Toddsville/Fly Creek Cemetery
Otsego, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Mrs. Zillah VanCleft Bull for Oneonta Chapter N.S. D.A.R. 1937
Donated by Marilyn DeVries of Grandville, MI
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Unpublished Cemetery Records, compiled by Ethel Vance (Mrs. John F.) Mosher,
Chairman Genealogical Records Committee, Daughters of the American Revolution
of New York State, 1938 Vol 110 Page 1.  Cemetery located on Toddsville Road 
at County Road 26.

1st row left of gate
Eli B. Adams   d. 16 Jul 1881   Age 69y
Clarinda Adams   d. 20 May 1851   Age 39y9m4d   Wife of Eli B.
William Adams   d. 20 Mar 1843   Age 74y3m
Abigail Adams   d. 18 Mar 1853   Age 81y   Wife of William
Omar S. Adams   d. 10 Nov 1860   Age 5y   Son of Eli & Betsey
Cory Adams   d. 4 Nov 1859   Age 2y   Dau of Eli & Betsey
Daughter Adams   d. 1 Jul 1843   Dau of Eli B. & Clarinda
Miss Sarah Adams   d. 7 Aug 1818   Age 14y   Only dau of William & Abigail
Infant Daughter Adams   10 Nov 1810-30 Nov 1810
Lucena Adams   10 Nov 1810-27 Jul 1811  (Twin Daus of Wm. & Abigail)
John Adams   d. 15 Apr 1843   Age 67y
Persis Adams   d. 2 Sep 1853   Age 74y   Wife of John
John Adams   d. 25 Nov 1810   Age 67y
Submit Adams   d. 15 May 1813   Age 70y   Wife of John
Susannah Adams   d. 12 Jul 1819   Age 1y10d   Dau of John & Persis
Dolly Ewell   d. 1 Oct 1841   Age 37y7m   Wife of Frederick
Lydia Ann P. Ewell   d. 22 Oct 1839   Age 5y6m   Dau of Fred & Dolly
2nd Row
Polly Wentworth   d. 28 Dec 1846   Age 66y   Wife of Elihu
Eliza Anthony   d. 8 Jun 1846   Age 42y   Wife of Jacob
David Shipman    No dates   14th NY Mil  "Rev War"
Delia Cheny   d. 24 Jan 1830   Age 60y   Wife of WIlliam
Almira D. Shipman   d. 3 May 1857   Age 24y6m6d   Dau of Wm. J. & Deborah
Submita Adams   d. 28 Jul 1840   Age 2y5m   Dau of William & Priscilla
Daniel Williams   d. 28 Dec 1828   Age 64y
Patty Williams   d. 7 Sep 1838   Age 68y   Wife of Daniel
William O. Williams   d. 12 Mar 1840   Age 32y
Adin Adams   15 Sep 1796-3 Mar 1879
Harriet A. Adams   d. 18 Aug 1845   Age 1y1m25d   Dau of Adin & Sally
Emma J. Adams   d. 15 Sep 1849   Age 2y4m12d   Dau of Adin & Sally
Nancy Eliza Convers   19 Aug 1825-29 Mar 1906   Wife of Ogden (nee ADAMS
Ogden Convers   d. 30 Sep 1858   Age 32y
Burdett S. Masters  d. 24 Apr 1920   Age 79y
Jennie Masters   1839-1929   Wife of Burdett S.   (nee ADAMS)
Row 3
Typhena McNeal   d. 25 Aug 1829   Age 51y
George H. Edett   1851-1871
Minnie L. Edgett   1852-1898
Deloss W. Edget   d. 15 Mar 1815   Age 3y6m7d   Son of Peter & Alzina
Alzina Edget   d. 30 Oct 1847   Age 23y6m   Wife of Peter
Asanath F. Edgett   d. 21 Aug 1857   Age 32y   Wife of Peter
   (This family may connect to the Edget, Edgett, Edgatt family of Howard, 
     Steuben Co. NY-lots of them buried in this area--AC)
James Alpin, Jr.   d. 17 Jun 1829   Age 41y
Amy Andrews   d. 1 Nov 1834   Age 60y   Wife of Zattu
Zattu Andrews   d. 22 Feb 1839    Age 75y
Olney Z. Andrews   d. 12 Mar 1863   Age 65y8m22d
Amy Andrews   d. 22 Nov 1875   Age 78y10m   Wife of O.Z.  (nee CARPENTER
Fanny Andrews   d, 21 Jul 1839   Age 22y   (First wife of O.Z.)
