Rose-Gurney-Chamberlain Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY

Transcription by Dot Parmerter Maryland Historian:

Bailey,  Elisha J.  (son of S.J. & C.C.) d. 8/29/1865--age 3y

Bidwell,  Mary Ann d. 2/3/1832--age 25

Boardman,  Anson  (son of Levi & Elizabeth) d. 7/28/1825--age 12

Cady,  Cathron A.  (daug of Wm. & Abigail) d. 9/15/1854--age 3
Francis H.        ( son      ď    ď) (per stone)* d. 4/8/1837--age 4
George W. d. 7/8/1866--age 11

Cass,  Lydia  (w of Silas) d. 5/16/1808--age 42

Chamberlain,  Adison  (son of Cladius &  Martha) d. 3/14/1851--age 28
Cynthia               (daug.      ď         ď  ) d. 1/4/1850--age 24

Chamberlain,  Elisha   (Rev.War) d. 8/29/1829--age 77

Chamberlain,  Elisha d. 6/18/1865--age 71

Chamberlain,  George H. 1854-1910
w Lucy E.  (Wagar) no dates
w Eugena  (Sikes) d. 12/18/1891--age 30
daug (name not  readable) (Geo. & Jennie) 2/24/1889-9/27/1889

Chamberlain,  Harvey d. 6/26/1883--age 72
w Emily (Edson) 4/11/1815-3/3/1896
(also S.C., H.C.,J.V. & A.W.)

Chamberlain,  Heman d. 3/21/1869--age 86
w Tabitha d. 6/28/1828--age 45
w Drusilla d. 5/22/1857--age 58
daug Tabitha Jane 1929-12/12/1842--age 13
daug Sally  (of Heman & Drusilla) d. 12/24/1857--age 22

Chamberlain, Hiram d. 11/15/1859--age 46
w Sally A. d. 10/9/1883-age 68

Chamberlain, Mary M. (sister of Hiram) 9/27/1836-4/21/1897

Chamberlain,  Peleg d. 9/15/1857--age 76
w Cynthia  (Edson) d. 4/26/1841--age 45
w Sylvinia  (Babcock) d. 11/28/1862--age 79
son Milo d. 7/22/1831--age 2

Chase, Diantha  (w of Samuel) d. 5/6/1822-age 19

Chase, Winfield G. (son of Erastus & Orpha R.) d. 4/8/1862--age 3 wks.

Crippen,  Thaddeus d. 8/22/1818--age 57
& 2 infants by his side

Crouch, Thomas d. 1/20/1829--age 52

Emerson, Francis M. 3/5/1860-3/7/1903

Gove,  Moses d. 3/17/1841--age 54
w Martha d. 9/16/1865--age 66

Gurney, Jesse 7/25/1804-4/11/1887
w Polly (Hotchkins) 9/5/1806-11/5/1885

Holbrook,  Ziba 1790-1821
w Lurancy (Virgil) 1792-1853

Hoose, Nelson  (Co.M 3rd NY)  (VET) no dates

Parker, Nathaniel (son of Edward & Rachael) d. 9/1/1830--age 10 mo.

Priver, Thomas 1787-1839

Rose, Electa (daug of Elon & Arvilla) d. 7/4/1834--age 1

Rose,  Nathaniel d. 7/19/1846--age 76
w Lovina d. 12/17/1853--age 81
Nathan d. 9/2/1866--age 69
w Deborah  (Morehouse) d. 5/4/1881--age 81

Seward,  Eunice Jane  (w of Porter) d. 5/2/1820--age 24
son John d. 9/27/1818--age 2y

Shutts,  Lewis d. 7/3/1830--age 25
(also H.S., C.S., & S.S.)

Somerville, Joseph 11/17/1840-7/10/1910
w Isabella D.(Whitney) 11/15/1846-9/24/1899
William J. 4/17/1872-9/30/1883
Margaret 8/4/1883-12/18/1909

Spencer, Deacon Joel (Rev.War) d. 2/25/1806--age 87
w Sarah Haskell (Rose) (was also his consort) d. 4/20/1805--age 57
(this stone erected by Nathaniel, Eli, Elihu, Roxanna,Betsey and Sally Rose, HER CHILDREN)**

Vandeboe, Jasper d. 2/2/1852--age 68
w Margaret d. 10/28/1843--age 57

Vandeboe,  John L. d. 12/30/1865--age 41
w Electa d. 5/16/1865--age 33

Vandenbugh, Sally (Gardner) w of Wilhelmer d. 2/21/1818--age 32
& one of her children

