg, Rev. War Elbert Robinson 1880-1887 Not shown on Bull records Fred Robinson 1884-1888 Not shown on Bull's records George S. Rockwell d. __ Jul? 1864 Age 3m 29d son of Charles & Sarah L. Rockwell S. H. Field Stone nothing on it Stephen Scofield rest unreadable In Memory of Catherine Scramling d. 18 Oct 1864 Age 91y Wife of Peter Peter Scramling In memory of, who departed this life 29 Dec 1839 Age 75y3m26d Mrs. Clarissa Shepherd d. __ Jan 1831 In the 18th year of her age In Memory Daughter
of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Clarissa Shepherd Benjamin Shepherd d. 16 Jul 1852 Age 77y8m His second wife was Sabra Blakeslee Smith Harvey B. Shepherd d. 21 Jan 1822 Age 3y28d son of William & Tracy Shepherd Chauncy Smith d. 24 Jun 1817 Age 12 son of Nahum & Margaret Smith David Smith d. 26 May 1848 Poetry unreadable Mrs. Hannah Smith d. 8 Sep 1835 Age 75y In Memory of wife of David Smith Frances Smith d. 12 Apr 1852 Age 88y wife of Joseph Smith Joseph Smith (rest unreadable) Sedga Spaulding d. 17 Jul 1832 Age 21y daughter of Nathaniel & Phoebe Spaulding 4 lines of poetry are unreadable ______ Starr d. 15 May 184_? Next to Eli & Sally Starr ______ Starr d. ????? Age 11y Near Eli & Sally Starr stone Eli Starr b. 27 Jul 1794 d. 27 Sep 1841 (Double stone with Sally) Sally Starr b. 26 Nov 1796 d. 29 Jan 1887 Wife of Eli Starr "And they shall
walk with me in white for they are worthy." Lydia Swift d. 11 Feb 1841 Age 63y (flat stone slab, 4 lines of poetry, not
all readable) Parney Thomas d. 6 Oct 1847 Age 54y (almost unreadable, info from 1934 Bull records) Infant Thorpe ( Nothing else readable) Ezekiel Tracy d. 12 Jun 1822 30th year of his age Harriet Adaline Tracy d. 3 Jun, A. D. 1840 Daughter of Jedediah & Lally Tracy Jedediah Tracy d. 27 Jun 1847 Age 51 or 56 y (stone down) Charles L. Tuckey d. 29 Jul 1866 in his 9th yr. (1976 reading) d. 29 Jun 1844 in his 19th yr. (1934 reading Impossible to determine in 1978 reading William Webster d. 16 Sep 1858 Age 25y4m son of William & Nancy Webster _____ Weller d. 22 May 1862 Age 86y wife of Daniel Weller, Esq. _____ Weller Could be Daniel. unreadable except for last name Charity Whitmarsh d. 20 Dec 1883 Age 81y J. B. Whitmarsh d. 30 Jun 1839 Daniel Willete d. 8 Apr 1840

Abbey, Calvin d. Aug 14 1849 21y 2d Austin, Edward d. Mar 16 1843 28yr Beers, Emely A. daughter of Edwin & Betsey d. Mar 1858 Blake(s)lee, David 87 yrs Ruth wife of Samuel d. Nov 15 1813 92yrs Martha wife of Abraham d. Aug 11 1844 48yrs Obadiah d. Nov 20 1867 69 yrs Bradley, Rachel wife of Stephen d. Sep 21 1843 Calder, Godfrey d. Mar 29 1851 Castle, Caroline wife of John B. d. Oct 22 1886 61 y 8m 7d Day, Emely dau of Robert & Anna 35 yr 1m 1d Robert d. Nov 27 1862 80y 8m Daniels, Samantha wife of Wm. d. Sep 26 1849 34yrs Fairman, Anna wife of Richard French, Jeremiah d. Mar 7 1830 61 yrs Green, Patty wife of William d. Oct 5 1839 40 yrs. Getter, Delia wife of John J. d. Mar 2 1852 Ham, Jemet, d. Feb 17 1821 28yr Hurlburt, Sarah, wife of Jesse, d. Dec 2 1853 82 y 7m 24d Hannah wife of Amos d. Apr 4 1853 38 yr 2m 4d Hyatt, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel d. Jan 11 1865 70yr Jay, Elizabeth dau of Wm & Merilla d. Nov 23 1860 9yrs Jordon, Edward son of Garrett W. & Betsey d. Dec 23 1853 14yrs Knapp, Johnathan, d. July 20 1826 67yrs Phebe wife of Johnathan d. Apr 1832 81yrs Lemuel, son of Osborn & Content, d. Dec 16 1869 33 yrs 7m 6d Loomis, Laura Ann dau of Wm & Selina d. Set 18 1858 35 yrs Martin, John d. Sep 12 1857 26yrs Merwin, Almon, d. Dec 17 1825 28yrs Morse, Elizabeth dau of J. & C Morse d. Sep 21 1846 19yrs 1d Packard, (first name unreadable) wife of Levi d. Jun 6 1841 3m 37 yrs Parker, Maria consort of Wyman P. d. Sep 9 1833 32yrs Rathbone, Carlton son of Wm & Sarah d. Sep 15 1849 1yr Hiram son of Wm & Caroline d. May 15 1876 1yr 5m 21d Scramling, Peter, d. Dec 29 1839 75yrs 3m 26d Shepard, Clarissa d. Mar 9 1831 wife of Benjamin (I have personally read this stone, my direct line, she was 50 when she died) (they did have a daughter Clarissa, but she married and is listed in 1880 census) Starr, Harmon d. May 15 1844 23yr 11m 2d Pulaski, son of Eli & Sally d. June 7 1841 11yr Smith, David, d. May 20 1848 90yrs Joseph d. June 17 1827 65yrs Frances wife of Joseph d. Apr 17 1852 88yrs Schofield, Stephen d. July 21 1838 33yrs Swift, Lydia d Feb 11 1841 62 yrs Thomas, Parney wife of Morton d. Oct 6 1837 54 yrs Webster, William H. son of Wm & Nancy d. Sep 16 1858 25yr 4m Tracy, Jedediah d. Jun 27 1847 56yrs *Notes: Abagail Jane Baldwin daughter of Salmon and Mary
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