Unadilla Forks Cemetery
Plainfield, Otsego County, NY

This is NOT a complete listing
Located on Route 18A You can find pictures of this cemetery here: Cemetery Pictures Adams, Anna M. b. 5/15/1869 d. 4/13/1939 daughter of John T. and Ann Pritchard Davis wife of John T. Adams Adams, Benjamin F., born 1869, died 1944 brother of William H. Adams Adams, Carrie P., born 1893 wife of Haydn P. Adams Adams, Cathrena A., born 8/31/1876, died 2/12/1961 wife of William H. Adams who died 4/12/1947 daughter of Lewis R. & Gwen Jones Davis Adams, Chauncey M., born 1909, died 1977 Artist Adams, Chauncey M. born 3/28/1895, died 4/27/1963 Adams, Ellen J. Davis born Nov 9 1861, died 1931 wife of John M. Adams Adams, Haydn P., born 1/1/1890, died 4/8/1980 husband of Carrie Porter m. 1914 son of John & Ellen Davis Adams Adams, John M. born June 3 1853, died June 18 1933 m. 12/14/1887 Ellen Davis Adams, William H., born Jan 25 1865, died April 12 1947 husband of Cathrena A. Adams m. Oct 8 1896 Alger, Marie S., born 6/11/1898, died 2/26/1984 wife of Homer W. Alger daughter of Frederick & Minnie Brown Scribner Allen, Carl L., born 1923, died 9/17/1968 husband of Marie Shabot son of Burton & Helen Gillet Allen self-inflicted gunshot wound Allen, Daniel C., born 1953, died 1980 son of Carl & Marie Allen Allen, Frederick C., born 4/16/1974, died 4/28/1974 son of Daniel C. Allen Allen, George L. born 1880, died 1964 Allen, Marie A. wife of Carl L. Allen Allen, Morris R., born 8/8/1925, died 11/15/1983 husband of Frances Hibbard Allen Armstrong, Alice L. Huntley, born 1851, died 1932 wife of Floyd E. Armstrong Armstrong, Avis A., born 7/2/1887, died 5/2/1900 daughter of S.E. & M.E. Armstrong Armstrong, Bertha B., born 1885, died 1964 wife of Roy D. Armstrong Armstrong, Floyd E., born 1849, died 1912 husband of Alice L. Huntley Armstrong, L. May, born 3/7/1883, died 5/2/1893 daughter of S.E. & M.E. Armstrong Armstrong, Louise M. Taylor, born 5/31/1828, died 10/26/1905 wife of Solomon Armstrong7/1963 Adams, Ellen J. Davis born Nov 9 1861, died 1931 wife of John M. Adams Adams, Haydn P., born 1/1/1890, died 4/8/1980 husband of Carrie Porter m. 1914 son of John & Ellen Davis Adams Adams, John M. born June 3 1853, died June 18 1933 m. 12/14/1887 Ellen Davis Adams, William H., born Jan 25 1865, died April 12 1947 husband of Cathrena A. Adams m. Oct 8 1896 Alger, Marie S., born 6/11/1898, died 2/26/1984 wife of Homer W. Alger daughter of Frederick & Minnie Brown Scribner Allen, Carl L., born 1923, died 9/17/1968 husband of Marie Shabot son of Burton & Helen Gillet Allen self-inflicted gunshot wound Allen, Daniel C., born 1953, died 1980 son of Carl & Marie Allen Allen, Frederick C., born 4/16/1974, died 4/28/1974 son of Daniel C. Allen Allen, George L. born 1880, died 1964 Allen, Marie A. wife of Carl L. Allen Allen, Morris R., born 8/8/1925, died 11/15/1983 husband of Frances Hibbard Allen Armstrong, Alice L. Huntley, born 1851, died 1932 wife of Floyd E. Armstrong Armstrong, Avis A., born 7/2/1887, died 5/2/1900 daughter of S.E. & M.E. Armstrong Armstrong, Bertha B., born 1885, died 1964 wife of Roy D. Armstrong Armstrong, Floyd E., born 1849, died 1912 husband of Alice L. Huntley Armstrong, L. May, born 3/7/1883, died 5/2/1893 daughter of S.E. & M.E. Armstrong Armstrong, Louise M. Taylor, born 5/31/1828, died 10/26/1905 wife of Solomon Armstrong Armstrong, Mary E. Trenham, born 5/23/1863, died 2/11/1928 wife of S. Eugene (Gene) Armstrong Armstrong, Minnie E. Goodier, born 6/29/1860, died 5/24/1888 wife of S. Eugene (Gene) Armstrong Armstrong, Mowry W., born 1817, died 1904 husband of Patience Clark Armstrong, Patience Clark, born 1818, died 1868 wife of Mowry Armstrong Armstrong, Ralph H., born 1878, died 1896 son of Floyd E. & Alice L. Armstrong Armstrong, Roy D., born 1883, died 1933 husband of Bertha B. Spicer Armstrong, S. Eugene, born 12/1/1848, died 5/12/1927 husband of Minnie E. Goodier Armstrong, Solomon A., born 11/16/1819, died 4/18/1896 husband of Louise M. Taylor Armstrong, Willard L. born 1921, died 1/8/1972 Austin, David J., born 1916, died 7/28/1975 husband of Edith Brown Babcock, Adelia, born 1847, died 1861 daughter of G.H. & L. Babcock Babcock, Gideon H., born 1822, died 18__ husband of Lydia Campbell Babcock, Hattie, born 1857, died 1861 daughter of G.H. & L. Babcock Babcock, Henry, born 1849, died 1861 son of G.H. & L. Babcock Babcock, Layra born 1873, died 1973 Babcock, Lucy P., born 1808, died 1907 daughter of Joshua & Eunice Babcock Babcock, Lydia Campbell, born 1825, died ____ wife of G.H. Babcock Babcock, Matie, born 1865, died 1875 daughter of G.H. & L. Babcock Backus, Charles H., born 1873, died 1957 husband of M. Louise Clark Baldwin, Arnold N. husband of Minnie D. Baldwin Baldwin, Hobart A., died 6/23/1961 husband of Edna Rogers Baldwin, Minnie D. wife of Arnold N. Baldwin Bass, Alice L., born 7/22/1873, died 9/29/1953 wife of Edgar C. Bass who died in 1948 daughter of Cyrus & Hannah Mellman Hoxie Bass, Harold, born 1895, died 2/17/1970 husband of Jessie Gould Bass who died in 1958 Bass, Jessie, born 10/3/1897, died 8/2/1958 wife of Harold Bass daughter of Herbert & Nettie Gray Gould Bass, Lester J., born 1861, died 4/12/1942 husband of Flora Smith son of Mr & Mrs Charles Bass Bassett, Cornelia Maria born 1867, died 1872 Bassett, Flora E. Wilcox, born 1851, died 1923 wife of H. Dwight Bassett Bassett, George Ray born 1827, died 1900 Bassett, H. Dwight, born 1844, died 1927 husband of Flora E. Wilcox Bassett, Harriet B. born 1853, died 1859 Bassett, Nathaniel Lee born 1863, died 1879 Bassett, Sarah Crumb born 1832, died 1884 (?) Bastian, Nathan A., born 9/21/1987, died 10/6/1987 infant son of Alan M. & Cathy Gerhardt Bastian Bell, F. Ward, born 9/13/1910, died 10/9/1981 husband of Priscilla Dobbins son of Philip & Jennie Skinner Bell Brooks, Lawrence, born 5/23/1907, died 5/10/1983 husband of Lydia Gould who died in 1973 son of Arnos & Harriet Bishop Brooks Brooks, Lydia I., born 1911, died 1973 wife of Lawrence Brooks daughter of William & Sarah Ward