Springfield Center Cemetery
Springfield, Otsego County, NY
contributed by Judy Morgan

Patial Listing
Tobias VanBuren born, 9/5/1811, died 1/6/1892 husband of Dolly Dingman son of Hendrick & Cornelia VanBuren Dolly/Dorothea Dingman VanBuren, born 8/25/1810, died 1/2/1891 wife of Tobias VanBuren daughter of Peter & Margaret Dingman John VanBuren, born 4/30/1839, died 4/24/1916 husband of Roxana “Loxey” Bigelow son of Tobias & Dolly Dingman VanBuren Roxana "Loxey" L. Bigelow VanBuren, born 12/28/1833, died 5/17/1912 wife of John VanBuren daughter of Alonzo & Catherine Springer Bigelow Hattie VanBuren White, born 1/3/1869, died 11/10/1944 2nd wife of William “Will” White daughter of John & Loxey Bigelow VanBuren Catherine "Kate" VanBuren, born 11/15/1848, died 8/22/1917 daughter of Tobias & Dolly Dingman VanBuren Mary E. VanBuren, born 5/1/1850, died 7/20/1931 daughter of Tobias & Dolly Dingman VanBuren William Henry Palmer, born 1/1/1841, died 12/26/1924 husband of Hannah M. VanBuren Civil War, Co I, 79th Regt, Sept 28, 1861, in battles of Chancellorville,
Petersburg, Antietam, Wilderness, Bull Run, Weldon Railroad; wounded;
disch. Dec 2, 1864 Hannah VanBuren Palmer, born 4/18/1842, died 11/28/1918 wife of William Palmer daughter of Tobias & Dolly Dingman VanBuren William "Willie" Milton Palmer, born 1/17/1870, died 5/13/1877 young son of William Palmer & Hannah VanBuren Ella Alena Palmer, born 1/12/1876, died 1/17/1879 young daughter of William Palmer & Hannah VanBuren Italia "Ida" Palmer Moore Hart, born 9/18/1871, died 10/21/1940 wife of (1) Rolland Styles Moore, (2) Frederick Hart daughter of William Palmer & Hannah VanBuren Rolland Styles Moore, born 2/16/1867 in Scotland, died 10/17/1909 husband of Italia “Ida” Palmer Rosa Anna Palmer Wright, born 7/19/1873, died 7/8/1908 wife of George B. Wright daughter of William & Hannah VanBuren Palmer died of cancer George B. Wright, born 2/1865, died 5/21/1941 in Akron, Ohio husband of Rosa Anna Palmer who died in 1908 son of George & Susan Wright Earl Henry Wright, born 6/23/1902, died 9/21/1989 in Florida son of George & Rosa Palmer Wright Bertha Mae Wright Gardner, born 10/12/1903, died 11/9/1998 in Alabama wife of Walter Penney Gardner daughter of George & Rosa Palmer Wright Walter Penney Gardner, born 8/29/1900, died 7/13/2001 in Alabama husband of Bertha Mae Wright son of Clarence Gardner James T. Layman, born 11/28/1871, died 7/9/1937 husband of Emma Baldwin son of James & Martha Lewis Layman Emily "Emma" Baldwin Layman, born 9/18/1872, died 4/26/1942 wife of James T. Layman daughter of Aaron & Alcina/Alizina? Rhines Baldwin Clarence Aaron Layman, born 8/15/1897, died 1/11/1941 son of James & Emma Baldwin Layman Walter James Layman, born 2/9/1891, died 8/9/1952 husband of Blanche K. Snyder son of James & Emma Baldwin Layman Harry Paul Layman, born 10/12/1904, died 4/7/1925 son of James & Emma Baldwin Layman William J. Layman, born 6/9/1915, died 9/15/1971 husband of Madeline Congdon son of Marcus & Lovinnia Teeter Layman Marcus Layman, born 12/25/1872, died 12/14/1931 husband of Lovinnia Teeter son of James & Martha Lewis Layman Lovinnia Teeter Layman, born 6/21/1880, died 11/25/1957 wife of Marcus Layman daughter of William & Libby Thurston Teeter Ella Layman died 1947 Fred Layman died 1922 Walter L. Layman, born 6/8/1950, died 9/6/1950 3-month old son of Ella Layman & grandson of Mr & Mrs Earl Layman died after a 10-hour illness Harry Edward Walton, born 8/10/1899, died 8/20/1978 husband of Anna M. Scott son of Frederick & Emma Foland Walton Julia Wilsey Layman, born 10/3/1909, died 9/3/1973 wife of Earl Layman daughter of Lyman & Anna McRorie