St. Mary's Cemetery
Moves To
Mt. Calvary Cemetery
Contributed by Sandy Goodspeed
Oneonta, Otsego County, NY

In 1991 St. Mary's Church sold the St. Mary's Cemetery to A. O. Fox Hospital to
make room for a parking lot. Here is a copy of the court order and the listing of
those who were uninterred and reinterred at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Oneonta.
Please keep in mind that there are spelling errors in this listing
At an Adjourned Special Term of the Supreme Court of the State of New
York,held for Otsego County, at 242 Main St., Oneonta, NY on September 20, 1991. PRESENT: Hon. John M. Thomas Justice STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT: OTSEGO COUNTY In the Matter of the Applications of ST. MARY'S CHURCH OF ONEONTA, NEW YORK For approval of the removal of human remains from St. Mary's Cemetery to Mount Calvary Cemetery, pursuant to Section 9 of the Religious Corporations Law. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. Index Number: C-1505B RJI Number: Upon the annexed Petition of St. Mary's Church of Oneonta, New
York, duly verified this 9th day of September, 1991, let the heirs, next of kin, or
other interested persons related to or knowing those individuals whose names are set
forth on Exhibit "B" of the Petition, said Exhibit reflecting the names of approximately
358 persons now buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Oneonta, New York, show cause
before this Court at a special term thereof to be held at the hearing room at 242 Main St.,
Oneonta, New York on 30th day of September 1991 at 9:30 AM, of said day or as soon
thereafter as counsel can be heard, why an Order should not be granted approving the
disinterment of the human remains buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Oneonta, New York,
for reinterment in Mount Calvary Cemetery pursuant to S9 of the Religious Corporations Law,
and why such other and further relief should not be granted to the Petitioner which is just and proper. Sufficient reasoning appearing therefore, service of the within Order to Show Cause on all next of kin, heirs, and other interested parties shall be
made by publishing a copy of this Order and an alphabetical list set forth on Exhibit
B of the Petition reflecting the names of those persons whose remains are proposed to
be moved from St. Mary's Cemetery to Mount Calvary Cemetery. Said publication shall
be made in the Daily Star and shall be published once at least four days prior to
the return date of this petition. DATED: September 20, 1991 Oneonta, New York. Hon. John M. Thomas Acting Supreme Court Justice St. Mary's Cemetery Grid Name Maiden 117 Cross #1 117 Eliza 117 Edward 117 Cross #2 89 May 42 Ellen Barry 79 Abbey Abigail 78 Abbey (John) Walter Adamsek Rudolph 61 Banning(s) Matthew 61 Banning(s) Margaret 86 Beers Tracy Lee Bolles Emma Bordonaro Sena 100 Brank Luella 89 Briggs G Floyd R 69 Briggs Francis H 69 Briggs Wellington Brudler Laurernci Bruke Mary 94 Buerger Catherine 36 Burns John 3 Burdick George 43 Burke Marie 43 Burke Mary 43 Burke Clara Margaret 43 Burke Lawrence 43 Burke Loretta Burke Francis 43 Burke Alfred A 43 Burke Thomas J Burke Patrick Burke Leonald Burrel John 3 Burrhus Ada M Butts Alta 52 Butts Laverne 52 Butts Alfa D 43 Callahan Catherine 76 Campton Patrick 76 Campton Elnoba 13 Carroll Mary Ellen 13 Carroll Thomas Carroll William 123 Ciccomancino Alphonso Ciesielski Mary 22 Ciesielski Jay 22 Ciesielski Anthony 22 Ciesielski Mary Callahan 22 Ciesielski Teresa Delaney 68 Clark Anna 68 Clark Frederick 83 Cleary Emma Cleary Michael 83 Cleary James Clifford Eleanor 79 Coffe 86 Conklin Patrick Connell Annette 21 Connors John C 21 Connors Bernard 21 Connors Ann Moran 21 Connors Patrick 21 Connors Winifred Cornell Michael 3 Covern Theresa Stapleton 3 Covern Charles 41 Cramer John 41 Cramer Martha 41 Cramer Anna Riley 41 Cramer Charles Cresieloski J 56 DeAngelis Anthony 56 DeAngelis Mary Navaretta Deery ---- 72 DeFillippo Antonio 45 Delaney John 45 Delaney Elizabeth Sallahan/Sallkaham Delaney Margaret Delbito Stanzo DeSello Alphansina 62 Devereaux Mary Ann Reddy 14 Devine Edna May Owens 14 Devine David A Di Filippo Pedro 73 Dillello Alphonia Dominic ---- 59 Doyle Thomas 59 Doyle Charley 42 Doyle Patrick 59 Doyle Clara 59 Doyle Sarrah Anna 60 Doyle Sarah 61 Duffy Ellen 61 Duffy Francis 61 Duffy