Gould Brooks, Mary Margaret, born 1945, died 9/26/1976 wife of John G. Brooks daughter of William & Elizabeth Collier Ross Brown, Alonzo W., born 8/20/1844, died 12/3/1924 husband of Ella Jenette Perkins Brown, Charlotte B., born 1914, died 1993 wife of Russell W. Brown Brown, Charlotte M., born 1902, died 9/25/1963 wife of George J. Brown daughter of Frank & Gertrude Orcutt Lee Brown, Claude E., born 6/3/1881, died 1961 father of Russell Brown Brown, Cora Murray, born 1899, died 3/4/1964 wife of Harry H. Brown daughter of Frank & Ella Jones Murray Brown, Cynthia, born 1826, died 1855 daughter of Lodwick & Lucy Brown Brown, Cyrus, born 3/27/1819, died 1/19/1892 husband of (1) Martha C. Fuller who died 2/6/1879, (2) Kittie E. Whitemore died of pneumonia Brown, Ella Jenette Perkins, born 2/28/1851, died 8/25/1881 wife of Alonzo W. Brown Brown, Eliza S. born 1830, died 4/24/1905 Brown, Florence Petersilie born 1848, died 1857 Brown, George J., born 1897, died 4/26/1978 husband of Charlotte Lee who died in 1963 son of Peter & Helen Graves Brown Brown, Jerusha, born 1807, died 9/4/1891 wife of Nathan T. Brown Brown, Lillian Flora Wing, born 1/16/1881, died 1964 wife of Claude E. Brown Brown, Lizzie Dorland, born 8/22/1858, died 10/13/1940 wife of Alonzo W. Brown Brown, Lodwick, born 1794, died 1868 husband of Lucy Kellogg Brown, Lucy Kellogg, born 1791, died 1877 wife of Lodwick Brown Brown, Martha C., born 1821, died 2/6/1879 wife of Cyrus Brown Brown, Nathan T., born 1809, died 6/4/1876 husband of Jerusha Brown Brown, Oliver T. born 5/16/1822, died 12/5/1901 Brown, Russell W., born 1909, died 1996 husband of Charlotte B. Brown Brown, Mrs William born 1821, died 1898 leaves husband and 2 sons Buell, Lela Steuber, born 1888, died 10/1/1941 wife of Lynn Buell daughter of Jacob & Hettie Steuber Buell, Lynn J., born 1889, died 11/10/1962 husband of Lela Steuber who died in 1941 son of George & Alice Mayne Buell Burch, Laura W., born 5/16/1904, died 10/29/1958 wife of Ralph J. Burch daughter of William & Mary Lucy Welter Burdick, Eugene Clifton, born 1898, died 4/2/1971 husband of Georgia Mott who died in 1966 Burdick, Georgia M., born 1901, died 9/29/1966 wife of Eugene Clifton Burdick daughter of Elbert H. & Lela Miner Mott Burdick, Mabel Ellen, born 4/10/1881, died 5/3/1959 wife of I. Jerome Burdick daughter of Herbert & Nettie Gray Gould Buss, Horace, born 1936, died 1/31/1971 husband of (1) Caroline Cole, (2) Elise P. Barclay son of Horace & Marguerite Novello Buss Buzzell, Robert E. born 1/24/1925, died 6/1/1995 Cadwell, Betty Jane Watkins wife of Ellis Henry Cadwell Cadwell, Ellis Henry, born 1918, died 1922 (?) husband of Betty Jane Watkins Cadwell, Harry A., born 1902, died 2/12/1973 husband of Catherine Myers son of Frank & Mattie Wilder Cadwell Chabot, Armand J., born 1898, died 8/5/1977 husband of Mabel Deyo Chapman, Byron Henry, born 1869, died 1945 husband of Hattie Dye Chapman, Dorcas Crumb, born 1800, 3/7/1900 wife of Stephen Chapman Chapman, Hattie Dye, born 1869, died 1949 wife of Byron Henry Chapman Chapman, Helen M. Watkins, born 1832, died 6/8/1884 wife of S.A. Chapman Chapman, Stephen Albertus, born 1/24/1827, died 5/24/1900 husband of Helen M. Watkins Chapman, Stephen, born 1798, died 3/5/1884 husband of Dorcas Crumb Charles, Orcelia L., born 11/30/1898, died 10/25/1987 wife of George P. Charles who died in 1955 daughter of Wayne & Cora Hibbard Blowers Cheesbro, Adelle M., born 1862, died 1939 wife of Dr. Charles H. Cheesbro Cheesbro, Dr. Charles H., born 1858, died 1934 husband of Adelle M. Cheesbro Cheesbro, Dr. Charles C., born 1894, died 1963 husband of Dorotha J. Cheesbro Cheesbro, Dorotha J., born 1906, died 1990 wife of Dr. Charles C. Cheesbro Christian, Archie J., born 1912, died 1995 husband of Edith G. Christian Christian, II, Archie R., born 7/31/1962, died 7/14/1965 Shawn Christian, born 5/3/1963, died 7/14/1965 both are sons of Archie R. & Hattie Damico Christian both killed in auto accident Christian, Edith G., born 1918, died 2004 wife of Archie J. Christian Christian, Mandy Lynn, born 4/2/1963, died 7/14/1965 daughter of Mr & Mrs Jerry Christian killed in auto accident with cousins Archie & Shawn Christian Clark, Chester G., born 10/5/1899, died 8/26/1959 son of Lynn & Cora Clark Clark, Cora, born 1874, died 1943 wife of Lynn Clark Clark, Lynn, born 1871, died 1953 husband of Cora Clark Clark, Rosa, born 1878, died 1963 wife of William H. Clark who died in 1944 daughter of Adelbert & Mary Perkins Spencer Clarke, Anna E. Griffiths, born 1860, died 1932 wife of George H. Clarke Clarke, DeForest, born 1837, died 3/6/1862 son of Jared & Emily Clarke Clarke, Emily Hayes, born 3/20/1808, died 1/7/1892 wife of Jared Clarke Clarke, Francis Oscar born 1833, died 1907 Clarke, George H., born 1859, died 1933 husband of Anna E. Griffiths Clarke, Henry Page, born 1851, died 1934 husband of Mercie Rathbun Clarke, Jared, born 12/1/1807, died 8/13/1882 husband of Emily Hayes Clarke, Lyda E. Allcroft, born 1903, died 1978 wife of Theodore H. Clarke Clarke, Mercie Rathbun, born 1858, died 1935 wife of Henry Page Clarke Clarke, Mildred Giles born 1895, died 1979 Clarke, Nellie Jones, born 1869, died 1929 wife of Wilbur R. Clarke Clarke, Romaine I., born 1847, died 10/18/1870 son of Jared & Emily Clarke Clarke, Rose Briggs, born 10/12/1880, died 6/17/1944 wife of Derby Clarke daughter of Albert & Lucy Ann Meeker Briggs Clarke, Theodore H., born 1904, died 1978 husband of Lyda E. Allcroft Clarke, Wallace died 11/1919 Clarke, Wilbur Rathbun, born 1876, died 1955 husband of Nellie Jones Clisham, Bernard F., born 1883, died 1953 husband of Gladys E. Clisham Clisham, Gladys E., born 1896, died 12/15/1969 wife of Bernard F. Clisham who died in 1952 daughter of Merton & Jennie Hartshorn Bartlett Clisham, Joseph A., died 10/31/1965 died of injuries received in auto accident Cooper, Carol A. Fehrman wife of Robert Cooper Cooper, Elizabeth, born 1916, died 2004 wife of Gordon Cooper Cooper, Gordon, born 1913, died 1998 husband of Elizabeth