Wilsey Earl Marcus Layman, born 5/27/1903, died 3/18/1953 husband of Julia Wilsey Layman son of Marcus & Lovinnia Teeter Layman William J. Teeter, born 7/23/1858, died 3/29/1935 husband of Elizabeth “Libby” Thurston son of James T. & Catherine Brezee Teeter Elizabeth “Libby” Thurston Teeter, born 1/22/1864, died 5/21/1927 wife of William J. Teeter daughter of Lucius & Armena Castle Thurston Miss Ella M. Teeter, born 8/13/1899, died 10/16/1981 daughter of William J. & Elizabeth “Libby” Thurston Teeter Lena M. Cramer born 1888, died 1974 Iva Mae Fassett, born 8/30/1899, died 12/1947 wife of Owen M. Fassett daughter of William A. & Alida Steenburg Richards Alida Richards, born 1873, died 10/9/1961 widow of William Richards daughter of Chauncey & Melinda Barringer Steenburgh Owen W. Fassett, born 11/9/1896, died 1/21/1972 husband of (1) Iva Richards who died in 1947, (2) Mrs Mary Peters son of Warren & Sarah Johnson Fassett Willard J. Ashe, born 5/23/1917, died 9/21/1982 husband of Elizabeth Laffler son of Michael & Bridget Murphy Ashe Navy veteran of WWII Sophie Seagar, born 8/18/1870, died 6/25/1940 wife of John Seagar daughter of William & Martha Lippemann Miss Gertrude Rathbun, born 1/24/1876, died 10/20/1960 daughter of George L. & Elsie Jones Rathbun Henry Rathbun died 8/1916 Evelyn E. Rutherford, born 7/7/1916, died 9/19/1981 widow of Winnfield S. Rutherford daughter of Curnell R. & Elizabeth Hecock Belyea John W. Simmons, born 6/16/1865, died 2/22/1954 son of Patrick & Eliza Barron Simmons Lydia Simmons, born 5/5/1885, died 5/9/1968 widow of John Simmons who died several years ago daughter of Mathew & Mary Ostrander Osterhout Bert Osterhout, born 10/5/1880, died 5/20/1964 husband of Ida Morton Seward F. Smith, born 1873, died 7/21/1955 husband of Mary J. Werner son of John A. & Rosa VanAuken Smith Mary J. Smith, born 1893, died 11/10/1966 wife of Seward Smith who died in 1955 daughter of Nikolaus & Louise Crossway Werner Daniel Smith, born 4/1/1875, died 9/21/1961 husband of Grace M. Acers son of Charles & Mary E. Wiles Smith Grace Acers Smith, born 10/1/1878, died 4/12/1961 widow of Daniel Smith who died in 1961 daughter of Frank & Josephine Storing Acers Mrs Ray Storing died 4/1935 Cora B. Beebe, born 1880, died 3/2/1965 widow of Victor Beebe who died in 1955 daughter of Henry & Delia Kniskern Ridge Victor Beebe, born 8/7/1871, died 5/13/1955 husband of Cora Ridge son of Lyman & Betsy Price Beebe Mrs Henry Franklin born 1837, died 2/1915 in Cobleskill, NY Miss Amelia Vibbard born 1834, died 2/1915 Fannie Ayres, born 1843, died 12/1912 widow of Eugene Ayres who died several years ago Charlotte Schrubba, born 12/10/1873 in Germany, died 1/12/1957 daughter of Adam & Regina Royla William G. Bennett died 2/1954 Sanford Tunnicliff buried 4/1915 Carl Byer buried 4/1915 DeWella Kane, born 8/24/1913 in Penn, died 10/2/1984 in Massena, NY wife of Lloyd Kane daughter of Uriah & Carrie Peters Bonbarger Henry M. Hecox, born 2/2/1880, died 10/25/1964 husband of Bessie Whipple who died several years ago son of Eugene D. & Hannah Stocking Hecox Trustee of Springfield Center Cemetery Charles Stocking, born 12/20/1863, died 8/25/1957 husband of (1) Mary Stiles who died in 1914, (2) Ida Wengert who died in 1954 son of W.D. & Elizabeth Myers Stocking John Priece died 8/25/1955 in Albany Veterans Hospital Harriet R. English, born 8/16/1868, died 5/18/1955 widow of George W. English who died 7/30/1950 daughter of Benjamin & Cynthia Reynolds William B. Way, born 7/30/1865, died 5/1/7/1955 husband of Maud Rathbun son of Martin & Ruth Ely Way Maud Way, died 10/18/1958 wife of William B. Way daughter of Mr & Mrs