Rider Cemetery
Also Known As
Mulligan Road Cemetery
Exeter, Otsego County, NY

Mulligan Road
Cemetery located on the Peter Dyn Farm 

Condition: Terrible!  Overgrown with berry bushes and brush. 
Only those stones visible were read. 
There may be more beneath the surface sod. 
Remnants of a fence still exist. 
Read by Jerry E Reed, August 4, 2001, and re-read August 18, 2001. 

Just beyond the gated entrance there appears to be a Rider stone made of shale.
The surface has flaked off and inscription is not readable.

John Rider
Died Aug 25, 1820
Aged 81 years

Wife of John Rider
Died Nov 10, 1829
Aged 90 years

In Memory of Mercy
Wife of Thomas Veber who died
Feb 19, 1825 in the 
79th yr of her age

In Memory of Thomas Veber
Who died Dec 16, 1811 in the 
72nd year of his age

In Memory of 
Isaac Robbins
Who died January the 31st 1824 (?not sure of date)
Aged 63 years

Asa S. Niles
Died Oct 8, 1848
Aged 45 years

Son of Asa S. and Clarissa Niles
Died July 31, 1827
Aged 1 year 3 months

Next two are on the same stone:
Top half:
Eunice Viola
Died Jan 8, 1862 aged 5 years 9 months
Bottom half:
Myron Clark
Died Jan 16, 1832 Age 3 years 5 months
Children of John and Eunice E. Walworth

Wife of Darius Hinds
Died Nov 11, 1846
Age 82 years
In Memory of
Darius Hinds
Who died April 1, 1828
In his 78th  year
"Depart my hands, dry my tears
Here I must  ?(unreadable), Christ appears
When he ?  I hope to have joyful rising from the grave."
daughter of
Darius and Mary Hinds
died September 12, 1815
Age ?? years (unsure of age)

Harriet B. Hubbard
Born July 12, 1811
Died Aug 5, 1881

Hannah Brainerd
Born Dec 23, 1803
Died Sept 27, 1825

In Memory of
Sophronia Brainerd
Who departed this life Feb 5 (?) 1816
Age 33 years 10 months

Oliver Brainerd
Died March 23, 1840
Age 71 years

Wife of Oliver Brainerd
Died Jun 18, 1824
Age 52 years
Louisa Brainard
die Dec 1, 1810?

Melinda wife of David Beals
Died Oct 17, 1825
Age 27 years

In Memory of
Ephraim Wheeler
Who departed this life
May 27,  1811
Age 70 years
"The sweet remembrance of the just will flourish when they sleep in dust"

In memory of Roswell W. Swan
Who died July 3, 1838
Age 35 years

Wife of Christopher Palmer
Who died Aug 18 D 1823
Ae 55
George Palmer
Died May 27, 1835
72 years

Mrs. Wealthy
Consort of Humphrey Palmer
died April 21, 1826
age 60 years
Part my friend, dry up your tears,
Here I must be till Christ appears,
Whe he appears I hope to have a joyful rising from the grave.

In Memory of
William Veber
Who died Dec 24, 1812
42 years

In Memory of Rufus Robbins
Who died Dec 23, 1829
Aged 23 years
Epitaph: unreadable

In Memory of Mr ?  (name unreadable) Robbins
Who died October the 28th 1833 
Aged 31 years

In Memory of
Mr. Roswell Robbins
Who died March 11, 1829 (?)
Age 24 years

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