Cooper Cooper, Robert, born 12/14/1948, died 10/25/1996 husband of Carol A. Fehrman Counsell, Mae W., born 1897 in Cardiff, MD, died 12/21/1976 wife of Frank Counsell who died in 1940 daughter of Rev. Hugh & Mary Williams Williams Countryman, Gary L., born 11/11/1939, died 1/8/1985 husband of Helma Lichtenberg of W. Berlin, Germany son of Charles & Aletha Countryman Crandall, Lowell M., born 1868, died 5/30/1942 husband of Ella Chesebro son of Irving H. & Celinda Erden Crandall Craver. George W., born 1875, died 6/26/1963 husband of Alice Williams who died several years ago Crewell, Harold O., died 2003 husband of Helen D. Crewell Crewell, Helen D., born 1916, died 2005 wife of Harold O. Crewell Crewell, Jacob L., born 9/23/1885, died 5/8/1955 husband of Maude Gage son of Jacob & Elizabeth Marriott Crewell Cross, C. Maynard, born 6/28/1906, died 9/13/1979 husband of Laura Monroe? son of Charles & Flora Conover Cross Crumb, Belia Isabelle born 1835, died 1839 Crumb, Clara Jones, born 1809, died 1874 wife of Nathaniel Crumb Crumb, Lucy Alzora Talbert, born 1872, died 12/14/1955 wife of Robert A. Crumb daughter of Franklin T. & Drusilla Gates Talbert Crumb, Nathaniel, born 1806, died 1874 husband of Clara Jones Crumb, Patience Wells, born 9/30/1739, died 1/4/1816 wife of Waitstill Crumb Crumb, Robert A., born 6/27/1875, died 11/2/1957 husband of Lucy Alzora Talbert who died 12/14/1955 son of Joseph & Charlotte Brown Crumb Crumb, Waitstill, born 7/6/1742, died 4/21/1809 husband of Patience Wells Davies, Beatrice S. daughter of Robert H. & Grace P. Davies Davies, Elizabeth E. d. 1949 Davies, Esther Jane daughter of Robert H. & Grace P. Davies Davies, Daniel D., born 1871, died 1954 father of Robert H. Davies Davies, Robert H., born 1898, died 11/5/1978 husband of Grace Pritchard who died in 1962 son of Daniel & Jennie Williams Davies Davies, Grace P., born 1894, died 1962 wife of Robert H. Davies Davies, Miss Grace Anna, born 1882 in North Wales, died 7/13/1909 daughter of Owen & Grace Davies came to U.S. in 1886 Davies, Lewis Rhys b. 3/25/1854 Wales d. 9/16/1925 husband of Winifred Jones Davies Davies, Owen W., born 1891 in North Wales, died 10/25/1968 husband of Amy Marriott Davies, Samuel R., born 1890 in North Wales, died 10/1/1964 husband of Winifred Mary Ellis who died in 1956 came to U.S. in 1907 Davies, Winifred Jones b. Dec 1845 Wales d. 4/26/1901 wife of Lewis Rhys Davies Davis, Agnes C., born 1896, died 1904 daughter of John & Carrie Davis Davis, Byrde Armstrong, died 9/26/1962 in Virginia wife of Charles Davis who died in 1958 Davis, Carrie Rathbun, born 1855, died 1936 wife of John Davis Davis, Charles N., born 3/18/1878, died 11/14/1958 husband of Byrde Armstrong son of John D. & Emma Lintz Davis Davis, Earl E., born 1908 in Detroit, Michigan, died 2/17/1976 husband of Elizabeth Frost Davis, Earl R., born 1881, died 1/11/1967 husband of Elizabeth Roberts Davis, Elinor Brown Williams, born 1912, died 1998 wife of Lewis E. Davis Davis, Elizabeth Frost, born 1918 wife of Earl E. Davis Davis, Emmer b. 9/17/1876 d. 4/28/1947 wife of William L. Davis Davis, Geneva Ellis d. Jan 31 1989 bur Mother day 1989 wife of Milburn M. Davis Davis, Gladys Hitchcock, born 7/8/1892, died 3/4/1986 wife of William O. Davis who died 10/3/1966 daughter of Arthur W. & Nellie Burnett Hitchcock Davis, John, born 1842, died 1907 husband of Carrie Rathbun Davis, John R. b. 9/4/1871 d. 3/25/1939 son of Lewis R. and Gwen Jones Davis husband of Laura Pugh Davis, John T. b. 6/6/1829 Wales d. 4/20/1917 husband of Ann Pritchard m. 9/28/1860 Davis, Laura Pugh d. Nov 6 1942 m. 1902 John Davis Davis, Lewis E., born 1920, died 1997 husband of Elinor Brown Williams Davis, Lewis John, born 3/27/1922, died 6/21/1986 husband of Marjorie Keene son of Lewis & Rose Carson Davis Davis, Lynn E., born 1916, died 2002 brother of Lewis E. Davis Davis, Margaret Jones born 1885, died 1942 Davis, Milburn M., born 1901, died 8/26/1976 husband of Geneva Ellis Davis, William Lewis b. 5/4/1873 d 4/3/1950 husband of Emmer Davis m. 1899 DeLancey, Elizabeth, born 1858, died 1941 daughter of John & Elizabeth DeLancey DeLancey, Henry Bayard, born 10/23/1862, died 7/20/1941 son of John R. & Mary Hoxie DeLancey DeLancey, John R., born 1829, died 1919 husband of Mary H. DeLancey DeLancey, Mary H., born 1834, died 1899 wife of John R. DeLancey Down, William, born 1892, died 1979 husband of Mildred Jones Down, Mildred Jones, born 1898, died 1972 wife of William Down Doyle, Richard R., born 1/8/1933, died 12/22/1985 husband of Eloise Ephraim who died 7/25/1980 son of James & Margaret Wilbur Doyle Dye, Spencer died 7/1911 Edick, Glen A., born 4/7/1909, died 7/2/1988 husband of (1)Laura Warren who died in 1971, (2) Beatrice Snyder Allen son of Clarence & Mary Lane Edick Edick, Jean, born 6/23/1948, died 8/30/1977 daughter of Floyd & Cora Carr Perry wife of F. Russell Edick died in auto accident Edwards, Tegid M., born 12/23/1886, died 9/1931 buried in family plot Ephraim, Evan R., born 1905 in North Wales, died 5/29/1973 husband of Gladys Horning Ephraim, Gladys Horning., born 6/11/1912, died 12/18/1988 wife of Evan R. Ephraim who died 5/29/1973 daughter of Roscoe & Mary Ann Richards Horning Ephraim, Mary Jane daughter of Evan & Gladys Ephraim Evans, Edward M., born 1897, died 2/21/1974 husband of Elizabeth Armstrong Evans, Elizabeth Armstrong, born 11/28/1899, died 6/5/1982 wife of Edward M. Evans who died in 1974 daughter of M. Earle & Mary Lloyd Armstrong Evans, Herbert J., born 12/4/1901, died 4/13/1982 husband of Ruth Hoxie who died in 1979 son of John & Elizabeth Griffith Evans Evans, Margery, born 1890 in North Wales, died 10/24/1965 wife of Robert J. Evans who died in 1959 daughter of Richard & Jane Edwards came to U.S. at an early age Evans, Robert J., born 1888 in North Wales, died 4/14/1959 husband of Margery Edwards came to U.S. as a young man Evans, Ruth Hoxie, born 1902, died 1979 wife of Herbert J. Evans Finnegan, Mina Miller b. Nov 22 1872 d. June 23 1949 wife of Clarence Miller who died 1909 