Rathbun Maj. Leslie W. Yule, born 3/11/1894, died 3/30/1957 son of Willard & Minnie Frost Yule Frank Betts, died 11/1914 in the Philippines son of Robert G. Betts U.S. soldier George Ecker, born 1832, died 11/1914 Civil War veteran Joyce B. Craft, born 1935, died 9/10/1975 wife of Richard A. Craft daughter of Charles & Ina Robinson Bolster died in a farm accident Miss Mabel Craft, born 1885, died 7/19/1963 sister of Louis Craft retired school teacher Beulah Eckler, born 8/15/1896, died 1/8/1972 widow of Ivan J. Eckler who died in 1964 daughter of Fred & Maud Petrie Monk Arthur Eckler, died 8/12/1983 husband of Dorothy Galusha Laurel M. Maine, born 1892, died 12/14/1970 widow of Edward Maine who died in 1965 daughter of John & Carrie Acutt Darling Winifred F. Jackson, born 4/2/1892, died 12/11/1970 widow of Nathan L. Jackson who died 4/7/1960 daughter of William & Agnes Crain Flagg William F. Flagg, born 7/25/1861, died 9/30/1936 husband of Agnes Crain son of Phile & Julienne Ballard Flagg Stewart Druse, born 7/29/1914, died 12/27/1929 son of Mr & Mrs Clark Druse accidental rifle shooting by a friend Gordon J. Aney, born 1950, died 8/4/1971 son of Gordon W. & Katherine Hazzard Aney died in farming accident Jane Ackerly Smith, born 1910, died 3/11/1964 wife of Andrew R. Smith daughter of Clarence E. & Carro Mungo Ackerly Willis Fikes born 1860, died 1/1919 Thurmon Fikes born 1894, died 8//31/1976 Perry A. Fikes, born 1889, died 10/2/1973 husband of Mary Duddlest Mrs Seymour Myers died 10/1918 James “Peg” Cotton died 2/12/1917 son of Erastus & Cynthia Coleman Cotton Nellie M. Cotton, born 1882, died 10/6/1965 wife of Herbert G. Cotton daughter of Joseph & Mary Burch Ray Daniel Calman, born 1/10/1904, died 2/16/1982 son of Angus J. & Eda McRorie Calman Harold M. Calman born 1906, died 5/7/1979 Cornelia O. Cotton, born 5/23/1882, died 10/26/1960 widow of Lester G. Cotton who died 12/14/1952 daughter of Henry & Mary Parker Ostrander Rena Catherine Ostrander, born 7/2/1888, died 2/17/1959 wife of Ivan Ostrander daughter of William & Lany Aiter Wiles Leone R. Cotton, born 1898, died 10/15/1985 in Syracuse, NY wife of Morton A. Cotton of Oxford, NY Carl Douglass died 1/28/1917 Annie L. Snyder Eckler, died 4/1916 widow of Leverett Eckler daughter of Vander Snyder John Bailey died 2/1916 Fred Bailey, born 10/1/1877, died 10/20/1946 son of Mr & Mrs John Bailey William Brockway born 1837, died 4/1915 died of pneumonia Daniel Gray died 4/1915 Florence E. Hood Webster, born 8/2/1880, died 7/30/1958 wife of Volney M. Webster daughter of Chester & Mary Steele Hood Sarah Steele, died 11/7/1929 wife of Charles Steele daughter of Alonzo Bigelow Freida Bell Charnin, born 8/4/1922, died 9/4/1984 wife of William H. Charnin daughter of Burrill & Phyllis Gray Root Henry W. Fischbeck, born 8/13/1903 New York City, died 12/31/1981 husband of Theresa Natale who died in 1977 son of John H. & Johanna Koster Fischbeck James S. “Pete” Willsey, born 11/20/1903, died 12/4/1969 husband of Minnie E. Knights son of Lyman & Anna McRorie Willsey crushed to death by farm tractor Julia Schoenherr, born 1897, died 2/18/1962 wife of Carl Schoenherr Walter L. Craft, born 3/24/1880, died 11/22/1955 son of Charles & Ida Hoffman Craft William Empie born 1918, died 10/12/1986 John Mizerak born 1886, died 11/8/1982 Louis S. Quaif, born 1917, died 4/23/1979 son of Paul & Anita Quaif Emma C. Quaif, born 9/11/1869, died 3/14/1965 widow of Fred L. Quaif who died in 1934 daughter of John & Roxanna Pinckney Ostrander Barry W. Prill, born 1956, died 3/11/1974 son of Willis & Beatrice Butts Prill killed in one-car accident Harmon J. Butts, born 