Walling,  Albert d. 12/1/1839--age 32

Warner,  Joel d. 10/12/1872--age 27

Warner,  Samuel H.  3/2/1808-5/2/1872
w Mary Ann (Tallmadge) 6/30/1810-6/7/1888

Wheeler, Welthy (w of Ichabod K., Esq,) d. 7/1/1820--age 43

Whitney,  Amaziah (Rev. War) 1760-3/6/1842
w Sally d. 12/21/1852--age 22
daug Polly 6/22/1806-1835

Whitney,  Amaziah 7/22/1813-8/7/1853
w Margaret S. T. (daug. of James & Eliz.(Menzies)Taylor) 12/27/1818-3/29/1895 
Whitney,  James A. 1839-1907
Marjorie 1878-1902
Amaziah 1880-1908

Whitney, Edna Annie (w of James & Amaziah) 3/11/1854-11/20/1895
daghter of John & Nancy McD. Copeley)

Whitney, Margaret (daug of Abner & Matilda) d. 8/18/1861--age 9
Matilda           (  ď        ď      ď    ) d. 9/25/1856--age 1   
Woodcock,  Delos H.  (Veteran)** 1840-1910
w Catherine J.  (Hunt) 1847-1911

Woodcock, George  (Vet) d. 7/29/1899--age 80

Woodcock,  Gilbert (Veteran)** 11/29/1816-6/27/1902
w Charlotte 11/22/1822-not marked
daug Amanda d. 4/19/1862--age 3 mo.

Woodcock,  Samuel J. 1872-1948
w Minnie B.  (Roe) 1878-1941
Benny O. 1902-1903
Clifford 1903-1903
Stewart V. 1908-1908

Reading done by Rebecca Stacknow: 

Located in a small secluded field next to 7567 State Hwy 7, Maryland NY

Francis M. Emerson March 5th 1860-March 7 1903 "at rest"

George H. Chamberlain 1854-1910

& Lucy Elvina Wagar, his wife (no dates)

Eugena Sikes wife of Geo. H. Chamberlain died Dec. 18th 1891 aged 30y 8mos 4ds

Dau. of George and Jennie Chamberlain born Feb.24 1889 died Sept. 27, 1889



Mary M. Chamberlain Sept 27th 1836 Ė April 21, 1897

Hiram A. Chamberlain died Nov. 15th 1859 aged 46years

Sally A., w/o Hiram Chamberlain died October 9th 1883 aged 68 years

Elisha Chamberlain died June 18th 1865 aged 71y 5m 24d

Elisha J., Bailey son of S.J. & C.C Bailey died Aug.29th 1865 aged 3y ?m ?d.