wife of Owen Finnegan who died Apr 1 1945 Fisk, Amos, born 12/2/1806, died 2/12/1887 husband of Margaret Fisk Fisk, Margaret, born 6/19/1809, died 7/1/1868 wife of Amos Fisk Friburger, Mrs Joe died 12/30/1914 Frost, Amos, died 1/21/1915 Civil War veteran Frost, E. Dewey, born 1876, died 1959 husband of Sarah Hunnington Frost, Sarah Hunnington, born 1882, died 1967 wife of E. Dewey Frost Gates, Arthur H., born 6/30/1915, died 10/13/2006 husband of (1) Caroline Stoles d. 1963, (2) Caroline Bruckner d. 1996 son of Harold & Stella Hackley Gates Gates, Caroline S., born 1919, died 12/4/1963 wife of Arthur H. Gates daughter of Jay & Elizabeth Tillson Sholes Gates, Clara N. Witter, born 1875, died 1908 wife of Harold F. Gates Gates, Harold F., born 1881, died 1963 husband of (1) Clara N. Witter, (2) Stella Hackley Gates, Nellie C. Jones, born 1869, died 12/12/1892 wife of Fred Gates sister of Melvin L. Jones Gates, Stella Hackley, born 1887, died 1920 wife of Harold F. Gates Gates, Wilson B., born 2/10/1860, died 11/10/1951 son of Palmer & Amanda McFarland Gates Gerhardt, Catherine M. wife of Dyle Gerhardt Gearhardt, Dyle I. husband of Catherine M. Gerhardt Gerhardt, Norman, born 1889, died 6/16/1974 husband of Veva Miller who died in 1942 father of Dyle Veva Miller Gerhardt d. 1942 wife of Norman, mother of Dyle Gilson, Frank C., born 1901, died 1968 husband of Gertrude Armstrong Gilson, Gertrude Armstrong, born 9/16/1900, died 10/6/1978 in Vermont wife of Frank C. Gilson daughter of Eugene & Mary Trenham Armstrong Gilson, Nellie Jones born 1879, died 1979 Gorton, Charles D., born 1886, died 1973 husband of Alice Hoxie who died in 1950 Greene, Donald D., born 8/18/1906, died 1/28/1986 husband of Eudora Perry son of Fay D. & Harriet Witter Greene Greene, Eudora P., born 2/9/1911, died 12/24/1980 wife of Donald D. Greene daughter of Orlo H. & Mabel Langworthy Perry Griffith, Edward C., born 1877, died 2/26/1970 husband of Grace McIntyre Griffith, Edward Stanley, born 5/5/1905, died 4/30/1984 husband of Grace L. Kaltenbach son of Robert E. & Elizabeth Jones Griffith Griffith, Grace Kaltenbach, born 1909, died 2005 wife of E. Stanley Griffith Griffith, Francis V. born 1882, died 5/30/1969 in Delaware Griffith, Mabel Elizabeth, born 9/10/1888, died 2/10/1958 wife of Walter John Morris Griffiths, Margaret Ann, born 1/20/1876, died 2/19/1959 wife of Robert E. Griffiths who died in 1939 daughter of Mathew & Ellen Owens Roberts Griffiths, Marjorie, born 1924, died 5/15/1975 wife of Owen Griffiths daughter of Eugene & Mabel Moyer Snyder Griffith, Nellie J., born 2/10/1857, died 11/20/1947 wife of Evan F. Griffith daughter of William L. & Ann Davis Vincent Griffith, Phoebe E. Penny, born 9/27/1878, died 2/11/1961 wife of Homer Griffith who died 11/1944 daughter of Giles & Alpha Elliott Penny Griffiths, Robert D., born 8/19/1898, died 2/1982 husband of W. May Armstrong who died in 1961 son of David & Ellen Williams Griffiths Grindlay, Iva Jones, born 1923, died 1999 wife of Ronald B. Grindlay Grindlay, Ronald b., born 1905, died 1987 husband of Iva Jones Harris, Arthur J. died 3/11/1937 Harrison, Katherine Rowlands, born 10/18/1914, died 7/18/1979 wife of Walter L. Harrison daughter of William R. & Jennie Williams Rowlands Harrison, Walter L., born 1914, died 1994 husband of Katherine Rowlands Hasbrouck, Ruth Heinrichs, born 1915, died 1990 wife of Rev. Wilfrid H. Hasbrouck Hasbrouck, Rev. Wilfrid H., born 1913, died 1995 husband of Ruth Heinrichs Hayes, Randy L. born 1956, died 12/19/1988 in Boston, Mass. Hibbard, Earl G., born 1895, died 4/30/1965 husband of Ruby Irene Maine Hibbard, Ellen J., born 1913, died 5/25/1970 wife of Myron H. Hibbard daughter of Griffith & Ellen Ann Roberts Jones Hibbard, Ruby Irene, born 1898, died 9/18/1972 wife of Earl Hibbard daughter of Frank P. & Luna Crandall Maine Hickox, Miss Frances, born 1875, died 7/22/1969 daughter of William B. & Edith L. Murray Hickox Holmes, Byron W., born 1913, died 1989 husband of Lucille W. Holmes Holmes, Lucille W., born 1914, died 199_ wife of Byron W. Holmes Hoxie, Charles B., born 1878, died 1935 husband of Edith Armstrong Hoxie, Edith Armstrong, born 1880, died 1954 wife of Charles B. Armstrong Huddle, Otto E., born 1891, died 1964 husband of Reba Bassett Huddle, Reba Bassett, born 1884, died 1963 wife of Otto Huddle Hughes, Charlotte B., born 1887, died 11/4/1961 wife of Rowland Hughes who died in 1949 daughter of Azore & Jorantha Coon Burch Hughes, Grace E., born 3/8/1886, died 7/24/1987 wife of George Hughes who died in 1949 101 years old Hughes, John Hoxie, born 1/9/1924, died 8/26/1960 son of George & Hazel Hoxie Hughes Lieut. In U.S. Navy Hughes, Miriam Oliver, born in North Wales, died 11/10/1970 wife of Elmer D. Hughes who died in 1966 daughter of William & Elizabeth Jones Oliver Hughes, Philura “Lura” E., born 1886, died 1/21/1974 wife of Merton Hughes who died in 1936 daughter of Clarence & Clarissa Talbot Welch Humphrey, Jane Lewis, born 1847, died 1932 wife of John Humphrey Humphrey, John, born 1843, died 1927 husband of Jane Lewis Hutchinson, Harvey E., born 1875, died 1956 husband of Sarah Agnes Bassett Hutchinson, Sarah Agnes Bassett, born 1880, died 1926 wife of Harvey E. Hutchinson Jones, Anna Heil, born 9/12/(1868?), died 10/29/1954 wife of Leland Jones Jones, Anne Roberts, born 1867, died 1948 wife of Richard M. Jones Jones, Blanche C., born 5/19/1893, died 1960 wife of L. Day Jones daughter of George E. & Sarah Wilson LaFleur Jones, Brian Duane, born 2/16/1974, died 2/17/1974 one-day old son of Duane & Phyllis Hoteling Jones Jones, Cara Tarbell, born 1867, died 1942 wife of John L. Jones Jones, Charles H. born 5/4/1858, died 4/18/1881 Jones, Curtis Wilcox born 1902, died 5/27/1957 Jones, Curtis Wilcox born 10/21/1926, died 2/15 Jones, Daniel, born 9/3/1828, died 6/2/1890 husband of Sarah H. Day Jones, David born 1870, died 1918 Jones, Dorothy D., born 11/24/1929, died 10/4/1977 wife of Kendal D. Jones Jones, Edward William born 1896, died 1941 Jones, Elias born 1814, died 