1895, died 2/24/1973 husband of Zillah Chase Bolton who died in 1966 James E. Bell, born 1884, died 7/1/1971 in Long Island husband of Hannah M. Gardenier son of James & Esther Bell Alice Derenda Armstrong, born 1883, died 1/6/1966 in Calif. wife of Perry Armstrong who died in 1937 daughter of Thomas & Carrie Brown Burke William J. Armstrong, born 1897, died 4/23/1974 husband of Beatrice Kelly Harry M. Kelly, born 1892, died 3/2/1976 husband of Juliette Hancock who died several years ago Juliette Hancock Kelly, born 10/5/1895, died 5/18/1969 wife of Harry M. Kelly daughter of George & Minnie O’Brien Hancock Minnie Hancock, born 5/25/1872, died 6/22/1956 widow of George Hancock who died several years ago daughter of Hicks & Hanna Weeks Conklin Harrie L. Armstrong, born 3/15/1877, died 2/16/1960 husband of Belva Waffle son of Newbern & Rosetta Hughes Armstrong August F. Rathbun, born 1901, died 8/9/1971 husband of Carrie Aney who died 9/7/1965 son of William & Minnie Schubert Rathbun Carrie A. Rathbun, born 1899, died 9/7/1965 wife of August S. Rathbun daughter of Abram & Mary Grady Aney William A. Rathburn, born 4/12/1895, died 12/15/1957 husband of Alice Myers son of William A. & Minnie Schubert Rathbun WWI veteran Allen V. Rathbun, born 1916, died 3/9/1971 husband of Dorothy M. Towne son of Arthur D. & Anna Gunther Rathbun Miss Catherine F. Haynes, born in Long Island, died 8/1971 daughter of A. Conroy & Catherine Cooke Haynes Edith M. Cooke, born 1887, died 11/11/1972 widow of Thomas W.P. Cooke who died in 1950 Hazel McShane, born 1896 in Minnesota, died 6/26/1971 wife of Walter McShane Walter H. McShane born 1893, died 7/30/1981 Helen E. Burke McShane, born 7/11/1887, died 11/27/1966 wife of Dr. John J. McShane daughter of Richard E. & Jennie Graham Burke Dr. John J. McShane, born 12/9/1888, died 1/9/1967 in Alexandria, VA. husband of Helen Burke who died in 1966 son of James & Mary Klugh McShane Lt. Walter Vincent McShane, born 1919, died 2/3/1942 son of Dr. & Mrs. John J. McShane killed in an Army bomber crash in Oregon Carolyn L. Flint, born 1887, died 1/9/1971 in Florida wife of Leroy Flint who died 5/25/1951 Richard D. Burst, born 1/14/1918, died 11/19/1972 son of Floyd & Edith M. Way Burst Edith M. Burst, born 10/24/1880, died 3/1/1966 wife of Floyd J. Burst who died 1/15/1966 daughter of Richard & Gertrude Small Way Floyd J. Burst, born 9/1/1883, died 1/15/1966 husband of Edith M. Way son of David & Ida White Burst John Burst died 11/1914 Mrs William Zeh, born 10/10/1894, died 9/17/1972 wife of William Zeh who died in 1955 daughter of William & Margaret W. Pickett Lawrence P. Keller, born 12/22/1929 in Long Island, died 2/15/1971 husband of Audrey Moyer son of George & Eva Froelich Keller Fred E. Sloan, born 7/19/1902, died 11/3/1969 husband of Mable Rathbun son of Alfred & Alice Scott Sloan John W. Sloan, born 10/17/1887, died 1/9/1963 son of Alfred & Alice R. Sloan Alvin J. Rings, born 8/10/1908, died 11/3/1968 husband of Isabelle Decker son of Nicholas & Vivian Bradshaw Rings Robert B. Murphy, born 10/11/1915, died 8/16/1967 husband of Alma Ellsworth son of Frank & Anna Rathbun Murphy Edna I. Young, born 8/13/1883 in Penn, died 4/3/1964 widow of Gordon Young who died in 1945 Bessie M. Hoke, born 1888, died 3/9/1964 widow of Marshall Hoke who died several years ago daughter of Louis & Jennie Lynch Smith Marvin J. Bennett, born 11/16/1873, died 4/18/1963 husband of Maude Shoudy son of Lewis J. & Jane Clark Bennett Leslie H. Ough, born 1882, died 9/6/1962 husband of Ethel Eldredge who died in 1958 son of Walter & Amelia Hall Ough Miss Mary Agnes Ough, born 1901, died 9/11/1984 survived