Twilight Rest Cemetery
Richfield, Otsego County, NY
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Located on County Rt 25
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Otis Palmer, born 1833, died 1/24/1912 son of Nathan Palmer & Mary Ames Marietta Sternberg, born 1833, died 3/22/1913 wife of Otis Palmer & daughter of Peter & Almina Bell Sternberg Nathan Palmer, b. 3/29/1853, died 2/22/1863 son of Otis Palmer & Marietta Sternberg Ida Palmer, b. 5/31/1855, died 1/27/1863 daughter of Otis Palmer & Marietta Sternberg Philadora Palmer, b. 11/9/1858, died 2/16/1863 daughter of Otis Palmer & Marietta Sternberg Albert Palmer, b. 4/12/1860, died 2/5/1863 son of Otis Palmer & Marietta Sternberg Floyd B. Palmer, born 2/15/1875, died 8/20/1956 son of Otis & Marietta Sternberg Palmer Otis J. Palmer, born 9/6/1906, died 11/14/1976 son of Frank Palmer & Blanche Edick John Edick born 1860, died 2/1940 Ralph C. Ames born 1888, died 10/26/1962 Frank Haggerty died 5/12/1938 Glennie M. Laire, born 1876, died 7/7/1971 wife of William Laire daughter of Abner & Mary Baker Ames William C. Laire, born 4/5/1869, died 3/22/1946 husband of Glennie Ames son of Jacob & Elizabeth Laire Henry Earl Schwartz, born 10/9/1892, died 4/29/1971 son of John & Margaret Breitinger Schwartz husband of Lena Nichols Frederick Hull died 1/16/1940 Harriet Maria Nicholas, born 12/10/1877, died 5/12/1939 wife of Sidney Nicholas daughter of Dennison & Dorothy Winchell Leonard Ashley Sammons re-interred from Schuyler Lake Cemetery, July 1938, child son of Louis Ovid Sammons Lewis Sammons, born 1907, died 8/28/1974 husband of Florence Hazzard George T. Corbin born 1887, died 4/13/1967 Mrs D.A. Walker died 11/5/1942 Albert Raymond Hoke, born 1891, died 5/13/1940 husband of Florine Lowe Wesley Stickles, born 10/3/1910, died 8/8/1966 husband of Rose Hutchins son of John & Gertrude Babcock Stickles Henry Swartz, born 1893, died 4/29/1971 husband of Lena Nichols Frederick Wright, born 2/7/1908, died 1971 husband of Ella Loomis son of George & Clara Yaehrling Wright Ella G. Wright, born 6/15/1906, died 10/17/1964 wife of Frederick Wright daughter of George & Louise Decker Loomis R.E. Timmerman, born 1910, died 12/4/1964 husband of Sarah Belle Loomis John W. Atchison, born 1905, died 9/24/1964 husband of Katherine Horan son of David Steward Atchison & Wealtha Mickle Mower Everett M. Ames, born 8/29/1875, died 5/13/1964 husband of Kathryn Miner son of Charles & Rhoda Catlin Ames Kathryn Ames, born 1/2/1873, died 8/10/1958 wife of Everett Ames daughter of Otis & Abbie Lord Miner Hugh Horan born 1878, died 4/2/1962 husband of Lucy Annis Calista Hannahs died 11/4/1977 Sarah Edmonds, born 1885, died 4/13/1966 wife of Morris Edmonds daughter of Fred & Mary Davis Perkins George Ames died 3/1940 Alice Loomis, born 11/26/1860, died 4/26/1940 daughter of Daniel & Sybil Loomis Charles W. Beadle, born 10/7/1858, died 12/24/1938 husband of Carrie Loomis son of Russell & Louisa Dewey Beadle Joseph C. Marriott, born 4/5/1863, died 8/20/1953 husband of Minnie Buchanan who died in 1918 son of Obediah & Sarah Marriott Blanche Bond Lecky, born 1882, died 4/11/1972 wife of (1) Jessie Bond, (2) Carlton? Lecky daughter of John & Martha Sinster Wescott Carrie Walker, born 1864, died 11/6/1943 wife of Frank Walker daughter of Charles & Cornelia Hudson Cole Mrs William Fox died 1/29/1941 Kittie Robinson, born 12/16/1958, died 2/1960 daughter of Clyde A. & Joan Greene Robinson 14-months old Lena Haggerty, born 1874, died 1/23/1958 wife of Frank Haggerty daughter of George P. & Mary Sloan Edmond Morris D. Edmonds, born 6/20/1881, died 9/26/1951 husband of (1) Pearl Fritz, (2) Mrs Sarah Perkins Carpenter son of Sylvester & Alma Fraser Edmonds Jennie Walker, born 1860, died 11/5/1942 wife of Delos Walker daughter of Isaac & Emily Chase Bush Melvin O. Brown born 12/8/1848, died 3/27/1927 Anna Belle Derthick, born 6/22/1872, died 9/30/1925 (or 1926) wife of Edmund D. Derthick daughter of John & Alice Schooley Robinson Adelbert Palmer, born 2/1866, died 6/17/1930 son of Otis & Marietta Stenberg Palmer Otis Ames, born 1807, died 8/26/1880 husband of Mary "Polly" Palmer son of Abner Ames & Martha Burgess Mary "Polly" Ames, born 1807, died 1896 wife of Otis Ames daughter of Benjamin & Anna Layton Palmer Harriet Johnson, born 7/4/1804, died 4/15/1881 wife of George Johnson daughter of Benjamin & Anna Layton Palmer George Johnson, born 1799, died 8/19/1856 husband of Harriet Palmer Almenia Perkins, born 11/19/1863, died 2/9/1946 wife of Donald L. Perkins daughter of Otis & Marietta Sternberg Palmer Charles Ames, born 12/24/1845, died 7/3/1915 husband of Rhoda Catlin son of Otis & Mary "Polly" Palmer Ames
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