11/30/1859 Jones, Ella C., born 1837, died 1867 wife of Richard Jones Jones, Elizabeth, born 1898, died 12/25/1905 daughter of Richard Meredith & Anne Roberts Jones Jones, Elizabeth, born 1835, died 2/8/1910 wife of Owen Jones Jones, Elizabeth Ephraim, born 1906, died 1988 wife of Howell (E?) Jones Jones, Elizabeth Humphrey, born 1849, died 1926 wife of Robert C. Jones Jones, Elizabeth M. born 1873, died 1905 Jones, Elizabeth Tarr, born 4/19/1919, died 6/29/2003 wife of Gordon D. Jones Jones, Ellen, born 1835, died 5/1/1868 wife of Griffith R. Jones Jones, Ellen, born 1860, died 1895 wife of Griffith J. Jones Jones, Ellen J. 1864-1939 wife of ? Pritchard Jones, Flora M. born 12/15/1862, died 9/4/1865 Jones, Gordon D., born 10/16/1921, died 5/23/1991 husband of Elizabeth Tarr Jones, Griffith J., born 1856, died 1941 husband of Ellen Jones Jones, Harold T. born 10/22/1891, died 2/28/1963 Jones, Helen Larrabee wife of Howard C. Jones Jones, Helen Cherup, born 6/8/1921, died 6/15/1996 wife of Keith O. Jones Jones, Henry D., born 1856, died 1932 husband of Lillie B. Hayes Jones Howard C., born 1919, died 1979 husband of Helen Larrabee Jones, Howell (E?), born 1905, died 1987 husband of Elizabeth Ephraim Jones, Iva A., born 1864, died 1955 wife of Owen D. Jones Jones, Jane J., born 1882, died 1946 wife of John D. Jones Jones, Jane M., born 1839, died 1912 wife of Thomas W. Jones Jones, Jennie Roberts born 1865, died 1938 Jones, Julia T., born 1897, died 1976 mother of Iva Jones Jones, John D., born 1879, died 1967 husband of Jane J. Jones Jones, John J. born 1900, died 1900 Jones, John L. born 1864, died 1940 Jones, Katherine M. born 1896, died 1978 Jones, Miss Kathryn M., born 1907, died 1961 daughter of Richard M. & Anne Roberts Jones Jones, Keith O., born 2/14/1921, died 12/5/1991 husband of Helen Cherup Jones, Kendal D. born 6/5/1928, died 9/6/2002 Jones, Kermit F., born 4/13/1923, died 7/10/1986 husband of Dorothy McNamara son of L. Day & Blanche LaFleur Jones Jones, Leland (Lee), born 4/1/1867, died 12/9/1898 husband of Anna Heil Jones, Leona Violet, born 12/14/1898, died 12/31/1914 daughter of Lee & Anna Jones Jones, Lillie B. Hayes, born 18_8, died 1949 wife of Henry D. Jones Jones, Lynn C., born 1890, died 3/24/1973 husband of Marie Meyers son of Melvin & Eltha Clapson Jones Jones, Marie Meyers, born 1889, died 1978 wife of Lynn C. Jones Jones, Marjorie L., born 1896, died 1896 daughter of John & Cara Jones Jones Melvin Luther, born 1860, died 1937 husband of Eltha Clapson Jones, O. Day, born 1860, died 1917 husband of Sarah Lyons Jones, Owen D., born 1833, died 1/11/1886 husband of Elizabeth Jones Jones, Owen D., born 1865, died 1932 husband of Iva A. Jones Jones, Richard M., born 1867, died 1927 husband of Anne Roberts Jones, Richard, born 1832, died 1911 husband of Ella C. Jones Jones, Robert C., born 1849, died 1933 husband of Elizabeth Humphrey Jones, Sarah A. born 1894, died 1910 Jones, Sarah H. Day, born 8/25/1832, died 1/12/1901 wife of Daniel Jones Jones, Sarah Lyons, born 1861, died 1942 wife of O. Day Jones Jones, Susan A., born 1862, died 8/3/1863 aged 11m 4 days daughter of G. & E. Jones Jones, Thomas W., born 1838, died 1912 husband of Jane M. Jones Jones, Urania 1813-1898 daughter of Elias and Sarah Morgan Jones Jones, Walter Clark, born 11/24/1907, died 7/25/1973 husband of Wanda C. Slosek Jones, Wanda C. Slosek, born 1915, died 2005 wife of Walter Clark Jones Jones, William R. born 1894, died 1977 Jones, William born 1828, died 1915 Kellow, Roy J., born 4/4/1918, died 9/25/1982 husband of Delores Pritchard, married in Ontario son of Roy & Louise Rumpth Kellow Kilty, Joanne H., born 1938, died 6/27/1972 wife of Thomas A. Kilty daughter of Frederick M. & Frances Marcewicz Hassett Kilty, Walworth, born 1910, died 4/13/1968 husband of Susan Armstrong son of Thomas S. & Jennie Walworth Kilty King, Adella Sisson, born 1854, died 1932 wife of T. Pitt King King, Dr. Erastas, born 1812, died 7/11/1878 husband of Marcia E. King King, Floyd E. born 12/29/1879, died 9/30/1922 King, Homer C., born 1884, died 1943 husband of Nellie Davis King, Marcia E., born 1/1815, died 2/18/1896 wife of Dr. Erastas King King, Nellie Davis, born 1884, died 1967 wife of Homer C. King King, T. Pitt, born 10/2/1848, died 2/1/1919 husband of Adella Sisson King, W.E. born 1844, died 1894 Lamb, Constance Meddings, born 1928, died 2000 wife of Merton Eugene Lamb Lamb, Merton D., born 1900, died 1971 husband of Minnie A. Davies Lamb, Merton Eugene (Gene) husband of Constance Meddings Lamb, Minnie D., born 9/12/1904, died 7/15/1987 wife of Merton D. Lamb who died in 1971 daughter of Daniel & Jennie Williams Davies Lamb, Patricia A. Williams, born 1938, died 1970 wife of Robert C. Lamb Lamb, Robert C. husband of Patricia A. Williama LaShure, Louis E., born 1879, died 4/2/1968 husband of Clara Briggs who died in 1931 well-known baseball player at the turn of the century Lawson, Laurie Ann, born 5/1963, died 6/21/1963 daughter of Lawrence & Olie Parslow Lawson died of natural causes Lewis, Fred, born 1893, died 4/25/1978 husband of Kathryn Saunders son of John & Ione Brownell Lewis Lewis, William Meredith died 12/6/1948 Light, Lynda b. Feb. 7, 1988 Ilion NY d. Apr 20, 2006 Cedarville, NY - automobile accident Lockwood, Everett, born 12/18/1905, died 11/27/1982 husband of Lydia Johnson son of Victor & Jennie Betsinger Lockwood caretaker for Unadilla Forks Cemetery Lohnas, Barbara A., born 1918, died 7/13/1979 daughter of Haydn & Carrie Porter Adams Lohnas, Kathleen Jones wife of Lewis Lohnas Lohnas, Lewis Leslie (Beezer), born 7/31/1925, died 4/18/1980 husband of Kathleen Jones son of Claude & Olive Hartley Lohnas Mack, Rubie Ann, born 1875, died 10/21/1955 wife of Daniel Mack daughter of Joseph & Charlotte Crumb Maine, Bertha Amanda, born 1883, died 1/22/1963 wife of Elwin Maine who died in 1940 daughter of Albert & Lucy Ann Meeker Briggs Marriott, Charles O., born 4/13/1893, died 1/31/1956 husband of Nora Calder son of George & Myra Ashley Marriott Mariotti, Cindy Gerhardt