by a brother Henry Ough Michael Anthony VanWinkler, born & died 6/24/1961 infant son of Frederick & Beverly Wightman VanWinkler died shortly after birth John E. Schrell, born 12/4/1897, died 12/27/1960 husband of Mable VanValkenburg son of William & Minnie Teanow Schrell Oliver Smith died 10/1960 Mrs Ray Shoemaker died 3/1959 or 3/1960 Harold Shoemaker born 1894, died 4/13/1963 Raymond H. Shoemaker, born 4/2/1880, died 8/26/1959 husband of Kate Marshall Eckert of England son of Isaac J. & Louise Tunnicliff Sheomaker Matilda Sheehy, died 2/8/1960 wife of Michael J. Sheehy daughter of Theophilus & Amelia LaRoche Michael J. Sheehy, born 3/31/1884, died 6/14/1972 husband of Matilda LaRouche who died in 1960 son of Patrick & Elizabeth Ahern Sheehy Alice C. Clark, born 12/9/1885, died 10/23/1958 wife of Merton J. Clark daughter of Arthur & Anna Lay Park L. Marion McRorie, born 1870, died 4/20/1958 widow of Melvin McRorie daughter of Smith & Martha Wikoff Ely no known survivors Wesley McRorie, born 1/20/1868, died 6/12/1955 son of Peter & Emily Bresee McRorie Marguerite Suzanne Aspinwall, born 11/25/1874 in France, died 4/13/1957 widow of Henry Aspinwall who died 3/14/1956 came to U.S. as a young girl Minnie Olive Kinney, born 1/24/1872, died 9/2/1956 wife of Jay P. Kinney adopted daughter of John & Betsy Olive Mary Smolens, born 4/14/1892, died 7/30/1956 wife of Nathan D. Smolens daughter of George & Doris Pierce Minnie Hancock died 6/1956 Roselyn C. Niles House, born 5/16/1905, died 12/31/1954 wife of Charles G. House daughter of Burton & Carrie House Niles Lawrence P. Geywits, born 8/28/1948, died 2/7/1954 5-year old son of Stewart & Rose Lucas Geywits was ill for several months Harriet Rathbun, born 10/6/1890, died 12/7/1951 wife of Walter Rathbun daughter of Mr & Mrs Willis Tunnicliff Ernest H. Isenor, born 1/2/1880 in Nova Scotia, died 3/29/1951 husband of Elizabeth Moody son of Daniel & Caroline Isenor Mrs. Ernest H. Isenor, born 3/13/1880 in Ireland, died 7/21/1948 wife of Ernest Isenor daughter of James & Frances Refort Moody came to U.S. in 1906 Hyde Clark Baird, born 4/29/1881, died 2/14/1950 husband of Jennie Young son of David & Altheria Brockway Baird Miss Maud B. Baird, born 3/1/1883, died 12/22/1950 daughter of David & Eltheria Brockway Baird Alfred Cary, born 1858, died 6/27/1938 husband of Esther Mae Cary who died 5/14/1924 Esther Mae Cary, died 5/14/1924 wife of Alfred Cary Alfred Lee Cary, born 1888, died 4/1970 husband of (1) Mabel Snyder who died in 1964, (2) Rhoda Empie Hawley Carey, born 1899, died 2/26/1970 husband of Lelia Sperry veteran of World War II Roxanna Pinckney Ostrander, born 12/28/1839, died 6/11/1937 widow of John H. Ostrander who died in 1916 daughter of Ezekiel & Eleanor Wilsey Pinckney Aney Willsey, born 1895, died 8/27/1978 wife of Abram Willsey Walter Ball, died 4/1/1938 husband of Edith Weeks Ball son of Alfred & Rose Hoke Ball Richard “Dickie” Sheldon, born 11/28/1935, died 12/28/1936 son of Mr & Mrs Lee Sheldon 10 year old died of pneumonia Mrs. Melvin Waffle, born 11/1/1858, died 10/27/1935 wife of Melvin Waffle daughter of Jeremiah & Adelaide Hall Bauder Alzoea Druse died 4/1936 Catherine VanAuken died 1/31/1935 Charles H. Evans, born 1/7/1857, died 3/21/1934 son of Mr & Mrs Owen Evans husband of Charlotte Auld Will Ecker died 6/16/1932 William Dawley, died 10/1930 son of Delos G. & Lorinda Osterhout Dawley Benjamin Franklin, born 11/13/1848, died 7/23/1930 husband of Euphemas McGan who died about a year ago son of Mr & Mrs Daniel Franklin Howard Youngs, died 4/23/1930 son of Mr & Mrs Herbert Youngs Harmon Vedder served in the Revolutionary War William