Bridget McKay Dummonde William DuMond Nora Dumoude Frank Eggleston Alfreda Eggleston Alfred 43 Elwood Andrew C 54 Farina Vanni John 56 Farone Nellie Fonda Montone 100 Farrell Edward Farrell Luella 123 Ferrara Carolo Ferrenolo Guisseppo 68 Flanigan Nellie 75 Gallagher James 74 Gallagher Patrick Gieirelski Anthony Giglio Mary 43 Gilmartin Edward 43 Gilmartin Grace 44 Gleason Gleason Margaret 44 Gleason Anne Gleason Margaret Mary Gleason James Glenn John Glenn Annetta 75 Glynn John 75 Glynn Annetta 94 Glynn Thomas 94 Glynn Mary 94 Glynn Michael 94 Glynn Ann Gronin Nora 72 Hammil Mary Hanrattan Margaret 33 Hanrattan Catherine 33 Hanrattan James 93 Hartshorn Margaret 93 Hartshorn George 93 Hartshorn Mary 80 Heiler Ruth 65 Hennessey Kathrine Hickey Cornelius 86 Hickey Mary 78 Hickey Mary 43 Hickey Michael 78 Hickey Cornelius 78 Hickey William, Sr 86 Hickey Willima (William?) Higgins Ellen 63 Hinderberger Lorena 31 Hlowcz Lukasz Hoffman John 69 Holmes Richard 69 Holmes Margaret 69 Holmes Edward Hone Mary Hour Patrick 41 Johnson John G 60 Johnson Marion Johnson Edward 41 Johnson Elizabeth E 41 Johnston Elizabeth 42 Johnston Edward 23 Keefe Patrick 23 Keefe William 23 Keefe Mary Keegan 67 Keegan Anna 67 Keegan Peter 67 Kelleher Mary 73 Kelleher Daniel Kelly Harold King Charles 16 Lamonica Mariana Laraway Martha 76 Laraway Alice 80 Lavecchia Ralph Lloyd Sarah 124 Lucnowicz William 89 Lynch Infant 97 Lynch Amelia Lynch ---- 18 Mahon James 18 Mahon Cecelia Walsh Maletta ---- Mallia Rosalia Mareno Carrie 78 Marks Joseph 78 Marks Florence 78 Marks Mary 91 Mazzarelli John McDonald M 66 McDonough Williami McDonough Marcella 27 McGinley Mary Dunn 27 McGinley Daniel 27 McGinley Kate Mullen 85 McGuiness John 85 McGuiness Stuart Arthur 85 McGuiness Chester William 85 McGuiness Edwin 85 McGuiness Mary 30 McGurirk James 30 McGurirk Mary C 30 McGurirk Bridget Delaney McHugh Michael 95 McHugh Ellen 2 McKeon James McNemrogh William 75 Meagley Irene 75 Meagley Donald 124 Mickiewicz Anna Moley Mary Molinari Vitillo Molitelle Joseph Montelo Ellernora 46 Mooney Terrance 46 Mooney Hugh 66 Mooney Mary 27 Morrison Charles 27 Morrison Charles W 27 Morrison Margaret Nalley 27 Morrison Theresa 27 Morrison James Morrison Frank 64 Mullia Rosalie Murray Margaret Musor Stearn 45 Naughton Julia B 45 Naughton Peter Norton James 18 Norton Michael 18 Norton Sarah 18 Norton William Oivene Margaret 121 Osimanti Narareno 23 Owens Michael 23 Owens Mary Lynch 23 Owens Daniel Owens Mary 6 Owens Ellen Stapleton 6 Owens John Ownes (Owens?) Phillip O'Brien Anna O'Neil John 103 Pasquarielli Duomena 126 Pedona Antoniella Penny James Perdola Antonio 56 Perry James W 56 Perry Margaret Mary 56 Perry Maurice 56 Perry Nora Scott 56 Perry Frances 101 Perry Squire 39 Pisanelli Mary Potter Mary 80 Reddhio Mary Reilly Thomas 57 Reilly Catherine 57 Reilly Jane 57 Reilly Grace 57 Reilly Herman 57 Reilly Mary Ann Lacey Reilly Teresa 57 Reilly Lawrence Reilly Elizabeth 58 Richmond Jane F Regan 58 Richmond Frances J 58 Richmond Clara B 58 Richmond James C 42 Riley Emma 41 Riley John Riley Edna 41 Riley Elizabeth Walsh Roach Ellen 125 Ross Willie 101 Rothery John 101 Rothery Anna 126 Russ Leo 65 Russell Michael 65 Russell Mary 65 Russell Margaret 65 Russell Michael Samelo Frances 56 Scott Walter 79 Serrantonio 12 Sheilds Hanna Mahaney 12 Sheilds Ellen 12 Sheilds William H Shields Helena Shields William Smith Delphine 50 Stack James Stack Ellen 42 Stack George H 6 Stapleton Laura 22 Stapleton Martin 22 Stapleton Eddie 7 Stapleton Julia 7 Stapleton Agnes 6 Stapleton Michael 6 Stapleton George 7 Stapleton Mary Glynn 6 Stapleton Jane Stapleton John 7 Stapleton Mary Hynes 6 Stapleton Martin 7 Stapleton Stephen, Sr 46 Steidle Elizabeth Steirlle Adam Stevenson Emma Cleary Stock George St. Clair Loretta Trinhino Cartano Vallero Corilo 87 Verian Robert 87 Verian Edward 87 Verian Robert 87 Verian Nellie Vito Carmita Walters ? Nora 86 Walters James 86 Walters ? Norah Doherty 86 Walters Dora 86 Walters Eliza 86 Walters Edward 86 Walters William 86 Walters Harold 86 Walters Earl Joseph Whalen Genevieve 12 Whaley Frank 20 Whaley Edward D, Rev. 20 Whaley Edmund J 12 Whaley William 19 Whaley Mary Duddy 12 Whaley M. Helena 19 Whaley Margaret 11 Whaley Jeromiha 19 Whaley Mary J Woolheater Robert Yager Virginia
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