wife of Maurice Dale Mariotti Marriott, David A., born 12/23/1961, died 6/15/1985 son of Jim & Myra Patrick Marriott died in auto accident Mariotti, Evelyn B. wife of Maurice J. Mariotti Mariotti, Maurice Dale, born 1955, died 1993 husband of Cindy Gerhardt Mariotti, Maurice J. husband of Evelyn B. Mariotti Marriott, George, born 1910, died 4/1972 husband of Emma Dickenson son of George & Myra Ashley Marriott Marriott, Melissa Jane, born 1/24/1974, died 6/1974 daughter of Stanley F. & Lucille Bates Marriott infant – died of natural causes Marriott, Nora M., born 11/19/1898, died 9/26/1983 wife of Charles O. Marriott who died in 1956 daughter of Warren & Mary Ellis Calder Marriott, Paul L., born 1924, died 1992 husband of Phyllis A. Elmer Marriott, Phyllis A. Elmer, born 1929, died 1988 wife of Paul L. Marriott Massey, John H., born 1908, died 1977 husband of Anna Tooley Matteson, Catherine Griffin, born 1884, died 1909 wife of Louise D. Matteson Matteson, Edna, born 1/15/1883, died 7/10/1960 wife of Louis J. Matteson who died 12/6/1954 daughter of Henry & Maria Ely Backus Matteson, Herman M., born 1878, died 1958 husband of Mary B. Jones Matteson, Louise D., born 1885, died 1954 husband of Catherine Griffith Matteson, Mary B. Jones, born 1873, died 1938 wife of Herman Matteson Matteson, Margaret L. Chaffee, born 1887, died 1958 wife of Herman Matteson Maxon, Mrs, born 5/14/1813, died 2/20/1909 mother of David Matieson Maxson, Laura M., born 8/22/1877, died 3/4/1965 wife of Charles Maxson who died in 1934 daughter of Clarence & Minnie Palmer Gorton McCarthy, John James, born 1941, died 7/1975 husband of Barbara McCarthy killed in helicopter crash in Germany McClintock, Bernard F. born 10/20/1927, died 3/30/1999 Miller, Sgt. Allen R., born 1950, died 3/24/1969 in Vietnam son of Mr & Mrs Charles Miller Moore, Adelbert E., born 12/24/1894, died 2/23/1961 husband of Mabel Dresser son of William & Carrie Wyman Moore Morgan, Ada D. wife of Sewell S. Morgan Morgan, Daniel T., born 1907 in Wales, died 3/17/1970 came to U.S. in 1930 Morgan, Kathleen Keith wife of Roy Curtis Morgan Morgan, Roy Curtis, born 1951, died 2003 husband of Kathleen Keith Morgan, Sewell S. husband of Ada D. Morgan Morin, Mildred M., born 12/17/1924, died 9/25/1988 wife of Romeo Morin who died 1/15/1981 daughter of James & Emma Babcock Egan Morris, Harold Edward born 2/22/1889, died 11/17/1956 Morris, Walter John, born 9/23/1886, died 1/16/1966 husband of Mabel Elizabeth Griffith son of Delos W. Morris Mott, Lela Miner, born 1880, died 1/25/1965 wife of Elbert Mott who died in 1963 Mumbulo, Wilfred W., born 1888, died 1963 husband of Hannah Bourner Munson, Nila P., born 1889, died 5/4/1969 wife of (1) William Risley who died in 1951, (2) Charles Munson daughter of Mr & Mrs Andrew Perkins Murray, Cora born 1898, died 1964 Murray, Ella C. Jones born 1865, died 1921 Murray, Frank born 1858, died 1920 Murray, Mabel E. born 1892, died 1942 Murray, Urania M. Jones, born 1813, died 1898 wife of Col. William M. Murray Myers, Matthias L., born 1888, died 1960 husband of Mabel Henry Myers, Mabel Henry, born 1883, died 1949 wife of Matthias L. Myers Myers, Walter M., born 1920, died 1989 son of Matthias L. Myers Parry, Harold, born 11/26/1902, died 3/6/1988 husband of Lillian Bemis who died 3/25/1983 son of Richard & Margaret Humphrey Parry Palmer, Belinda d. 10/23/1863, age 31 yrs wife of George W. Palmer Palmer, David A. husband of Marjorie Will Palmer, Marjorie Will wife of David A. Palmer Parry, Marjorie, born 4/4/1900, died 3/1/1981 wife of Richard F. Parry who died in 1936 daughter of Charles & Eliza Rice Lucy Penner, Helen Fritz born 1913, died 1991 Penner, Leon born 1912, died 2003 Penney, Alva, born 1825, died 1893 husband of Helen Stanbro Penny, Alva, born 1803, died 4/10/1877 husband of Eliza Penny Penney, Frank Alva born 1887, died 1889 Penney, Helen Stanbro, born 1830, died 1908 wife of Alva Penney Penny, Alpha E. Elliot, born 2/26/1855, died 6/23/1919 wife of Giles A. Penny Penny, Amanda born 1814, died 4/3/1827 Penny, Amial, born 1/1801, died 6/19/1869 husband of Lucy Crumb Penny, Eliza, born 1812, died 10/19/1876 wife of Alva Penny Penny, Eyrenus A., born 1841, died 4/18/1860 son of Alva & Eliza Penny Penny, George A., died at age 26 son of Alva & Eliza Penny Penny, Giles A., born 8/24/1842, died 2/24/1917 husband of Phebe L. Clark Penny, Lucy Crumb, born 3/31/1803, died 6/19/1869 wife of Amial Penny Penny, Lucy Ann born 9/3/1830, died 10/8/1887 Penny, Mary E., born 1850, died 11/18/1862 daughter of Alva & Eliza Penny Penny, Phebe L. Clark, born 8/14/1842, died 2/12/1875 wife of Giles A. Penny Penny, Solomon born 1776, died 3/25/1841 Perkins, Adelbert W., born 1892, died 4/26/1971 husband of Mary E. Perkins who died in 1966 Perkins, Andrew J., born 1/12/1861, died 12/26/1950 husband of Mary Cheseborough who died 10/23/1937 son of Amos & Sally Newcomb Perkins Perkins, Dorothy G., born 6/20/1931, died 12/27/1993 wife of Lysel E. Perkins Perkins, Lysel E., born 11/9/1919, died 2/27/1958 husband of Dorothy G. Perkins Perry, John Arvon, born 10/1/1886, died 7/3/1950 husband of Louise Davis son of Richard & Margaret Humphreys Perry Phillips, Parley, Jr. born 1810, died 1898 Price, H. Richard, born 5/23/1914, died 3/11/1982 husband of Martha E. Schumacher who died in 1978 son of Rowland & Sarah Marriott Price Pritchard, Dick born 1889, died 1970 Pritchard, Ellen J. Jones born 1864, died 1939 Pritchard, Ellen Jones born 1878, died 1940 Pritchard, Llewelyn, born 4/4/1900 in North Wales, died 10/1/1982 son of David & Margaret Roberts Pritchard Pritchard, Thomas, born 1885 in North Wales, died 3/27/1947 husband of Ethel Wheeler son of David & Margaret Roberts Pritchard came to U.S. at age 16 Pritchard, William H., born 8/5/1888, died 4/23/1965 husband of Estelle Edwards son of William H. & Ellen Jones Pritchard Pugh, David B. b. 2/27/1869 d.1938 son of William and Elizabeth Lewis Pugh m. 11/2/1898 Katherine L. Davis who died 3/31/1935 *Not known if buried in this cemetery* Pugh, Elizabeth, born 