Butts died 1/1926 Mrs Armanda House, born 1837, died 11/6/1925 wife of Armanda House daughter of Henry & Luna Bates Williams Richard Way born 1852, died 12//1924 Charles McChesney, died 4/18/1923 husband of Minna Hotaling Martin Steele died 4/14/1923 Anna Taft Ough, died 11/1921 wife of Edwin M. Ough daughter of John & Mary Taft J. Edwin Ough, born 1900, died 11/29/1962 husband of Meryl McRorie son of Edwin M. & Anna Taft Ough Amelia Stiles died 8/9/1921 Mrs. L.S. Funk died 4/19/1921 Mrs Wellington Allen died 3/5/1921 Lynn VanDerVeer, died 2/4/1921 wife of George W. VanDerVeer Infant VanDerVeer, died 12/1910 child of George & Lynn VanDerVeer Anna Guardinier Sheen, died 11/1920 in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. wife of Rev. Lewis Sheen daughter of W.S. Guardinier Mrs William Guardinier died 2/1916 Jay Pearson died 6/1920 Miss Diantha Putman died 2/1920 Julia Stannard, born 1839, died 12/23/1919 in Albany, NY wife of Elisha Stannard her son William Stannard died a few weeks ago Mrs Burch died 11/1919 William H. Devoe born 1837, died 10/1919 Mrs Charles Walrath died 4/1919 Daniel Murphy, born 1853, died 4/1/1919 husband of Mary Eckerson died in traffic accident John Christy died 12/17/1918 Lucy Wiles died 10/19/1918 Sylvester Price died 9/1918 resided here years ago John Olive born 6/12/1836, died 7/3/1918 Joseph King born in New York City, died 4/13/1918 Elwin McRorie, died 10/4/1916 son of Daniel McRorie Harvey Shaul died 8/1916 Jason Shaul, born 3/31/1864, died 12/29/1957 son of Norman & Catherine Doxtader Shaul husband of Margretta Weeks who died several years ago Mrs James Scholard born 1833, died 7/1915 Harriet Groat Brown died 8/1917 Elizabeth Burlingame died 5/1915 Alfred M. Hardy, died 4/1915 husband of Mary V. Sheldon Mary V. Sheldon Hardy, born 11/21/1858, died 7/18/1925 widow of Alfred M. Hardy daughter of Mr & Mrs Samuel Sheldon Grant Shull died 2/1915 Charles Henry Belew died 2/1915 Edith Borst died 12/1914 Aurelia Reed died 6/1914 George Lynch, b. 1841, died Oct 1911 or Oct 1912 son of Thomas Lynch Male Haggard, died 1/7/1909 infant son of William Haggart aged 1 month & 24 days Mrs L.J. Ayers died 2/2/1892 Eugene B. Smith, born 1880, died 10/28/1971 husband of Muriel Bowman who died in 1960 son of Burton & Ella Countryman Smith Hilda M. Bowman, born 10/18/1901, died 1/20/1985 wife of Owen G. Bowman daughter of Myron & Florence McRorie Shaul Ralph M. Mixter, born 11/21/1890, died 10/17/1979 son of David & Emma Hoke Mixter David E. Mixter, born 12/26/1854, died 12/11/1938 son of Kiran & Martha Kane Mixter husband of Emma Hoke who died in 1925 George C. Hinds, born 1903, died 4/30/1975 husband of Marie Ely board member of Springfield Center Cemetery Kenneth Meade, born 1951, died 11/21/1974 husband of Kathleen Tinder son of Cal & Mary Richvalski Meade killed in hunting accident Fenton O. Smith, born 1889, died 3/18/1973 husband of Sadie M. Ough son of Fred W. & Carrie Ostrander Smith Rose Mae Sitts, born 1888, died 2/14/1972 widow of Earl C. Sitts who died several years ago Arthur G. Smith born 1886, died 1970 S.M. Ingalls born 1825, died 6/1905 Levi Walrath died 1/1905 Robert L. Walrath born 4/2/1841, died 7/22/1924 Henrietta I. Wiltse, born 1900, died 4/7/1970 wife of Jesse Wiltse daughter of Edward & Cynthia Smith Buddle J. Albert Buddle, born 7/3/1891, died 10/20/1956 husband of Crystal Armstrong son of Edson P. & Cynthia Smith Buddle Miss Blanche O. Guardenier, born 9/30/1877, died 1/28/1970 daughter of William S. & Medora Walker Guardenier William H. Guardenier, born 1879, died 10/4/1968 husband of M. Theresa VanHorne Mary Janczek, born 1905 in Poland, Europe, died 