St. Lukes Cemetery
Richfield, Otsego County, NY
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Monticello, Otsego County, NY
Near Monticello Hill Top

Beardsley   Joseph   d. 6 Jul 1841   Age 49y
Beardsley   Joseph Warren   d. 27 Aug 1868   Age 48y
Cary           Darius H.   d. 8 Feb 1860   Age 91 
 Cpt. of 11th Reg 1st Brigade Cav.
Colwell        Samuel   d. 13 Mar 1858   Age 77y
Dow            Col. Aaron   d. 16 Mar 1833   Age 61y 
  Brother of Nathan Colwell
Dow            Loring    d. 24 Feb 1864  Age 61y
Edson         S. P.    d. 29 Sep 1855   Age 79y2m10d
Hannahs      Daniel    d. 7 Sep 1842   Age 77y
Holland        Maj. Ivory   d. 7 Oct 1862   Age 84y
Howes         Thomas    d. 26 Jan 1835    Age 61y3m21d
Markham     James    d. 4 Aug 1859    Age 96y
Martin         Amasa    d. 27 Oct 1867   Age 70y5m4d
McCullum    ______    d. 28 Feb 1854   Age 82y5m
Pringle        John    d. 22 Sep 1831   Age 75y
Robinson    Cyrus    d. 18 Jul 1852   Age 83y
Tanner        Dr. Cuyler    d. 7 Oct 1857 in Mohawk, NY   Age 65y
Tuttle          Delos     d. 7 Feb 1838? (could be 1898--AC)
Woodbury   John    d. 23 Nov 1862   Age 85y
Yeomans    Starlin    d. 7 Mar 1861   Age 86y

*Updated Information - added 12/31/07*

Claude A. Robinson
born 1893, died 4/16/1988
Dorothy Mason Robinson
born 1900, died 3/6/1988
wife of Claude A. Robinson
John Lewis, born in England 3/22/1865, died 4/26/1961
son of John & Anna Canfield Lewis
Angie Colwell, born 1/30/1860, died 6/11/1936
wife of Clarence Colwell
daughter of David & Eunice Joy Bates
Elizabeth Ann Robinson, born 6/19/1855, died 9/16/1923
wife of Albert D. Robinson who died 1/16/1921
daughter of Daniel A. Monk & Catherine Krum
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