Sill Farm Cemetery
Burlington, Otsego County, NY

Angel, Manda M. d. Apr 30, 1843 age 24 years
Babcock, Charles d. June 1, 1830 age 57 years
Brower, Lusha L. dau of David and Susannah, d. Dec 10, 1823 age 2 years
Hale, John Edwin, son of Stephen and Esther d. July 19, 1826 age 11 months
Tiffany, Ely  d. Sept 18, 18__ in the 27th year of age
Tiffany, Esther, wife of Giles H., d. Nov 16, 1820 in the 65th year of age
Tiffany, Giles d. Mar 26, 1839 age 75 years
Tiffany, Giles M., son of Elijah P. and Diana, d. Feb 25, 1842 7 year, 1 month 23 days
Tiffany, Polly  d. Aug 5, 1820 in 60th year of her age
Tiffany, Sarah, wife of Chauncey, d. Sept 18, 1844 age 37 years 11 months
Sill, Abel  d. Apr 12, 1864 age 50 years
Sill, Hephzibah, wife of Abel, d. Jan 19, 1860  age 86 years 8 days
Sill, Anna P.  dau of Ned and _____  d. May 11, 1815  age 1 month 12 days
Peck, Jedadiah  d. Aug 15, 1821 in the 74th year of his age.
The New York State Historical Marker bears the following inscription:
In memory of Hon. Jedediah Peck, a Revolutionary Patriot, who died Aug 15, 1821, 
in the 74th year of his age. The annals of the State bear record of his public 
usefullness and the recollection of his virtues bear testimony of his private work. 
* Note - Jedediah Peck 1747 - 1821, Father of Common School System of New York State. 

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