1/17/1970 wife of Walter Janczek daughter of Zigmont & Valeria Majewski Zula M. Olmstead, born 1899, died 11/19/1968 wife of George A. Olmstead daughter of Lynn & Harriet Butler William F. Bridger, born 1884, died 12/27/1968 husband of (1) Florence Armstrong who died in 1960, (2) Mabel Crandall Donald L. Bridger, born 8/10/1939, died 1/27/1987 son of Randall & Emma Smith Bridger Leroy Hamilton, born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1876, died 9/28/1968 husband of Carrie Hill who died in 1967 Anthony M. Pryzby, born in Poland, Europe in 1878, died 1/11/1968 husband of Anna Wilk son of Jacob & Maryann Boke Pryzby Anna R. Pryzby, born 1/15/1884 in Poland, Europe, died 4/19/1970 widow of Anthony M. Pryzby who died 2 years ago daughter of Anthony & Rose Sandae Wilk Gilbert Riesdorph, born 1894, died 4/12/1967 son of Myron & Jane Aney Riesdorph Ada K. Bartholomew, born in Tennessee in 1891, died 1966 wife of Norman E. Bartholomew who died in 1958 Frank Bartholomew, born 1892, died 7/11/1964 husband of Edith Moyer Victor Galusha, born 1887, died 2/17/1963 husband of Anna Werner who died in 1940 George A. Griggs, born 1873, died 12/26/1962 husband of Maude McKellip who died in 1954 son of James & Josephine Burlingame Griggs Oscar J. Beaudette, born in Taunton, Mass in 1885, died 10/26/1962 husband of Nora Cosgrove Abbie K. Engell, born 1881, died 10/4/1962 wife of Giles Gilbert Engell daughter of Perry C. & Igene Hewes Kelly Eva H. Smythe, born 1884, died 7/14/1962 widow of William Smythe who died in 1951 daughter of Fayette & Flora Marsh Hattie Stevens, born 1889, died 6/23/1962 in Milford, Conn. widow of Edward Stevens who died in 1933 daughter of Lewis & Jennie Lynch Smith Earl Campbell, born 1904, died 4/5/1962 husband of Mae Florence Hoke who died in 1961 son of Joseph & Effie Ackerman Campbell Bertha A. Hosford, born 1883, died 4/1/1962 wife of Clinton L. Hosford Mary E. Irish, born 1902, died 2/5/1962 wife of (1) Ira Stiles who died many years ago, (2) Arthur Irish daughter of Millard & Charity Worthington Fritcher Miss Maud E. Lathrop, born 1877, died 1/25/1962 daughter of Lewis & Martha Monk Lathrop Catherine C. Wilmot, born 1901, died 1961 wife of Geary A. Wilmot Rufus W. Whipple, born 1895, died 9/14/1961 husband of Anna Keller Peter Thurston, born 1868, died 9/8/1961 husband of Mella Bott who died 18 years ago Timothy Scott Martin, born 12/26/1960, died 12/29/1960 3-day old son of Robert & Marion Skinner Martin J. Carrie Holmes, born 12/7/1869, died 10/7/1959 widow of Arthur Leroy Holmes who died in 1957 daughter of Elisha W. & Julia O. Percival Stannard Kathryn S. Holmes born 1888, died 9/1967 in Schuyler Lake Chauncey N. Drake, born 10/23/1876, died 5/27/1959 husband of Anna Duggiby son of Francis & Martha Cole Drake Katherine M. Hutchings, born 2/15/1909, died 1/2/1959 wife of Leonard Hutchings daughter of Lynn & Harriet Snyder Butler Irene H. Snyder, born 4/15/1898, died 8/11/1856 wife of George F. Snyder daughter of John & Anna McMorris Gillette Lillian M. Krniskerm, born 10/12/1891, died 10/31/1953 wife of Byron L. Krniskerm daughter of Alfred & Anna Small McRorie Leland Smith, born 11/30/1895, died 10/24/1950 son of Mr & Mrs Fred W. Smith husband of Gladys Kelly Pfc. John E. Ferns, born 1925, died 10/15/1945 son of Edward C. & Grace Ferns killed in auto accident in Illinois Grace B. Ferns, born 8/5/1897, died 11/14/1971 widow of Edward C. Ferns who died 12/17/1945 daughter of John E. & Anna Casey Aney William H. Leonard, born 1913, died 9/1/1984 husband of Fannie Flagg school teacher Pauline “Polly” Smith, born 1913, died 5/4/1978 daughter of Mrs Helen Lunn