Sherman Farm Cemetery
Milford, Otsego County, NY
Lealah Smith & Alice Aspinwall October 1957
Donated by Charles Aspinwall
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located 1 1/2 miles from the four corners at Milford, going toward Edson's Corners

Capt. Mirond Bates d. 28 Jul 1854 ( Age 26y10m0d) s/o Lorenzo & Abigail
(Abigail was a WILCOX)
Lorenzo Bates d. 30 Sep 1818 (Age 1y5m0d) s/o Lorenzo & Abigail
Adon W. Bates d. 12 May 1831 Age 19y s/o Lorenzo & Abigail
Thomas Hoag d. 31 Mar 1867 (Age 79y10m0d)
Sarah Hoag d. 2 Oct 1854 (Age 69y11m25d ) w/o Thomas
Ellie Hoag d. 4 Apr 1857 (Age 3y2m0d )
Cornelius Hoag d. 5 Apr 1853 (Age 2y11m10d) s/o George D. & Susan C.
(Susan was a VanBUREN)
Next stone ---face down
Footstones near the above are:
M. W. (prob. Margaret Wilcox)
S. H.
Next stone---face down
Albro D. Marble d. Mar 1844 (Age 9m20d) s/o Henry & Elizabeth
(Elizabeth was a DEAN)
James Ray d. 30 Dec 1827 Age 76y (married Amy BRIGGS)
Ruth Ray d. 7 Jul 1847 Age 55y w/o Gideon (nee WILCOX)
Maryett Shute d. 4 Feb 1844 (Age 23y2m0d) or age 25 w/o James
(She the daughter of Jason & Mary) (James 1819-1859)
George Wilcox d. 25 Jul 1836 Age (77y3m2d)
Margaret Wilcox d. 9 Jan 1841 Age (84y11m4d) (She an ALLEN)
George Wilcox d. 21 Mar 1838 Age 38y
Mr. Jason Wilcox d. 13 May 1828 Age 30y (son of George & Margaret &
he married Mary WESTCOTT)
Harriet Wilcox d. 9 May 1823 Age 1y d/o Jason & Polly (Mary)

There were Sherman's buried here but have been removed to the cemetery in
Milford, NY. This cemetery in a deplorable condition.

Dates or names in ( ), I have added on for references---probably others
buried here with no markers. 

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