Sperry Hollow Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY
Dorothy Parmerter Town Historian

Sperry Hollow/Lamphere Cemetery is in the Town of Maryland, Otsego County, on Sperry Hollow 
Road, left off of Elk Creek Road, west of corner of Sperry Hollow road and Norton road.
After turning onto the road, you go to the first house on the left. Pull in driveway,
facing barn. To the left is a path approximately 6 ft. wide that is mowed by the Town.
Follow the path back into a small wooded area. Sperry Hollow Cemetery done by Dorothy Parmerter, Town Historian 2000 Lamphere, Levi A. d. 9/20/1840--age 10y (son of Arnold & Asenath) Metcalf, Mary A. (Sperry) d. 12/24/1877--age 72 (w of Hezekiah) Sperry, Ansel d. 1/4/1831--age 51 w Olive d. 11/10/1854--age 72 daug Betsy d. 2/10/.1825--age 22y daug Naomi born 1828--died age 22 Sperry, Fanny d. 2/13/1831--age 7mo. (daug of Nathan & Dimmis) Infant d. 1y or 1mo (daug of Nathan & Dimmis) Sperry, Marvin A. d. 4/16/1852--age 3y (son of Marvin & Sally (VanDeboe) SPERRY, Daniel no dates w Mary Prindel no dates Infant twin daughters of Nathan Sperry and Dimmis Andrews Sperry, either born or died
July 22/23, 1831 Aged 20 days and 21 days. Other burials, stones illegible.
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