Taylor Cemetery
Fly Creek
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Read by Zillah VanCleft Bull & Belle Taylor Hardy 1938

Located three miles from Fly Creek   Condition: Good

Eleazar Taylor   d. 17 Mar 1844   Age 54y
Esther Taylor   d. 26 Apr 1831   Age 37y   w/o Eleazar
Thomas Taylor   d. 23 Oct 1817   Age 72y
Cynthia Taylor   d. 22 Jun 1839   Age 88y   
Chester Taylor    1782-1870
Isabel Taylor   d. 19 Mar 1862   Age 79y4m4d   w/o Chester
Mathilda Taylor   d. 26 Feb 1856   Age 32y6m27d   d/o Chester & Isabel
Erastus Taylor   d. 5 Dec 1856   Age 85y7m10d
Anna Taylor   d. 25 May 1846   Age 73y3m9d   w/o Erastus
Thomas Taylor   d. 11 Apr 1863   Age 83y1m29d
Margaret Taylor   d. 16 Aug 1862   Age 85y11m21d
Thomas Taylor   d. 24 Nov 1870   Age 70y
Hannah Wood   d. 26 Jul 1854   Age 74y2m24d   w/o William
James Sprague   d. 31 Dec 1852   Age 73y
Electa Sprague   d. 8 Apr 1861   Age 82y   w/o James
Anna Hawkins   d. 18 Jul 1860   Age 35y   w/o John   
   daughter of Amon & Lydia TAYLOR
William Sutherland   d. 9 Oct 1812   Age 39y
Nancy Smith   d. 20 Sep 1859   Age 80y   w/o John Smith
   Formerly married to William SUTHERLAND
Isabel Gullock   d. 29 Jun 1809   Age 64y   q/o John
Cynthia M. Gullock   d. 6 Feb 1810   Age 32y   w/o Alexander M.
Thankful Corse, Miss.   d. 2 Feb 1817   Age 71y
Sarah Carter   d. 8 May 1846   Age 72y   w/o Jirah

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