1836, died 5/22/1913 wife of the late William Pugh Pugh, Irving G., born 1886, died 1963 husband of Mildred G. Pugh Pugh, Miss LeMoyne A., born 9/7/1896, died 3/12/1980 daughter of Hugh H. & Sarah Jane Roberts Pugh Pugh, Leslie H., born 9/6/1900, died 3/16/1979 husband of Thelma Spaulding who died in 1972 son of Hugh & Jennie Roberts Pugh Pugh, Margaret Williams, born in Wales 1/1/1871, died 6/20/1950 wife of Hugh Pugh daughter of Hugh & Jane Hughes Williams Pugh, Mildred G., born 1889, died 7/20/1983 in Michigan wife of Irving G. Pugh who died in 1963 Pugh, Thelma S., born 1902, died 5/11/1972 wife of Leslie H. Pugh daughter of Wayne & Ida Maine Spaulding Pugh, Vivian Ione, born 1934, died 1993 daughter of Leslie & Thelma Pugh Rich, Vera, born 1888, died 6/14/1962 wife of Ralph A. Rich who died 10/1961 daughter of Adelbert & Lura Thayer Plumb Rider, Jay Boughton, born 1879, died 1953 husband of Laura Babcock Rider, Laura Babcock, born 1873, died 1973 wife of Jay B. Rider Roberts, Alice Jones 1858-1884 wife of Milo Roberts Roberts, Ann Mary, born 1/7/1899 in North Wales, died 4/8/1984 wife of Robert R. Roberts, married in Wales daughter of James & Grace Jones Roberts, Barbara, born 7/26/1936, died 12/14/1949 daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Roberts Roberts, Elizabeth Hughes, born 10/5/1824 in Wales, died 8/2/1910 widow of Deacon Richard Roberts who died in 1903 Roberts, George W., born 1880 in Philadelphia, Penn, died 6/10/1942 husband of Gertrude Chapman Roberts, Helen J. born 1906, died 1990 Roberts, Henry born 1924, died 1998 Roberts, Hugh T., born 11/23/1884 in Wales, died 10/5/1954 husband of Margaret “Maggie” Hughes, married in Wales son of Hugh & Ella Thomas Roberts came to U.S. in 1912 Roberts, Ira J., born 9/19/1902, died 10/3/1957 husband of Anna M. Chapman son of Jesse & Ida Davies Roberts Roberts, Margaret H. “Maggie”, born 4/3/1884 in Wales, died 8/24/1985 wife of Hugh Roberts who died 10/5/1954, married in Wales daughter of Hugh & Jane Jones Hughes 101 years of age Roberts, Milo 1856-1932 husband of Alice Jones Roberts Roberts, Robert J., born 1930, died 5/1965 son of Robert & Ann Mary Jones Roberts Roberts, Jr., Robert Owen, born 12/7/1900 in North Wales, died 1/10/1985 husband of Alice Lee son of Robert & Alice Jones Roberts came to U.S. in 1906 Roberts, William born 1864, died 1890 Rogers, Barton R., born 1886, died 1965 husband of Maude C. Rogers Rogers, Bessie Humphrey, born 1879, died 1967 wife of Herbert C. Rogers Rogers, Ernest C., born 1/7/1913, died 12/13/1988 husband of Louise Beach son of Howard Beulah Steere Rogers Rogers, Florence Armstrong, born 1897, died 5/11/1961 wife of John B. Rogers daughter of Mr & Mrs Floyd E. Armstrong Rogers, Herbert C., born 8/17/1884, died 12/8/1977 husband of Bessie Humphrey who died in 1967 son of Charles & Laura Wheeler Rogers past Vice President of Unadilla Forks Cemetery Association Rogers, Louise Beach, born 1914, died 2002 wife of Ernest C. Rogers Rogers, Miss Mae A. born 1897, died 6/13/1979 Rogers, Marian D., born 8/5/1894, died 8/24/1960 wife of Albert Rogers who died 4/6/1956 daughter of Mr & Mrs Frank Vunk Rogers, Maude C., born 1888, died 10/28/1961 wife of Barton R. Rogers Rowland, Eltha Jones wife of Warren E. Rowland Rowland, Warren E. “Tug”, born 3/8/1916, died 2/14/1961 husband of Eltha Jones son of Elmer & Lillian Roberts Rowland Rowlands, William R. died 7/19/1957 Saunders, Clara M. Schyler, born 1900, died 1928 wife of E. Earl Saunders Saunders, C. Ellen born 1905, died 2000 Saunders, Earl E., born 1901, died 7/15/1974 husband of (1) Clara M. Schyler who died in 1928, (2) Eileen Windell Saunders, Minnie Hoxie, born 1903, died 11/6/1962 daughter of Charles & Edith Armstrong Hoxie Slosek, Agnes Truman wife of Walter Slosek Slosek, Caroline, born 1885, died 1928 wife of Stanley Slosek Slosek, Stanley, born 1885, died 1975 husband of Caroline Slosek Slosek, Walter E., born 1917, died 1994 husband of Agnes Truman Smith, Mary H., born 5/22/1890, died 12/8/1966 wife of Charles A. Smith who died in 1949 daughter of George & Jane Hutcheson Hughes Smith, Suzanne Jones, born 11/20/1943, died 1/7/1979 daughter of Gordon & Elizabeth Jones Snyder, George L., born 2/16/1917, died 12/4/1981 husband of Frances Nutt son of Dorr & Hazel Dornburg Snyder Spicer, Abigail D. d. 4/3/1880, age 48y10m22d wife of William W. Spicer Spicer, Everett J., born 1850, died 3/31/1888 son of Mr & Mrs E. H. Spicer died of typhoid fever Spring, John born 1850, died 1938 Stewart, Elizabeth, born 1886 in North Wales, died 11/3/1964 wife of Frank Stewart who died in 1960 mother of Mrs Lawrence Houck Stickles, Benjamin Scott b. Nov. 30, 1988 Ilion NY d. Cedarville, NY - automobile accident Stillman, Edna R., born 1911, died 7/28/1972 wife of Paul R. Stillman Stutely, Frank, born 5/3/1862 in England, died 10/23/1940 husband of Cora Chesebro who died in 1929 came to U.S. in 1877 Sullivan, Evan P., born 5/13/1910, died 12/11/1985 husband of Lydia Austin son of James & Effie Morris Sullivan Sutton, Norita C., born 4/24/1955, died 6/10/1978 wife of John Thomas Sutton daughter of Edwin & Mary Cole Brown Swalgin, Carol M., born 12/19/1934, died 8/24/1978 daughter of George & Charlotte Lee Brown survived by 3 daughters & 2 sons Tarr, Elizabeth, born 2/8/1895 in Hungary, died 5/18/1983 wife of Joseph Tarr who died in 1970 daughter of John & Suzanne Agnet Srtodola came to U.S. in 1911 Tarr, Joseph, born 1888 in Hungary, died 4/26/1970 husband of Elizabeth Srtodola came to U.S. in 1907 Tooley, Daniel, born 1879, died 4/29/1963 husband of Sarah Jane Crewell son of Theodore & Anna Weaver Tooley Tooley, Sarah Jane, born 1892, died 1983 wife of Daniel L. Tooley Tompkins, Stella N., died 6/5/1983 wife of William S. Tompkins daughter of John & Mary Bargiel North Tompkins, William S., born 8/20/1923, died 2/8/1984 husband of Stella North who died in 1983 son of Nathaniel & Alma Sheppard Tompkins Tuttle, Emmaline Jones 1899-? wife of Grant Edward Tuttle Tuttle, Grant Edward, born 4/12/1896, died 