4th Row
James Carpenter   d. 9 Jun 1822   Age 51y5m
Hannah Carpenter   d, 12 Seo 1841   Age 69y3m   Wife of James
Azuba Hart  d. 22 Nov 1834  Age 24y4m21d  Wife of Albert (nee CARPENTER)
Maryett Rexford   d. 4 Jun 1863   Age 37y   Wife of Russell
Susan Malvina Andrews   d. 10 Aug 1839   Age 3y2m16d   Dau of Olney & Amy
George Washington Andrews   d. 26 Feb 1863   Age 44y4m22d stone down
Adah A. Chappell   d. 16 Dec 1850   Age 28y   Wife of Joseph
Cynthia Bailey   d. 5 May 1865   Age 26y   Wife of WIlliam
Eunice Waley   d. 9 Dec 1850   Age 86y6m   Wife of Ephraim
Hopy Waley   d. 8 Aug 1834   Age 38y5m20d   Dau of Ephraim & Eunice
Eunice Waley   d. 16 Feb 1875   Age 75y
Rufus Fisk   d. 7 May 1841   Age 60y
Sarah Fisk   d. 28 Jan 1875   Age 81y   Wife of Rufus
5th Row
Edward B. Niles   d. 11 May 1828   Age 1y11m15d   Son of Samuel 
   & Bathsheba
Henry Niles   d. 25 Sep 1830   Age 1y1m13d   Son of Samuel & Bathsheba
Forbes Bond, Jr.   d. 28 Dec 1825   Age 29y2m22d
Elizabeth Gurney   d. 22 Dec 1823   Age 3y   Dau of Alexander & Ruth
Hannah Gurney   d, 12 Sep 1828   Age 2y   Dau od Alexander & Ruth
Orroyette Mallory   d. 23 May 1850   Age 1y2m12d    dau of L. S. & Mariah
Charles L. Mallory   d. 21 May 1861   Age 3y7m11d   Son of L.S. & Mariah
William Mallory   10 Jun 1813-24 Apr 1888
Eliza Mallory   1 Jan 1807-24 Apr 1888   Wife of William (nee TODD)
Emily Glenn     d. 11 Nov 1868   Age 29y11m   Wife of Thomas J.
    Dau of William & Eliza MALLORY
William B. Glenn   1 Jun 1868-19 Nov 1868   Son of Thomas J. & Emily
Charlotte Scott   d. 31 Oct 1847   Age 5y3m5d   Dau of Harvey & Lodema
Sybil Winney   d. 14 May 1847   Age 37y10m   Wife of John
Rhoda Townsend   d. 8 Dec 1860   Age 75y   Wife of S.
Lucinda Townsend   d. 3 Dec 1864   Age 39y8m   Wife of Edmund
Enos Robinson   d. 12 Feb 1861   Age 59y
Betsey Robinson   d. 13 Apr 1873  Age 68y   Wife of Enos
Edwin F. Adams   d. 4 Sep 1845   Age 5y   Son of Walter & Cephronia
Edgar Felon Adams   d. 31 Oct 1847   Age gone   Son of W. & C
Harriet Bunn   d. 13 Nov 1877   Age 58y   Wife of Jacob
Frances M. Brown   d. 7 May 1857   Age 20y5m17d  Dau of Hiram & Ruany
Lovina Butler   18 Nov 1816-12 Dec 1885   (nee NILES)
Lydia A. Chaddon   24 Aug 1894   Age 14m15d
Olivia A. Rose   d. 7 May 1862   Age 28y  Wife of Clark P.  stone down
Edgett,  George H., 1851-1871
Edgett,  Minnie L.,    1852-1898
Elijah Butts   d. 2 Mar 1900   Age 66y   Co F 121 Reg NY Vol  Civil War
Julia A, Wheeler   d. 23 Sep 1865   Age 48y4m11d   Wife of Daniel
Judson D. Wheeler   d. 16 Jul 1867   Age 28y  Son of Daniel & Julia
Melville J. Wheeler   d. __ Oct 1869   Age 24y   Son of Daniel & Julia
Ira Wheeler   d. 10 Sep 1867   Age 78y
Mary A. Wheeler   d. 24 Dec 1868   Age 52y6m   "sister of Daniel"
Freddie Wheeler   d. 23 Sep 1865   Age 1y2m23d   Son of Judson & Mary A.
Deborah Darling   d. 1 Sep 1863   Age 82y   Mother of Mrs. D. Wheeler
Susan M. Babbitt   1858-1860
Theron J. Babbitt   1854-1870
Charles Babbitt    Born 1834   Died ??
Sarah Babbitt   1829-1911   Wife of Charles
Andrew Babbitt   d. 11 Nov 1862   Age 33y6m   Son of Daniel & Anna
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