of Cooperstown Frances Aney Willsey, born 1895, died 8/27/1978 wife of Abram Willsey Robert H. Payne, born 9/9/1918 in Utica, NY, died 3/27/1977 in Palmer, Mass. son of Robert & Irene Gordon Palmer (believe this should be Payne, not Palmer) Air Force veteran of WWII Charles H. Bartlett, born 12/30/1895, died 10/13/1977 husband of Vesta Gage son of Charles & Emma Keeler Bartlett veteran of WWI Howard R. Young, born 1880, died 6/9/1961 son of William & Laura Dutcher Young Louise Young, born 3/26/1904, died 7/24/1958 widow of Algy Young who died 3/6/1957 daughter of Nicholas & Louise Crossway Werner owner of VanHornesville Hotel Margaret Monaghan, born in Ireland, died 7/28/1961 widow of William D. Monaghan who died about 18 years ago daughter of John & Ann Smith Keating Florence G. Blanchard, born 12/31/1901, died 9/9/1958 widow of (1) Dwight Walrath who died in 1936, (2) Chester Blanchard who died in 1950 daughter of Harry & Lulu Belle Cooper Mathews Fred Chamberlain, born 6/1/1861, died 10/31/1955 husband of Ella Rathbun who died in 1948 son of Charles & Charlotte Derthick Chamberlain Martha W. Thayer, born 7/27/1893, died 10/13/1986 widow of Grover C. Thayer who died 3/18/1965 daughter of Oscar & Nancy Wikoff Whipple Evelyn D. Smith, died 12/23/1981 widow of Harold Smith who died in 1962 daughter of Victor & Margaret Smith Filkins Glenn C. Burton, born 6/22/1910, died 3/3/1981 in Ft McCoy, Fla. husband of Naomi French son of William G. & Minnie E. Collins Burton Harry H. Cartright born 1902, died 8/15/1972 Cora Armstrong Joslyn, born 4/22/1867, died 7/23/1951 wife of (1) Benton R. Setts who died in 1923, (2) Henry P. Joslyn who died 1/1931 daughter of William J. & Caroline Duell Armstrong Frederick M. Dibble died 7/29/1948 Albert VanHorne, born 10/1/1876, died 4/5/1946 son of Harrison & Mary Way VanHorne bachelor Lester R. Johnson, born 5/29/1881, died 1/13/1946 husband of Pearl Mary Leonard son of William & DeEtta Kinter Johnson died 9 hours after his wife died Pearl Mary Johnson, born 3/19/1887, died 1/12/1946 wife of Lester R. Johnson daughter of Edward & Fannie Ormand Leonard died of pneumonia 9 hours before her husband died Dexter Bowman, born 1869, died 2/19/1939 son of Charles & Mary Elizabeth Pinckney Bowman Kittie Shimel, born 11/1/1871, died 9/28/1949 wife of Dayton Shimel daughter of Barton & Lucinda Haskell Zoller George E. Schreiber, born 7/3/1900 in Detroit, Mich., died 8/23/1913 survived by 3 brothers: Ernest, Roy, and Warren Schreiber Cornelia Ferguson Goes, born 2/9/1843, died 8/1927 widow of Martin Goes Daniel Patterson, born 1879, died 5/19/1971 husband of Carrie Snyder who died in 1914 Eugene Minkler, died 1/20/1924 husband of Amanda Tunnicliff Lawrence P. Oakes, born 5/21/1941, died 6/9/1970 son of Carl J. & Eva Lincourt Oakes died in one-car accident in Westport, Essex Co, NY James N. Saxton, born 3/22/1883, died 3/29/1969 husband of Margaret Ely Ferris who died in 1946 son of James W. & Amelia Son Saxton Adina Miller, born 8/10/1885 in Sulz, Germany, died 2/26/1969 wife of Jacob Miller daughter of Johannes & Anna Maria Dengler Worner came to U.S. in 1900 Maude Wiltse Williams, born 1882, died 5/13/1966 widow of Truman Williams who died several years ago daughter of William & Ada Kenyon Wiltse Ferencz Seprodi Nagy, born 5/5/1905 in Hungary, died 10/13/1965 married Margit S.B.F. Nagy in 1929 son of Joseph S. & Ester Gyeresi Nagy came to U.S. in 1934 Frank M. Smith, born 7/28/1883, died 3/16/1965 husband of Mabel Williams *Revolutionary War* Beach, Jedidiah (also spelled Jedediah) Coates, John (Captain) Franklin, Moses
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