Stukeley Barton Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY
Read by Alma Slawson & Edith Gage in April 1968
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located on the McCrae farm (abandoned) on the Town Line Road just opposite Pool 
Creek (Brook?) Road. Site is in a place very difficult to reach---is behind the 
house about 200 ft or so, but there is a swampy spot (more like a pond---the 
beavers have been working!) so that a detour must be made.  Went up the road 
about 1/2 mile: took the old logging road about 30 ft, turned left onto a smaller 
trail, went down an overgrown gully, climbed over a fence, tramped through some 
more woods, and finally came out onto what is called "the big flat" ( a one-time 
hay field).  The cemetery is located in the right hand corner of this flat area 
( as you look at the house from Town Line Road.  It is marked (sort of) by the 
presence of three large pine trees and 3 big cherry trees.  It is completely 
overgrown with brush, weeds etc; had to really hunt for the grave markers---three 
of which are down and partially buried in decaying leaves, grasses etc. and several 
others are tilted rather precariously.  

Condition: Extremely bad.

Barton,       Stukeley   d. Jan 1813   Age 69y  (stone is barely visable; only the 
                     name clearly readable)
                 Alse    d. 3 Dec 1833   Age 92y   Widow of Stukeley (Stone over
                     and only partially readable)
                 Robert    d. 12 Feb 1857   Age 84y  (Stone partially buried)
                 Polly     d. 17 Jun 810   Age 39y   (Stone down)
                 Phebe    d. 20 May 1820   Age 16y   Dau of Robert
                 Ziporah    d. 6 Apr 1835   Age 52y   2nd wife of Robert  (Stone 
                      still standing well)
                 E.   (small stone clearly marked but not recorded by DAR in 1935
Stanton      Robert A.    d. 2 Jan 1846   Age 7 weeks   Son of Abram & Hannah
Small Fieldstone marker:   Writing no longer visable.
                      (Stone standing well; has a footstone)

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