VanZandt Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY
Dorothy Parmerter Town Historian

Cemetery is on South Hill, Rte. 41 to Dragoo Road. About 1/2 mile in turn right up a 
logging trail, then it winds up the hill, bends to the left. You come to a wide open field
on the left; across the field is a small path leading off to the right; about 100 yards in
is the stone fenced cemetery. VAN ZANDT FAMILY CEMETERY Otsego County by Dorothy Parmerter, Town Historian 2005 DURHAM, J.A. Mrs. d. 10/27/1890 73y-4m-12d LAVALLIE, Cook d. 6/20/1839--age 78 LAVALLIE, Deborah d. 2/1835--age 76 w/Cook McNalla, Ellen d. 12/6/1840 MERRILL, Sarah Ann d. 4/17/1841 27y-3m-4d Wife of Levi Merril Palmater, Elizabeth d. 4/26/185? wife of James) PALMATIER, Henry H. d. 11/05/1852 69y VanZANDT, Esther d.12/18/1859--age 77 w/ Joseph VanZANDT, Joseph 06/12/1845 68y WAGAR, Esther F. d. 4/05/1854 50y Wife of E.M. Wagar WAGAR, Martha M. d. 8/17/???? 10y
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