Stetsonville Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

Material obtained from Mrs. Lois Higgins (6-15-1985)and checked against record made 
by the DAR in the 1930's.Cemetery is located on Route 51 between Garrattsville, NY and
Morris, NY. Is in a field near the area known locally as Stetsonville. At one time the
site was fenced in, but is not now. Farm animals have grazed among the stones and
broken some. Condition poor. Bolkcom, John; son of Dr. J. & P. Bolkcom; d. Sept 5, 1818; aged 16 years -- In memory of an infant child of Joseph Bolkcom; d. Sept 20, 1861; aged 6 months Fox, Nina Goldson; wife of Elias Fox; d. Oct 6, 1865; aged 74 years Smith, Lydia Ann; daughter of J & A. Smith; d. Sept. 15, 1818; aged 12 days Stetson, Eliza Jane; daughter of John & Eliza Stetson; d. Sept 25, 1849; aged 22 years
33 days Whiston, Joseph; d. July 5, 1837; aged 60 yrs. " , Mille; wife of Joseph W.; d. Feb 9, 1819 aged 40 years " , Esther; daughter of J & M Whiston; d. Sept 29, 1830; aged 21 years.
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