Enclosed in an iron fence, together were 2 main headstones with 6 small plain stones 
revealing initials only, one of these small stones is without any notation: Harvey Chamberlain died June 26, 1883 aged 72 years Emily Edson w'o Harvey Chamberlain b. April 11th 1815 d. March 3rd 1896 (with them): "E.E.", "S.C.", "H.C.", "J.V.", and "A.W." (please note, I am not positive of the V in J.V. or the W in A.W.) _________________ (?, extremely weathered) Sally Chamberlain, December 24 1857 d. 22y d/o of heman & Drusilla Jesse Gurney born July 25th 1804 died April 11th 1887 (father) Polly Hotchkins, his wife, b. Sept. 5th 1806 d. May 5th, 1885 (mother) Nathan Rose died Sept. 2nd 1866 aged 69y 8m 3d Deborah Morehouse, wife of Nathan Rose d. May 4th 1881 81y 5m 1d 2 broken stones 1 bare stone John L. Vandeboe d. Dec 30th 1865 aged 41 There is a blank stone next to John & Electa. Electa, his wife, d. May 16 1865, 33y 5m 30d Samuel H. Warner--3/2/1808-d. 5/2/1872 Maryann Tallmadge born 6/30/1810-d. June 7, 1888, add w/o Samuel Warner Gilbert Woodcock 11/29/1816-6/27/1902 Charlotte Woodcock w/o Gilbert 11/22/1822--
no death date Amanda Woodcock d/o Gilbert & Charlotte d. April 19th, 1862--age 3 mo. Nelson Hoose Co.M 3D N.Y. H.A. In Memory of John, son of Porter & Eunice Jane Seward d. Sept. 27th 1818, 2 years 5 months 4 days In Memory of Lydia, wife of Samuel Chase d. May 16th 1808 at 22y In Memory of Eunice Jane, wife of Porter Seward who died May 2, 1820 in the 24th year of her age In memory of Diantha, wife of Samuel Chase died May 6th 1822 aged 19 years (5mo. 4days Tabitha, wife of Heman Chamberlain died June 28th 1828, 45y 2m 23d Drusilla, wife of Heman Chamberlain died May 22rd 1857 at 58y 5m 16d Heman Chamberlain d. March 21, 1869 at 86y 1d. Here lies Thaddeus Crippen d. Aug. 22, 1818 aged 57yb 2 infants by his side Cynthia, dau. of Claudius & Martha Chamberlain d. Jan 4st 1850 24y 6m 27d Adison, son of claudius & Martha d. March 14th 1851 at 28y Moses Gove d. Mar. 17, 1841 aged 54y 11m 28d Peleg Chamberlain died Sept 15th 1857, 76y 6m 9d Cynthia, wife of Peleg Chamberlain died April 26th 1841 aged 45y 1m 7d Milo, son of Peleg & Cynthia, d. July 22, 1831 at 2y 9m. Martha Von_____ ? (this is all I can read on the stone) The following was provided to me by 2 people, one works at the Huntington Library in
Oneonta (I donít know if I can post their names,.. didnít have time to get
permission and Iíve made mistakes in the past in not doing so first),.. and of someone
who lives in Otsego Co., that has somehow inherited church records of many burial places
in the town of Maryland, or the job of tending to this matter was designated to him. Next
time I talk to them, Iíll ask if I can put their names & email addresses up on this page
so that they may be of assistance
to you. The following are others buried in this cemetery: Bidwell, Mary Ann, d. Feb.3rd, 1832 at 25y Boardman, Anson son of Levi & Elizabeth, d. July 28th, 1825 at 12y 4m 12d Cady, George W. son of William & Abigail, d. July 8th, 1866 at 11y 4m 4d Cady, Cathron dau. of William & Abigail, d. Sept.5th, 1854 at 3y Chamberlain, Elisha, departed Aug. the 2nd, 1829 ae 77y 2m 10d Chamberlain, Tabitha Jane, dau. of Heman & Drusilla, died Dec.12th, 1842 at 13y 10d Chamberlain, Sovina, wife of Peleg, d. Nov.28th, 1862 at 79y 6m Chase, Winfield son of Erastus & Orphah, died Apr.8th, 1862 at 3 weeks 4 days Crouch, Thomas, died Jan.20th, 1829 at 52y Gove, Martha wife of Moses, died Sept.16th, 1865 at 66y 10m 28d Holbrook, Ziba 1790-1821 Holbrook, Lurancy, Virgil, wife of Ziba 1792-1853 Shutts, Lewis, died July 3, 1830 at 25 years Shutts,Ö 4 field stones marked "H.S.", "S.S.", and "C.S." (4th is not listed) Spencer, Deacon Joel departed this life Feb.25th, 1806 at 85 years Spencer, "Consecrated to the memory of Sarah Haskell (Rose), Consort of Joel Spencer,
Who departed this life, 20th of April, 1805. AETAT 57 years." "Monument erected by Nathaniel, Eli, Roxana, Betsey, and Sally Rose,Ö her children" Somerville, Joseph. A boulder with a tablet enclosed by an iron fence. "In Memory of
Joseph Somerville born Nov.17th, 1840 died July 10th, 1910. Somerville, Isabelle Whitney, wife of Joseph, born Nov.15th, 1846 died Sept.24th, 1899 Somerville, William J. born Apr.17th, 1872 died Sept.30th, 1883 Somerville, Margaret wife of William, born Aug.4th, 1883 died Dec.18th, 1909 Rose, Nathaniel died July 19th, 1846 at 76y 3m 13d Rose, Lavinia wife of Nathaniel, died Dec.17th, 1853 at 81y 9m 15d Walling, Albert, died Jul.1st, 1839 at 32y 11m 5d Woodcock, George ,.. Co.1, 51st R.d. 7/29/1899--age 80 Woodcock, Delos born 1840 d.1910 Woodcock, Samuel 1872-1948 Roe, Minnie, wife of Samuel Woodcock (buried there, dates unknown to me) Woodcock, Benny O. 1902-1903 Woodcock, Clifford 1903 - 1903 Woodcock, Stewart 1908-1908
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