Round Garden Cemetery
Exeter, Otsego County, NY

This cemetery is also known as the old Tunnicliff cemetery, located across the road from 
the former Homestead of John Tunnicliff, Sr. on county Rt 16. In 1999, there was a state
historical marker commemorating the Tunnicliff site. O. Pomeroy son of AE. L. and Catherine E. Robinson d. Feb 10, 1846 19y Robinson, Barbara wife of Almon Robinson d. Jul 8, 1839 23y Robinson, Barbara P. dau of Almon and Barbara P. Robinson d. Aug 31, 1840 14m 8d In Memory of Elizabeth wife of Jacob Daley who died Jun 28, 1840 aged 75 years 14 days. Copied August 28, 1952 by Henry Tunnicliff, William R. Donnely, Alice P. Clark and
Greta G. Hughes Transcription by Harry E. Bolton Re-Typed by Judy Morgan Barbara P. wife of Almon Robinson died July 8 1839 age 23 years
Barbara P. dau. of Almon and Barbara Robinson died Aug 31 1840 age 14 mo 3 days O. Pomerroy son of E.L. & Catherine I. Robinson died Feb 10 1846 age 19 yrs Eliza Beth wife of Jacob Daley died June 28 1840 age 75 yrs 14 days
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