1/14/1951 husband of Emalena Jones who died 8/14/1940 son of Edwin A. & Jessie Abrams Tuttle VanSchaick, Ralph, born 7/30/1914, died 6/5/1982 husband of Myrtle Miller son of Leon & Florence Smith VanSchaick Walsh, Anna Chapman Roberts, born 1/26/1896, died 1992 wife of Ira Roberts & John Walsh Ward, Minard A., born 12/22/1905, died 9/29/1986 husband of Mary Roberts son of Edward & Mabel Ward Ward, Mary Roberts, born 1907, died 1999 wife of Minard A. Ward Watkins, Edythe W., born 3/24/1901, died 11/27/1977 wife of Palmer J. Watkins who died 3/24/1964 daughter of Thomas J. & Minnie Mahlman Williams Watkins, John H., born 6/1861, died 1937 husband of Elizabeth Huntley Watkins, Lawrence Huntley, born 5/15/1887, died 4/19/1972 husband of (1) Alice Parry, (2) Olive Parry Watkins, Wheeler, born 3/26/1899, died 9/27/1977 husband of Harriet Saunders Weaver, Richard W., born 1927, died 1/31/1971 husband of Betty C. Perkins son of Raymond A. & Miriam G. Parry Weaver Welch, Jennie Jones born Dec 25 1903 died Jan 15 1966 wife of Renwic Hayes Welch daughter of Richard Meredith & Anne Roberts Jones Welch, Renwic H., born April 3 1899, died March 23, 1967 husband of Jennie Jones Son of Hayes R. and Angie Belinda Mayne Welch Whitcomb, Ralph, born 1/19/1897, died 9/23/1951 husband of Blodwen Hughes son of William & Mary Haynes Whitcomb White, Arvilla b. Apr 11 1818 White, David b. Mar 27 1812 d. May 27 1889 husband of Arvilla White White, Mark B. b. Nov 22 1849 d. Aug 2 1924 Whitford, Lela, born 1876, died 6/7/1964 wife of Ernest C. Whitford who died in 1961 daughter of John & Jane Lewis Humphrey Wilcox, Eliza, born 1780, died 7/28/1816 wife of Henry Wilcox Wilcox, Ephraim, born 1774, died 2/2/1862 husband of Hannah Wilcox Wilcox, Carlton L., born 1917, died 2006 son of Horace L. Wilcox Wilcox, Frank H., born 1834, died 1926 husband of Mary E. Hall Wilcox, Frederick William, born 11/1858, died 8/29/1859 son of William & Sarah Wilcox Wilcox, Hannah, born 1782, died 6/14/1824 wife of Ephraim Wilcox Wilcox, Henry, died 1/6/1874 husband of Eliza Wilcox Wilcox, Henry S. born 1894, died 1973 Wilcox, Horace L., born 1883, died 1958 husband of Mary A. Wing Wilcox, Lucy, born 1818, died 10/14/1867 on same stone as Oliver Wilcox Wilcox, Mary, born 12/1854, died 8/30/1855 daughter of William & Sarah Wilcox Wilcox, Mary born 1817, died 12/17/1884 Wilcox, Mary A. Wing, born 1884, died 1976 wife of Horace L. Wilcox Wilcox, Mary E. Bliss, born 1834, died 1904 wife of Oliver C. Wilcox Wilcox, Mary E. Hall, born 1849 wife of Frank H. Wilcox Wilcox, Oliver, born 1807, died 6/4/1870 husband of Lucy Wilcox Wilcox, Oliver C., born 1831, died 1906 husband of Mary E. Bliss Wilcox, Pamelia, aged 75 years wife of Edward Wilcox Wilcox, Permelia born 1822, died 3/19/1885 Wilcox, Sarah, born 1/25/1826, died 4/18/1893 wife of Henry Wilcox Wilcox, Sarah Jane Spicer, born 1817, died 2/24/1888 wife of William H. Wilcox Wilcox, Sherry E.S. wife of Carlton Wilcox Wilcox, William H., born 1820, died 11/23/1904 husband of Sarah Jane Spicer Will, Elizabeth Jones, born 1916, died 1974 wife of Frederick K. Will Will, Frederick K., born in Pittsburgh, Penn 12/4/1912, died 2/1983 husband of Elizabeth Jones who died in 1974 son of John & Theresa Lorens Will Williams, Allen H. born 1908, died 1974 Williams, Amelia Rose born 1931, died 2/21/1982 Williams, Amelia S., born 1922, died 1999 wife of John Williams Williams, Mrs. Charles E. died 2/1927 Williams, Jr., Chris E., born 8/9/1978, died 8/10/1978 son of Chris & Wendy Kilty Williams infant – 1 day old Williams, Darrell E., born 12/6/1958, died 1/12/1982 husband of Kelly Jo Chapman son of Owen J. & Mary Jane Ephraim Williams Williams, Elizabeth M., born 1889 in North Wales, died 11/16/1962 wife of Hugh P. Williams daughter of John & Rose Williams Williams, Hugh P., born 1891 in Wales, died 9/30/1963 husband of Elizabeth M. Williams who died in 1962 Williams, Janet C. wife of Robert J. Williams Williams, John, born 1912, died 1985 husband of Amelia S. Williams Williams, Katherine M. Jones, born 1896, died 12/31/1978 wife of Richard B. Williams who died in 1964 Williams, Mary Lou Howard, born 1927, died 2007 wife of Owen Williams Williams, Minnie, born 1877 in Germany, died 11/26/1961 wife of Thomas J. Williams who died in 1946 daughter of Nicholas & Gazena Horstmann Mahlman came to U.S. as a young girl Williams, Owen, born 1928, died 1991 husband of Mary Lou Howard Williams, Rebecca Lynn & Shannon Marie, born and died 5/25/1985 twin daughters of Harry M. & Lynda Pope Williams died shortly after birth Williams, Richard B., born 1884, died 4/18/1964 husband of (1) Catherine May Oliver who died in 1943, (2) Katherine M. Jones Williams, Richard Pierce, born 1893 in North Wales, died 9/16/1980 husband of Annie Williams son of John P. & Elizabeth Edwards Williams Williamser>
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Chester J., born 1885, died 1979 husband of Bertha P. Wing Wing, Cuyler Josiah, born 1918, died 1998 husband of Sylvia Hope Barden Wing, Dwight R., born 1889, died 9/7/1971 husband of Lilah Greene who died in 1951 Wing, Harold W., born 1921, died 5/11/1976 husband of Irene Clisham adopted son of Dwight & Lilah Wing Wing, Irene Clisham, born 1928, died 1998 wife of Harold W. Wing Wing, Margaretta A. Mason, born 1858, died 1908 wife of Wyette Wing Wing, S. Lilah Greene, born 6/10/1886, died 3/13/1951 wife of Dwight R. Wing daughter of Silas & Nellie McCarthy Greene Wing, Sylvia Hope Barden, born 3/14/1922, died 10/15/2006 wife of Cuyler J. Wing who died 7/16/1998 daughter of Raymond & Sylvia Strong Barden Wing, Wyette, born 1869, died 1923 husband of Margaretta A. Mason Wisnoski, Carol Ann, born 1943, died 6/30/1965 wife of James Wisnoski daughter of John & Vivian Bossard Perkins Worden, Clara A., born 10/11/1862, died 2/27/1957 wife of Edwin L. Worden who died in 1906 daughter of Solomon & Louise Taylor Armstrong Worden, Edwin L., born 5/27/1859, died 12/15/1919 husband of Clara Armstrong
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